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Make financial literacy compulsory
stuff.co.nz, 30 Aug 2015
A survey by Westpac and stuff.co.nz has found that 93 per cent of New Zealanders want financial literacy to be made compulsory in all schools

Comprehension strategies key to teaching reading
The Age, 30 Aug 2015
LiteracyDramatic improvements in the teaching of reading to young primary school students has been achieved by teaching six strategies of comprehension

Schools have to fundraise to fill gap
ABC News, 30 Aug 2015
TASSOThe Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) annual conference heard that schools are having to fill their budget gaps by fundraising and that Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) payments have not been increased for at least 14 years

Bullet Minister pledges transparency in education budget, The Examiner, 30 Aug 2015

Report card (Image: Microsoft)REPORTING TO PARENTS
Write readable student reports
The Mercury, 29 Aug 2015
Teachers need to write school reports in language parents can understand, the annual conference of the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) heard today.

Discussion on shortage of school psychologists
ABC News, 29 Aug 2015
School psychologistA shortage of school psychologists in Tasmania will be on the agenda this weekend at the conference of the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO).

Bullet More school psychologists and social workers needed, The Mercury, 29 Aug 2015
Bullet Minister pledges transparency in education budget, The Examiner, 30 Aug 2015

Raising fingers raises literacy motivation
The Examiner, 28 Aug 2015
LiteracyA system of hand signals by early reading students has increased their motivation to engage in literacy, Lilydale District School teacher Alison Venter has found

Digital literacy could save students from robot invasion
The Conversation (opinion by Stewart Riddle), 27 Aug 2015
The looming wipeout of many job functions as a result of improvements in automation demands urgent attention to traditional literacy and digital literacy skills, a university lecturer argues

Out-of-zone student bus transport under spotlight
The Examiner, 27 Aug 2015
School busThe need for a review of the subsidising of school bus travel beyond a student's home school area will be discussed at this weekend's annual conference of the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO).

Gaol for Facebook teacher offender?
ABC News, 27 Aug 2015
JusticeA former Hobart teacher faces another gaol sentence after drinking half a bottle of wine then commenting on Facebook about a past sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl

Radical attempts to counter maths decline
The Age, 26 Aug 2015
NumeracySome Victorian schools are attempting to improve students' maths skills by not teaching to a textbook, requiring students to develop their own formulas instead of memorising traditional ones, and avoiding the mere memorising of times tables...

Bullet Tiny tots tackle maths problem, The Age, 27 Aug 2015

Radical attempts to counter decline in maths
The Age, 26 Aug 2015
NumeracySome Victorian schools are attempting to improve students' maths skills by not teaching to a textbook, requiring students to develop their own formulas instead of memorising traditional ones, and avoiding the mere memorising of times tables...

Bullet Tiny tots tackle maths problem, The Age, 27 Aug 2015

Teachers reflect
The Mercury, 25 Aug 2015
Several Tasmanian teachers reflect on their many years of dedication to teaching...

New leadership the reason
ABC News, 24 Aug 2015
DoE Secretary Colin Pettit's contract was not renewed because education minister Jeremy Rockliff wanted new leadership in education, premier Will Hodgman says...

New leadership the reason
ABC News, 24 Aug 2015
DoE Secretary Colin Pettit's contract was not renewed because education minister Jeremy Rockliff wanted new leadership in education, premier Will Hodgman says...

Schools preparing students for jobs that won't exist
news.com.au, 24 Aug 2015
ComputerMost Australian students are being trained for professions that are dying as a consequence of automation and digitisation, a Foundation for Young Australians report reveals.
A spokesperson has called for a focus on communication skills, financial literacy, digital literacy, creativity and innovation...

Problem-solving (Image: Microsoft)FUTURE-PROOFING STUDENTS
Non-cognitive skills will protect students
The Age (opinion by Michael Currie), 23 Aug 2015
Some of the emphasis should be shifted from literacy and numeracy to non-cognitive skills such as perseverance and problem-solving ability if students are to cope with an unknown future, a secondary school teacher argues...

Surprise departure of DoE Secretary
Tas Govt media release, 21 Aug 2015
DoE Secretary Colin Pettit will leave his role in one week, with the expiry of his contract. TasTAFE head Stephen Conway will become Acting Secretary...

App to help parents support schooling
The Mercury, 21 Aug 2015
Learning Potential appA free app called Learning Potential will be released by the federal government today to show parents ways they can support their children's education...

Bullet Learning Potential information and download site
Bullet Learning Potential app launched, Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education and Training, 21 Aug 2015

Code Club in Tas reaches 1,000
Tas Govt media release, 20 Aug 2015
Code Club Australia, which promotes after-school computer programming lessons by volunteers, has registered its 1,000th Tasmanian student, the Minister for Information Technology and Innovation, Michael Ferguson, says ...

