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P&F conference opened
TasmaniaTas Govt media release, 31 Aug 2013

Education minister Nick McKim drew attention to the opportunities provided by digital technologies in opening the Tasmanian State School Parents and Friends Conference today...

Agritas Trade College opens
NW TasmaniaThe Advocate, 31 Aug 2013

The electric fence challenge is one of the events planned to celebrate today's opening of the Agritas Trade College in Smithon...

Just the beginning, The Advocate, 31 Aug 2013

Making beds they won't lie in
The Examiner, 31 Aug 2013

East Launceston Primary students are using the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture's Grow.Eat.Learn project to conduct a soil treatment experiment...

AEU campaigns for Gonski benefits
The Advocate, 30 Aug 2013

The Australian Education Union kicked off its election campaign of support for Gonski funding and public education yesterday...

Greens would be grown and eaten at school
ABC Rural, 30 Aug 2013

Kitchen gardens would be established in 800 schools and the national curriculum would include food and fibre under the Greens' election policy, Senator Christine Milne said today...

Kitchen gardens, Christine Milne, 30 Aug 2013
Healthy eating skills, Christine Milne, 30 Aug 2013
The Mercury, 30 Aug 2013

Political advert's message denied
Christopher Pyne website, 30 Aug 2013

A Labor Party advertisement claiming schools would be worse off under a Coalition government is "blatantly false", Opposition education spokesperson Christopher Pyne says...

Outer parents want inner enrolments
The Mercury, 30 Aug 2013

Parents of inner-city schools have called for school zoning policy to reflect the importance of work-life balance by allowing for students from outlying suburbs whose parents work in the city...

Coalition releases schools policy
Tony Abbott website, 29 Aug 2013

A Coalition government would improve teacher quality, increase parental involvement and provide funding certainty, Opposition leader Tony Abbott said today in releasing his schools election policy...

Coalition's Policy for Schools: Students First [pdf file]
Pyne defends funding pledge, ABC News, 29 Aug 2013
Public schooling not backed, Penny Wright, Australian Greens, 29 Aug 2013

Videoconferencing funds offered
SMH, 26 Aug 2013

A Labor government would provide grants of $20,000 to about 1,000 schools for the purchase of videoconferencing equipment for use on the NBN, prime minister Kevin Rudd has promised...

Young Archies winners announced
Tas Govt media release, 25 Aug 2013

Students from Princes Street Primary, Ogilvie High, Montagu Bay Primary, Tasmanian eSchool, Hobart College and Illawarra Primary have been named as winners of the Young Archies portrait competition for students...

Education policies provided (pdf file)
AEU Australian Educator, Spring 2013

The ALP, the Coalition and the Greens have provided special contributions on their education policies to the AEU's Australian Educator magazine..

Dyslexia would be disability
SMH, 23 Aug 2013

Dyslexia would be classified as a disability under Gonski (Better Schools) funding if the Labor government were re-elected, education minister Bill Shorten says..

Vocational Education and TrainingVET
School apprenticeships developed
Tas Govt media release, 23 Aug 2013

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will benefit from the state government's development of Australian School-based Apprenticeships, Smart Workforce Development: A Tasmanian Strategy..

TasTAFE Asia push
Tas Govt media release, 22 Aug 2013

TasTAFE is providing hospitality and tourism courses in the Philippines..

Teacher sentenced after anti-bullying 'lesson'
Bullyingabcnews.go.com, 21 Aug 2013

A teacher has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after she had other students hit a six-year-old boy to let him know "how it feels to be bullied"..

Periodic table not a constant
SMH, 20 Aug 2013

The periodic table of the elements is changing..

Greater discipline powers in Qld
news.com.au, 20 Aug 2013

The Queensland government plans to give schools greater discipline powers such as the ability to suspend students who have been charged with a crime or who behave badly outside school hours..

Detention challenge
abcnews.go.com, 20 Aug 2013

A Swiss student's parents lost the court case when they challenged the power of their daughter's school to give her a 90-minute detention - which she nevertheless avoided because the court's decision was announced after she had left the school..

