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North West TasmaniaOutstanding NW teacher dies
The Advocate, 30 Jun 2012
Former Nixon Street Primary School teacher Robin Millwood died this week  ...

Playground split to combat bullying
The Advocate, 30 Jun 2012
BullyingRidgley Primary School reports that younger children have been separated from others in the playground in order to eliminate bullying...

Local career pathways for West Coast students
Tas Govt media release, 29 Jun 2012
North West TasmaniaThe West Coast has a new Education and Industry Partnership Officer who will enable students to access a wider range of local learning pathways, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Skills, Paul O'Halloran, said today ...

Northern TasmaniaFaulty heater gives students a late pass
The Examiner, 29 Jun 2012
Grades 8, 9 and 10 students at George Town's Port Dalrymple School have been asked to delay their school arrival to 11.30am today...

North West TasmaniaWynyard teacher allegedly assaulted
The Advocate, 28 Jun 2012
UPDATED, 28 Jun 2012, 4.25pm
Police were called to Wynyard High School on Tuesday when a former student allegedly hit a teacher...
- ABC report, 29 Jun 2012

Industrial actionINDUSTRIAL ACTION
NSW teachers' strike goes ahead
ABC News, 27 Jun 2012
Further industrial action has not been ruled out by the NSW teachers who went on strike today over expected reduced funding associated with the handing of increased responsibility to principals ...

TasTAFE timing criticised
ABC News, 27 Jun 2012
Tasmanian ParliamentMembers of the Legislative Council are not happy that the government's announcement of its TAFE reforms occurred after the scrutiny of the state budget had concluded...

Sustainability Learning Centre holds promise
Tas Govt media release, 26 Jun 2012
A sustainable world. (Image from enn.com)A Sustainability Learning Centre with specialised building infrastructure being built atop Mt Nelson will provide K-12 ecology and sustainable education programs, and provide a home for the CSIRO Science Education Centre and Greening Australia...
Australian Curriculum: Sustainability page

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, left, with Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings. (Tas Govt photo)SCIENCE EDUCATION
Noble prize winner
Tas Govt media release, 26 Jun 2012
Tasmanian students have been encouraged to pursue a career in science by a noble Tasmanian, Nobel Prize winner Professor Elizabeth Blackburn...


Industrial actionINDUSTRIAL ACTION
What is Wednesday's NSW teachers' strike about?
ABC South East NSW, 26 Jun 2012
The issues behind Wednesday's strike of teachers in NSW emanate from the government's policy of giving individual schools more power and responsibility...

Northern TasmaniaNew Northern principals
The Examiner, 26 Jun 2012
Ravenswood Heights Primary School principal Britany Roestenburg is one of a number of new principals appointed to schools in the North...

TasmaniaRenewing principals
The Mercury, 25 Jun 2012
Goodwood Primary principal Bonnie Jeffrey is one of the new principals renewing Tasmania's education system...

Science curriculum slammed
Australian Curriculum consultation on draft years 11 and 12 documentsSMH, 25 Jun 2012
The draft national senior secondary science curriculum has been criticised by a number of educators...

Quick thinking saved students
SMH, 24 Jun 2012
Cracking sounds from the ceiling prompted a Sydney school librarian to immediately evacuate the students - and it was just in time...

Computer security alert
Windows XML flaw
23 June 2012

Microsoft WindowsThe bottom line of a warning from Microsoft is that your computer could be vulnerable if you visit websites whose owners are unaware they have been deliberately infected through exploitation of a newly revealed weakness.
Read the news report from PC World, 22 June 2012.
Microsoft has a simple fix to apply for those who manage their own computers (but as the fix apparently causes a slight delay when your computer starts up, remember to return to the page and click the Uninstall button once a Microsoft Update has fixed the problem properly).
Microsoft Security Advisory 2719615 lists the software that is affected.

Queensland teachers in pay battle
Courier Mail, 22 Jun 2012
The Queensland government is attempting to introduce a three-year delay in annual increments for beginning teachers and to limit all teachers' pay rises to inflation only...
- The Queensland government's offer

Worst 5 per cent of Vic teachers could face the sack
The Age, 21 Jun 2012
VictoriaUnder a plan for Victorian students to reach the performance levels of Finnish and top Asian students within 10 years, the lowest performing 5 per cent of teachers could be removed, teachers could be required to do extra professional development during holidays and principals could be selected from non-teaching professions...

