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Auystralian Education UnionSCHOOL ZONING POLICY
But what about the ending of bus subsidies?
The Examiner, 1 Feb 2014

The AEU warns that the Fairbrother report's recommendation to end subsidising student bus travel beyond local schools is at risk of being lost...

Bullet Scrap the bus fare subsidy, says AEU, The Mercury, 3 Feb 2014

No change to school home area policy
The Mercury, 1 Feb 2014

New education minister Brian Wightman has abandoned the Tasmanian government's plans to require students to enrol in their local school...

Bullet No longer pursuing out-of-home-area policy, The Examiner, 1 Feb 2014
Bullet School zone changes ditched, ABC News, 1 Feb 2014
Bullet Too late now that payments  made, The Advocate, 4 Feb 2014
Bullet School Home-Area Maps, DoE website

Drive safely in school zones
The Examiner, 31 Jan 2014

Police will be watching for motorists who disobey the reduced speed limits in school zones when the school year resumes next week...


Retention to Year 12 is rising
ABC News, 29 Jan 2014

Retention rates from Year 10 to Year 12 in Tasmania are increasing when direct instead of apparent rates are used, former education minister Nick McKim says...

Retention to Year 12 falls
DeteriorationThe Mercury, 29 Jan 2014

The Tasmanian apparent student retention rate from Year 10 to Year 12 in 2012 was 67 per cent, a deterioration from the 2011 figure of 70 per cent, the annual Report on Government Services shows...

Bullet Low retention rates justify exrtending high schools to Year 12, Michael Ferguson website, 28 Jan 2014

Starting school too young is harmful
Learning youngThe Age, 26 Jan 2014

Australian children start school before those in better-performing countries, which could harm the learning prospects of students generally and disadvantaged children in particular, experts say...

They change to teaching
news.com.au, 25 Jan 2014

Teaching is the most popular career change made by over-30s escaping dead-end jobs, a survey by Open Universities Australia shows...


Student obesitySTUDENT HEALTH
Stand for a healthy body
Queensland Times, 24 Jan 2014

Requiring students to stand in the classroom could help solve the obesity crisis, it has been suggested...

Bullet Melbourne school has standing classroom, Herald Sun, 10 Dec 2013

Embed climate change
The Courier, 24 Jan 2014

Climate change should be embedded in the curricula of a range of subjects to ensure it is taught by every teacher from primary school onwards, an expert says...

Tas schooling cheapest
The Mercury, 21 Jan 2014

TasmaniaGovernment and non-government schooling costs for parents are lower in Tasmania than in other states, an Australian Scholarships Group survey shows...

Bullet Reasons to plan for education - TAS, ASG media release, 21 Jan 2014
Bullet Real annual cost $2,000, says Smith Family, The Mercury, 24 Jan 2014

Christopher Pyne, Minister for EducationNATIONAL CURRICULUM REVIEW
Keep politics out of the curriculum
SMH (Opinion), 20 Jan 2014

Curriculum policy must not be captured by people pursuing political agendas, federal education minister Christopher Pyne writes...

Review's short timeframe unrealistic
Australian CurriculumSMH, 18 Jan 2014

The national curriculum review is likely to have little effect in New South Wales schools next year, a curriculum bureaucrat says...


Wightman to be education minister
Tas Govt media release, 16 Jan 2014

Attorney-General Brian Wightman is to replace Nick McKim as Minister for Education and Skills...

Bullet New Labor Ministry, Tas Govt media release, 17 Jan 2014
Bullet Short time in the Ministry, The Examiner, 17 Jan 2014

15 March election
ABC News 24, 2.15pm 16 Jan 2014

Lara GiddingsTasmanian premier Lara Giddings has announced that the state election will be held on Saturday, 15 March.
Ms Giddings also announced that Parliament will be recalled on 28 January

Bullet Election date set, Tas Govt media release, Lara Giddings, Premier, 16 Jan 2014
Parliament to be recalled, Tas Govt media release, Lara Giddings, Premier, 16 Jan 2014


 Giddings sacks Greens
ABC News, 11.00am 16 Jan 2014

Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings has sacked Greens ministers Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor from Cabinet, their positions as ministers to terminate from tomorrow (17 Jan)...

Uncle Toby's muesli barsSTUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY
Muesli bar nut allergy concern
The Age, 16 Jan 2014

Muesli bars that could be dangerous for those with nut allergies are being sold as "lunchbox friendly"...

Curriculum review a frustration for teachers
Courier Mail (Opinion), 15 Jan 2014

Australian CurriculumChristopher Pyne's review of the Australian Curriculum is unnecessary and unwelcome, writes Christopher Bantick ...

Bullet Set to reignite literacy wars (Opinion), The Conversation, 15 Jan 2014
Bullet Educators express concerns, SMH, 14 Jan 2014
Bullet Kids hate political history anyway (Opinion), The Conversation, 14 Jan 2014
Bullet History Lesson, Kudelka's cartoon, 13 Jan 2014
Bullet Reviewer has tobacco link, SMH, 12 Jan 2014
Bullet Review a political stunt, SMH, 11 Jan 2014

Don College luring Year 10 students
The Advocate, 14 Jan 2014

Year 10 students in the North-West are being encouraged to continue to Year 11 and 12 studies with the spending of $150,000...

Australian CurriculumNATIONAL CURRICULUM
Computer programming from kindergarten
SMH, 12 Jan 2014

The principles of computer programming will be instilled in students from kindergarten onwards under the technologies curriculum to be released soon...

Image from Friends' School websiteNON-GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS
Private school demand strong
The Mercury, 12 Jan 2014

Tasmania's expensive independent schools are catering for an increasing demand but some smaller independent schools are suffering from the effects of local economic decline...

Agnes Zhelesnik (photo from Washington Post website)TEACHING PROFESSION
Oldest teacher now 100
Washington Post, 10 Jan 2014

America's oldest teacher still teaching, Agnes Zhelesnik, has turned 100...

Curriculum culture war looms
Australian CurriculumABC News, 10 Jan 2014

Ensuring students are educated about the heritage provided by Western civilisation appears to be uppermost in the mind of federal education minister Christopher Pyne as he sets up a review of the national curriculum...

Christopher Pyne, Minister for EducationBullet Review of national curriculum announced, Aust Govt media release, 10 Jan 2014, Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education
Bullet McKim condemns Pyne's curriculum review, Tas Govt media release, 10 Jan 2014, Nick McKim, Minister for Education
Bullet National curriculum the latest target in Coalition's culture wars (COMMENT), Tony Taylor, The Conversation, 10 Jan 2014
Bullet Curriculum storm, The Mercury, 11 Jan 2014

Bullet-proof bookcase
The Age, 9 Jan 2014

An easily movable bookcase containing a bulletproof shield has been designed by a Melbourne man with the primary aim of providing protection for US classrooms...

Kayaking (TasLearn photo)OUTDOOR EDUCATION
New kayaking rules
The Mercury, 8 Jan 2014

Tasmanian kayakers now have to always carry lifejackets, tethering devices if beyond 200 metres from shore, strobe lights at night and even more safety equipment when beyond two nautical miles from shore...

Bullet Roaring 40s kayak safety page

We made it hotter
The Conversation, 6 Jan 2014

Academics sum up their case for humans being largely responsible for 2013 being the hottest year on record in Australia...




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