Southern TasmaniaCollinsvale Primary to open later
ABC Radio, 21 Aug 2013 6.50am
Collinsvale Primary School will not open until 11.00am this morning due to the road conditions.

TasmaniaSevere weather eases, but roads remain closed
ABC News, 20 Aug 2013
Police: Alerts
BoM: Warnings

Self-cyberbullying is a serious concern
The Age, 20 Aug 2013

BullyingAn English 14-year-old who recently committed suicide after she received a number of harassing messages on a social media website now appears to have sent nearly all of the messages to herself. Experts warn that such "digital self-harm" is a serious issue..

Sexting help on way
The Mercury, 19 Aug 2013

Support materials warning high school students about the dangers of sexting will be available soon, Tasmania's Legal Aid director Norman Raeburn says ..

Punchbowl zone change fear
The Examiner, 17 Aug 2013

With just under two weeks for submissions to be lodged, Punchbowl Primary parents are preparing to fight their proposed intake boundary changes..

School security guards would be funded
The Daily Telegraph, 16 Aug 2013

Schools could be provided with security guards under a $10 million Labor election promise..

Olinguito (from Smithsonian photo)NEW ANIMALS
New mammal discovered
Time, 15 Aug 2013

A new species of mammal called the olinguito has been discovered in South America..

Gonski promoted at Latrobe High
NW TasmaniaThe Mercury, 16 Aug 2013

Federal education minister Bill Shorten extolled the benefits of the government's Better Schools Plan at Latrobe High School yesterday..

The Advocate, 16 Aug 2013

Aussie kids going backwards
news.com,.au, 16 Aug 2013

An ACER report says Australian school students are going backwards compared with those in other countries..

The Age, 16 Aug 2013

Cyber-bullying legal risk from school wi-fi
Canberra Times, 15 Aug 2013

BullyingSchools that enable their computer network's wi-fi system to be accessible from the school playground are at risk of being sued if students use it for cyber-bullying, legal experts say..

Training centre costs queried
Christopher Pyne website, 14 Aug 2013

Kevin Rudd's $200 million promise to build 137 trade training centres amounts to $1.4 million per centre - which is inconsistent with the average cost of $4 million for those built up to May 2013, Opposition education spokesperson Christopher Pyne says. ..

New trade training centres, Kevin Rudd website, 14 Aug 2013

Training centre for West
The Advocate, 14 Aug 2013

A trade training centre would be established on the West Coast for students from Mountain River Heights and Rosebery District High schools under an ALP election promise. ..

DEEWR website
Two training centres promised: West Coast and Tasman District, ALP website, 14 Aug 2013

Romaine Primary value their kitchen garden program
The Advocate, 14 Aug 2013

The president of the AMA says cooking classes should be mandatory in schools and that they are better [for students' future health] than building an institute of sport..

Ulverstone's young scientists
The Advocate, 14 Aug 2013

Ulverstone High School students are spreading the good word about science to primary students..

Sacking teachers to be easier
SMH, 14 Aug 2013

NSW is to make it easier to sack teachers who underperform or who repeatedly arrive late or do not do playground duty..

Science events at TMAG this week
Tasmanian Museum and Art GallerryTas Govt media release, 13 Aug 2013

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is providing a number of free science-themed educational activities and events for National Science Week this week and this weekend..

Tas Gonski deal official
ABC News, 12 Aug 2013

Gonski education reformsThe deal for Tasmania to receive $380 million in Gonskib funding from the federal government is now official..

Better Schools for Tasmania, Nick McKim, Minister for Education and Skills, 12 Aug 2013
Better Schools Tasmania Fact Sheet [pdf]
Better Schools Tasmania Brochure [pdf
Better Schools Tasmania - FAQ [pdf]

Northern TasmaniaSTUDENT SUPPORT
e-School fear
The Examiner, 10 Aug 2013

Northern parents have expressed concern that the e-School based at Mayfield might be moved to Launceston, impacting on autism students who use the STARS program..