School chaplaincy program invalid
ABC News, 20 Jun 2012
High Court of Australia's decisionThe High Court has held that the national school chaplaincy program is invalid, but Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says the federal government will continue to fund the program...
- ABC News update 26 Jun 2012
- The Mercury's report, 21 Jun 2012

- The Examiner's report, 21 Jun 2012
- SMH report, 20 Jun 2012

Stress hits teachers
The Examiner, 20 Jun 2012
Stress was keeping 31 Tasmanian teachers out of the classroom towards the end of term 1, figures tabled in the Legislative Council show...

Earthquake shakes southern Victoria
ABC News, 19 Jun 2012, 9pm

Industrial actionINDUSTRIAL ACTION
NSW strike looms
news.com.au, 19 Jun 2012
NSW teachers are threatening to strike on Wednesday next week over staffing and resources...

Teaching course standards too low
ABC News, 19 Jun 2012
The NSW education minister says that too many students with low marks are being accepted into teaching courses...

Enrolments decline in many trial schools
SMH, 19 Jun 2012
Of the 47 schools in a statewide NSW trial giving schools greater autonomy in such matters as staffing, 20 schools have shown a fall in enrolments...

warning over school zone blitz
The Examiner, 18 Jun 2012
Police are targeting Tasmanian school zones this week...

Literacy and numeracy program made improvements after all
SMH, 18 Jun 2012
COAG: Council of Australian GovernmentsA COAG (Council of Australian Governments) report showed that a $540 million literacy and numeracy program was effective, contrary to an Auditor-General's report (SMH, 15 Jun 2012) which had simply compared schools taking part with those that did not - instead of measuring the performances of individual students...

BrainLearning disability solved
SMH, 18 Jun 2012
Students could be mistakenly diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD when in fact their logic-related learning disability emanates from parts of the brain where it can be cured by strenuous mental exercises...
- Arrowsmith Prorgram needs independent evidence, SMH, 18 Jun 2012

Teacher quality solution is simple
SMH (Opinion), 18 Jun 2012
MoneyGovernments need to ensure teacher salaries are on a par with other professions as in Finland, which would attract better university students to the profession and avoid the need to fiddle with bonus schemes and become concerned with weaker teachers...

Australian Education UnionGonski funding campaign commences
The Mercury, 18 Jun 2012
The Australian Education Union is mounting a national campaign aimed at securing the $5 billion needed to implement the recommendations of the Gonski report on school funding...

Students were queued to hit bully
ABC News (US), 16 Jun 2012
BullyingA Texas teacher lined up more than 20 kindergarten students so they could take turns at hitting a fellow student accused of bullying...

373 fewer teachers
Michael Ferguson website, 16 Jun 2012
Education minister Nick McKim has shrunk the number of teachers in Tasmania by 373 and the number of teacher assistants by 118, Opposition education spokesman Michael Ferguson says...

Almost 600 fewer employees
The Examiner, 16 Jun 2012
Tasmanian Government: Department of EducationThere has been a big drop in frontline teaching staff in the Department of Education this year, though some of the fall has been due to a different method of counting employees...

Industrial actionVictorian dispute over performance-based pay, too
ABC News, 15 Jun 2012
The recent Victorian teachers' strike was motivated not only by pay demands but also by fear of the harmful and unfair effects of introducing performance-based pay in school situations...

Students benefit from school autonomy
National Times (Opinion), 15 Jun 2012
Increasing evidence shows that students perform better in schools that are free from centralised and bureaucratic control...

Schools and parents should be held accountable for bullying
BullyingABC News, 15 Jun 2012
Schools should be held responsible for student bullying that occurs out of school hours, a former judge says...

Literacy and numeracy program made little difference
Australian GovernmentSMH, 15 Jun 2012
A $540 million federal government program to raise literacy and numeracy rates "is yet to make a statistically significant improvement", the Australian National Audit Office says, but a spokesman for federal schools minister Peter Garrett says the benefits could take several years...

