Tasmanian State Election 2014

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The 2014 election date is Saturday, 15 March (as announced by premier Lara Giddings on 16 Jan 2014).

CONTENTS Tasmanian election results 2014
Analysis and comments
Educational activities
Election results
Hare-Clark system
More information
News media
Political parties, candidates and policies
Official election website
Opinion polls

Bullet Results indicate that a majority Liberal government has been elected

Bullet The live results are available from:
- the Tasmanian Electoral Commission's Progressive results page
- the ABC's Tasmanian election website

Tasmanian political parties*
State election 2014 information
Party website Candidates** Policies
(for this election)
Australian Labor Party
Tasmanian Labor
Candidates 2014 Campaign Policies
See also News, media releases
ALP Policy Platform
Liberal Party
Tasmanian Liberals
Our Team - then click on "Candidates" Policies
See also News
Our Beliefs
Tasmanian GreensTasmanian Greens
Candidates Tas state policies
See also News and
Policy initiatives
Tasmanian Parliamentary Greens website
Palmer United PartyPalmer United Party
Candidates No specific Tas policy page but see Media release archive National policies
Tasmanian Nationals
Tasmanian Nationals
Candidates State Election Policies(pdf). See additional Education policy (Mercury, 3 Mar 2014)  
Australian Christians
Australian Christians
Candidates Christian Values Checklist (pdf) Tas state election page

Socialist Alliance
Socialist Alliance Tasmania

Socialist Alliance
(Scroll down for candidates)
General policies page
* For an official list of parties see the Party Register (Tasmanian Electoral Commission)
** Don't forget the Independents: See lists of Candidates below

Candidates Official election website
Official list of candidates [pdf] (Tasmanian Electoral Commission media release, 28 Feb 2014)

Official lists of candidates in each division (Tasmanian Electoral Commission)

Candidates of the Tasmanian state election, 2014 (Wikipedia)

2014 Tasmanian State Election Guide and Candidate List (Dr Kevin Bonham)

Antony Green's Candidate List

Bullet See also links to candidates in Political parties section
Tasmanian Electoral Commission
Tasmanian Electoral Commission
FOR LIVE RESULTS: See the Progressive results page
News media Opinion polls
The Mercury
   Voters off to the polls on 15 March (Mercury, 16 Jan 2014)
   Tasmania State Election 2014

The Examiner
   Election 2014 Opinion

The Advocate

   Tasmania Votes

ABC Tasmania: Government and Politics

   Giddings calls election for 15 March (ABC News, 16 Jan 2014)
   Tasmania Votes including Antony Green's Election Preview and What to watch for on election night

For The Mercury.

Crikey - the Poll Bludger

Tas state election, 2014 - Polling (Wikipedia)

Analysis and comments More information
ABC: Antony Green's election blogs

The Tally Room

A blog by Ben Raue.

2014 Tasmanian State Election Guide and Candidate List
Dr Kevin Bonham.

Tasmanian state election, 2014 (Wikipedia)

Electoral Council of Australia: Electoral Systems - Tasmania

Tasmanian Parliamentary Library - Tasmanian Elections

Educational activities
(Tas state elections)
The Hare-Clark System

See our Quizzes page for sources of information to use in completing these two multiple-choice quizzes of ten questions each:
Quiz no. 1: House of Assembly elections (pdf)
Quiz no. 2: Legislative Council elections (pdf)


See the Tasmanian Electoral Commission education page

See especially:
Bullet Students' page (grades and topics)
Bullet Teachers' page (grades and topics)


Bullet Electing 2 Houses of Parliament in Tasmania (infographic)
Bullet Electing members to the 2 Houses of Parliament in Tasmania (pdf file)
Bullet Electoral Glossary (interactive plus downloadable pdf file)

Tasmania's Hare-Clark Electoral System (Antony Green, ABC).
The origins and an explanation of the Tasmanian system of voting for the lower house.

Tasmania's Hare-Clark Electoral System (Tasmanian Electoral Commission)
Question-and-answer explanation of the Hare-Clark system.

Animations: Voting and the Hare-Clark System (Tasmanian Electoral Commission)
- Make Your Vote Count explains how to fill out a ballot paper for a House of Assembly election
- Hare-Clark explained uses chickens and rising piles of eggs to explain how the Hare-Clark voting system allocates voters' preferences until five candidates are elected in each House of Assembly electorate

For information and classroom activities on Australian federal elections see AusClassroom.com

The previous Tasmanian state election was held on Saturday, 20 March 2010.
For the web page on the previous election, see Tasmanian State Election 2010.



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