Relationships educationSEX EDUCATION
Contraceptive ignorance
ABC News, 9 Aug 2013

Tasmanian schools have been asked to provide better sex education following release of a report by the Northern Early Years Group..

Sex education crisis, The Mercury, 10 Aug 2013

NAPLAN online at Perth
NAPLANABC News, 8 Aug 2013

Students at Perth Primary School will be among the nation's first to do their NAPLAN tests online..

Teen NBOM-e drug alarm
ABC News, 8 Aug 2013

Teenagers are at greater risk of death through the increased availability of the research chemical NBOM-e ..

Autism prediction?
ABC Science, 8 Aug 2013

An autism blood test is on the horizon, experts say..

Draft sex ed curriculum 'dreadful'
Australian CurriculumSMH, 7 Aug 2013

The draft Health and Physical Education curriculum is 'dreadful' on sexual health, principally because of what it omits, sexual health advocates say ..

 2014 date clarification

Note that the Kindergarten and Primary Enrolments feature in a recent Mercury (6/8/13 p. 33) gives the old 2014 Term 1 commencement date for students (Tue 4 Feb) instead of the recently announced new date: Wed 5 Feb 2014.


School hours flexibility promised
Federal Govt media release, 5 Aug 2013

A Rudd Labor Government would enable up to 500 schools to offer flexible opening hours, out of hours care and extra programs..

Election to be held on 7 September
ABC News, 4 Aug 2013

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has just had a meeting with the Governor-General.

Cascades Female FactoryTASMANIAN HISTORY
Female Factory enhancement looms
Tas Govt media release, 4 Aug 2013

South Hobart's World Heritage listed Cascades Female Factory site has received a $374,000 grant from the federal government. A $5 entry fee will apply to most people from 1 October..

Southern TasmaniaSTUDENT SUPPORT
Finding their local educational options
Tas Govt media release, 2 Aug 2013

WATTif.net is a new website that will be especially useful for young people in southern Tasmania who may be at risk of abandoning their education..

WATTif.net (If main page text is difficult to read in Internet Explorer, try Chrome of Firefox.)

Aboriginal names to be gazetted
Tas Govt media release, 2 Aug 2013

Several Aboriginal place names such as kunanyi for Mount Wellington are set to be gazetted under Tasmania's new Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy..

Gonski education reformsGONSKI REFORMS
Abbott now supports Gonski
ABC News, 2 Aug 2013

The Coalition now promises to honour the government's Gonski reforms for at least the next four years - instead of only one year..

Welcomed by Tas Libs, Michael Ferguson website, 2 Aug 2013

Couple fined over truancy

ABC News, 2 Aug 2013

A Devonport couple have been fined $4,000 after keeping their son home from school over a five-year period..

Westpac banking facilities crash again today
ABC News, 2 Aug 2013

Govt's economic statement
ABC News, 2 Aug 2013
Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong (from ABC photo)
Education appears to have been protected in today's mini-budget.
Special coverage

Change Hagley to a centre of excellence?
The Examiner, 1 Aug 2013

The Meander Valley Council is to investigate establishing a school at Hadspen and redeveloping Hagley school into a centre of excellence..

School farms still not under threat
Tas Govt media release, 1 Aug 2013

SheepThere are still no plans to close Hagley Farm School or any other school farms, the Minister for Education and Skills, Nick McKim, said today..


Science survey seeks input

Tas Govt media release, 1 Aug 2013

The Tasmanian community is invited to take part in a survey during August that asks, "What do you want scientists to do for your community?"..

Early childhoodEARLY CHILDHOOD
Launching a success

Tas Govt media release, 1 Aug 2013

The Launching into Learning progress report for 2012 shows the program of early intervention is going from strength to strength, education minister Nick McKim says ..

Vandals strike at St Aloysius

Southern TasmaniaABC News, 1 Aug 2013

Vandals have spray-painted slogans on buildings, the church and the bus at St Aloysius College, Kingston ..



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