Students had voted to watch video but teacher suspended
BBC News, 13 Jun 2012
CanadaA Canadian teacher was suspended after he showed his class an online video said to show the stabbing and dismembering of a man whose body parts were later sent off by post ...

Banned contact. (Image from inetgiant.com)No hugging, high-fives or other touching
SMH, 15 Jun 2012
A Victorian primary school has introduced a rule banning physical contact of any kind...

Tasmanian Premier's Reading ChallengePremier's Reading Challenge: 18 June to 24 August
Tas Govt media release, 14 Jun 2012
More Tasmanian schools are encouraged to become involved in the Premier's Reading Challenge, premier Lara Giddings said today...
- More information: Premier's Reading Challenge website

Call for compulsory cybersafety education
The Age, 14 Jun 2012
In the lead-up to a Victorian cyberbullying exercise for school students involving the state government and Facebook, a cybersafety expert says cybersafety education should be compulsory in all schools, citing the overwhelming number of students who do not use the safety settings on Facebook properly...

Games-based learningComputer games bring fun into the classroom
The Age, 14 Jun 2012
A trial of games-based learning in Victorian schools has yielded positive results...

Mark Sayer to head VET reforms
Tas Govt media release, 13 Jun 2012
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingFormer head of the premier's office Mark Sayer will head the team to implement the state government's recently announced VET changes ...
- The Examiner's report, 14 Jun 2012

US backlash against standardised tests
The West Australian (Reuters), 12 Jun 2012
New opposition to high-stakes standardised testing is sweeping the USA...

Stacks of moneySCHOOL CLOSURES
Closure funding details in Term 2
The Examiner, 13 Jun 2012
More detail on the state government's funds to encourage schools to close or amalgamate can be expected in Term 2, education minister Nick McKim says...

School autonomy not efficient use of funds
SMH, 13 Jun 2012
The federal government's push towards school autonomy was not an efficient way of using funds to raise student achievement and in any case research results are mixed at best, education researcher Trevor Cobbold says...

Try the tests yourselfAspiring teachers need to do better
Courier Mail, 11 Jun 2012
About 40 per cent of the students at the Queensland College of Teachers who took a test for aspiring teachers failed the literacy, numeracy or science component...
- Comments by academics, Courier Mail, 12 June 2012

Civics curriculum will save our democracy
SMH, 11 Jun 2012
ACARA: Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority - draft Civics and Citizenship PaperWith Australia's schools having failed to teach young Australians how superior our democratic system is, the new Civics and Citizenship curriculum comes at the right time...

Using an EpiPen with a jab in the fleshy part of the mid outer thigh. (Image taken from www.genallergy.com/archives/296)STUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY
Increased allergy threat for schools
SMH, 11 Jun 2012
In response to an increase in the number of students with life-threatening allergies, the parents at one school of 500 agreed to pay $70 each to fund a school nurse ...
- Using an EpiPen (The Children's Hospital, Westmead, NSW)

Industrial actionINDUSTRIAL ACTION
Bullying claims over NSW strike action
The Telegraph, 10 Jun 2012
NSW teachers refusing to join strike action over the government's school autonomy policy say they are being bullied by representatives of the NSW Teachers' Federation ...

Coroner's findings accepted
The Advocate, 10 Jun 2012
Inquest into the death of Latrobe High School student Rene LeviThe Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, said today that he had received the Coroner's report into the death of Latrobe High School student Rene Levi and the the Department of Education had accepted the Coroner's recommendations...

Victorian teachers on strike (Image from abc.net.au photo)INDUSTRIAL ACTION
Another rally on the cards in Victoria?
The Age, 8 Jun 2012
The AEU's Victorian branch has vowed that another strike will be held if there is no breakthrough over the Victorian government's pre-election salaries promise and its plan to introduce performance-based pay...

Ed Department accepts Coroner's findings
DoE website (Department Responses), 8 Jun 2012
Inquest into the death of Latrobe High School student Rene LeviDoE Secretary Colin Pettit says the department has accepted the findings and recommendations of the Coroner following the inquest into the death of Rene Levi, and he outlined a number of steps to improve student safety that the department had already taken...
- The Examiner's report, 9 Jun 2012
- The Advocate's report, 9 Jun 2012

Teacher retirement questions answered
Tasmanian Government: Department of EducationDoE website (Department Responses), 5 Jun 2012
The average age at retirement and the number of teachers who took up the offer of the Workforce Renewal Incentive Program are among questions answered by Andrew Finch, DoE Deputy Secretary...

Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Report)GONSKI REPORT
Tasmania would gain from plan that funds all schools the same way
The Mercury, 8 Jun 2012
Tasmania would benefit from implementation of the Gonski report's recommendations, federal Minister for School Education Peter Garrett said in Hobart yesterday...

Pay rise of 2 per cent would break promise
MoneyThe Examiner, 8 Jun 2012
An expected proposal for Tasmanian teachers to accept a 2 per cent pay rise each year for the next two years would effectively break an election promise made by former premier David Bartlett...

National Solar Schools ProgramSolar Schools program expensive
SMH, 8 Jun 2012
The cost of cutting carbon under the National Solar Schools Program is $284 per tonne - 12 times the carbon price of $23 per tonne...

McKim rejects $150m TAFE cost claim
ABC News, 8 Jun 2012
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingEducation minister Nick McKim rejects the Tasmanian Education Association's claim that the cost of the abolished Tasmania Tomorrow changes was $150 million.
He says the cost in the year 2010 was $4.5 million.
Treasury said last year the overall changes had cost more than $70 million...

Maths teachers divided
SMH, 7 Jun 2012
ACARA: Australian Curriculum and Reporting AuthorityThe proposed new mathematics curriculum increases the amount of statistics at the expense of algebra and geometry...

Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Report)GONSKI REPORT
Cooperation promised
Tas Govt media release, 7 Jun 2012
Tasmanian education minister Nick McKim says he is committed to working with the federal government to implement the Gonski Report into school funding...

Call for no more political interference in TAFE
The Advocate, 7 Jun 2012
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingTasmanian Education Association president Greg Brown says political experimentation and interference in vocational education and training and other post-year 10 education must stop....


Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Report)Garrett swoops in to talk about school funding
Aust Govt media release, 7 Jun 2012
The Federal Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, is in Tasmania today to discuss the future of school funding in the light of the Gonski report.
Other media releases issued by Peter Garrett's office today:
- Interview on ABC 936, 7 Jun 2012
- Early childhood initiatives, 7 Jun 2012

Victorian teachers on strike (Image from abc.net.au photo)Victorians strike
ABC News, 7 Jun 2012
Thousands of Victorian teachers rallied this morning over pay and conditions, particularly over the state government reneging on its promise to make them the highest paid teachers in Australia ...
- The Mercury's report, 7 Jun 2012

Remove or help inadequate teachers
The Examiner, 7 Jun 2012
A former Tasmanian principal says Tasmania needs to address the issue of underperforming teachers...

TAFE bill divergence
The Mercury, 7 Jun 2012
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingThe Tasmanian Education Association says the cost of the Tasmania Tomorrow reforms associated with replacing the old TAFE was more than $150 million, but the education minister says the cost was just over $4.5 million...
- The Examiner's report, 7 Jun 2012
- The Advocate's report, 7 Jun 2012

Industrial actionVictorian teachers to strike on Thursday  
ABC News, 6 Jun 2012
About 150 Victorian schools will be closed on Thursday when teachers strike over pay and conditions and against the introduction of a merit pay system...
- The Age's report, 6 Jun 2012

Tasmania will have four-term school years from 2013Minister welcomes AEU's four-terms decision
Tas Govt media release, 6 Jun 2012
Education minister Nick McKim has welcomed the AEU's decision to agree to four-term school years from 2013...

Tasmania will have four-term school years from 2013Teachers agree to four terms
ABC News, 6 Jun 2012
The AEU has decided not to challenge the Tasmanian Industrial Commission's decision on the implementation of four terms next year...
- The Mercury's report, 7 Jun 2012
- AEU media release, 6 Jun 2012

TasTAFE jobs concerns
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingABC News, 6 Jun 2012
Unions have warned that the jobs uncertainty created by the merger of the Tasmanian Skills Institute and the Polytechnic is of concern...
- AEU media release, 5 Jun 2012

TasTAFE is different
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingTas Govt media release, 6 Jun 2012
The new TasTAFE will be different from the old TAFE, the Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, said today...

Spacing letters helps students with dyslexia
DyslexiaABC Science, 5 Jun 2012
Dyslexic children can read faster and better when the letters in their reading material are spaced more widely, research shows...
- WebMD report, 4 June 2012

Polytechnic and Skills Institute to become TasTAFE
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingThe Examiner, 5 Jun 2012
The Tasmanian Polytechnic and the Skills Institute will effectively turn back into a single TAFE institution...

Libs welcome return of TAFE
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingMichael Ferguson website, 5 Jun 2012
Opposition education spokesman Michael Ferguson says the return to a single TAFE is two years too late...

Govt to create new TAFE
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingABC News, 5 Jun 2012
The state government proposes to merge the Skills Institute and the Polytechnic into a single VET provider, taking up one of the recommendations of a review into the provision of public VET services in Tasmania...

A single TAFE again
VET: Vocational Education and TrainingTas Govt media release, 5 Jun 2012
A new single VET provider called TasTAFE will be created for public sector vocational education and training, the Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, announced today...

Civics curriculum released
SMH, 5 Jun 2012
ACARA: Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority - draft Civics and Citizenship PaperThe draft Civics and Citizenship curriculum was released for discussion yesterday...
- ACARA Civics and Citizenship page
- Download the Civics and Citizenship Draft Shape Paper [pdf]
- Media release from Minister for School Education Peter Garrett, 4 June 2012

The Finnish finish ahead on educationWhat makes Finnish education so good?
The Age, 5 Jun 2012
A group of Australian school principals visited Finland to find out why that country's education system is so successful...

Australian students almost bestAussie students near top of the world
SMH, 4 Jun 2012
Australian students are almost best in the world at using digital texts...

Two astronomical events to watch
SBS, 3 Jun 2012
There is a double treat for skywatchers this week.
On Monday night, a partial eclipse of the Moon will occur when the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun.
Transit of Venus On early Wednesday morning, the transit of Venus across the Sun will occur when Venus moves between the Earth and the Sun. However, looking at the Sun to watch this event will cause eye damage. You can instead watch it online at a ninemsn.com.au site presented in conjunction with Sydney Observatory...

Survey shows support for immediate funding
Herald Sun, 3 Jun 2012
A massive 88 per cent of Australians believe education funding of public schools should be increased as soon as possible, an AEU survey shows ...

NBN Co: implementing the National Broadband NetworkChildren with internet-savvy parents will learn more as NBN rolls out
The Mercury, 3 Jun 2012
Parents will have an increasingly significant role in their children's education with the expansion of the National Broadband Network.
[So is there a duty of schools to educate parents who have yet to embrace the internet?] ...

Principals having to pick support time winners
The Mercury, 3 Jun 2012
Principals are carrying the burden of reduced funding as they choose which students with disabilities and learning difficulties receive extra support ...

Moriarty celebratory
The Advocate, 3 Jun 2012
Moriarty Primary School students have farewelled their acting principal, Julie Argent, and celebrated the school's achievements...
- video

Forth students scramble
The Examiner, 3 Jun 2012
Young students at Forth Primary and other north-west schools are focusing on egg production and cooking...

Schools need to be more aware of allergies
ABC News, 2 Jun 2012
The death on a cadets camp of a Victorian student from an allergic reaction to the peanut content of satay has prompted his parents to call for greater awareness of the fatal effects of some allergies...

Kumon worksheet method still around
SMH, 2 Jun 2012
An increasing number of Australian students are learning English and maths with the Japanese Kumon method which makes extensive use of worksheets...

NSW reduces disability funding
SMH, 2 Jun 2012
Many NSW students with autism and other conditions that are not "serious" will soon lose special funding...

Tasmania's schools change to a four-term year in 2013FOUR-TERM YEAR
Longest term ends
The Mercury, 1 Jun 2012
Australia's longest school term comes to an end in Tasmania today...

Respect central to good relationships
The Advocate, 1 Jun 2012
People need empathy before learning respect, Learning Services North-West school support manager Russell Horton says...




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