Tas teachers lead the nation
The Mercury (opinion), 20 Aug 2015
Attributing a problem with Tasmania's NAPLAN scores to teaching quality and leadership overlooks
a number of local factors and flies in the face of the Auditor-General's recent conclusion that Tasmanian teachers "are doing a good job", AEU State President Terry Polglase argues

NAPLAN results influenced by parents' background
SMH, 16 Aug 2015
NAPLANAn Australian Bureau of Statistics report has linked lower NAPLAN scores
with parents having been born in Australia rather than overseas, larger families, de facto relationships rather than married parents, unemployed parents and living in a regional area...

Disability report released
Tas Govt media release, 19 Aug 2015
DisabilitiesEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff today announced the expenditure of $1 million to implement recommendations of the Ministerial Taskforce report into educating students with disabilities which was released today

Bullet Download the report Improved Support for Students with a Disability (DoE page)
Bullet More funds for disability teachers, The Mercury, 19 Aug 2015
Bullet Disability services in crisis, teachers say, ABC News, 19 Aug 2015
Bullet Teachers say system failing students, The Mercury, 20 Aug 2015
Bullet Full commitment urged, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 20 Aug 2015

Flu alert
The Mercury, 19 Aug 2015
Children feature in a recent spike in Tasmanian influenza cases

How to think important
The Conversation (opinion by Peter Ellerton), 19 Aug 2015
It is essential for students to be specifically taught how to think, a lecturer in critical thinking argues

Replacement for Nick McKim announced
The Mercury, 17 Aug 2015
Tasmanian ParliamentHuon Valley councillor Dr Rosalie Woodruff has emerged from today's recount of votes to become the new Greens Member for Franklin in the Tasmanian House of Assembly, replacing Nick McKim

Total screen time policy needed
The Conversation (opinion by Margaret Kristin Merga), 17 Aug 2015
Australian guidelines on limiting children's screen time
need to be expanded from their current entertainment focus to include educational screen-based activities as well, a researcher argues...

Disability report highlights concerns
The Mercury, 15 Aug 2015
DisabilitiesA Ministerial Taskforce report, Improved Support for Children with Disability, draws attention to
a range of system challenges that are preventing students with a disability from receiving an adequate education

Dissatisfied with support level
The Examiner, 14 Aug 2015
DisabilitiesThe Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby has released the results of a survey of over 110 Tasmanian families showing that more than half
believe their child receives insufficient support
at school...

Former teacher sorry
JusticeThe Mercury, 14 Aug 2015
A 72-year-old former teacher has apologised for sex offences he committed against students in northern Tasmania during the 1980s

Department of EducationRBFEDUCATION STAFF
Excellence finalists announced
Tas Govt media release, 14 Aug 2015
The 41 finalists in the RBF Department of Education Awards for Excellence have been announced by the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff

Bullet Taroona High music teacher among finalists, The Mercury, 19 Aug 2015

Principals suffering quietly
PrincipalThe Age, 13 Aug 2015
A survey of Australian school principals shows that 10-12 per cent of them considered self-harm during the previous week or
received a low quality-of-life score

Tas family violence plan announced
Tas Govt media release, 13 Aug 2015
Family violenceSchools will play a role in implementing the Tasmanian government's $25 million Family Violence Action Plan which will include $3.14 million for
professionals to work with children in schools, and enhancements to the Respectful Relationships Program ...

Bullet Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania's Family Violence Action Plan 2015-2020
Bullet See also various Tasmanian government media releases for more information
Bullet A significant step forward, Cassy O'Connor, Greens leader, 13 Aug 2015
Bullet Plan welcomed, Lara Giddings, Shadow Attorney-General, 14 Aug 2015

High anxiety over maths
SMH, 10 Aug 2015
MathsStudents with high levels of maths anxiety are over time likely to perform more and more poorly in maths tests, research shows...

Make coding compulsory
ABC News (Lateline), 7 Aug 2015
Computer codingWith a widening digital gap between Australia and other countries, children from as young as four should be taught computer programming, Business Council of Australia head Katherine Livingston argues ...

Bullet Experts call for computer coding to be taught in schools, ABC Lateline (transcript), 7 Aug 2015
Why we must teach our kids to code, Australian Financial Review (opinion by Annie Parker), 10 Aug 2015

Literature-enhancing clay pipes?
SMH, 10 Aug 2015
Traces of cannabis, cocaine and nicotine have been found in clay pipes dug up in William Shakespeare's garden...

Teach family violence prevention in every school
ABC News, 10 Aug 2015
Family violence
All Australian schools, from Kindergarten onwards, need to teach family violence prevention, Australian of the Year Rosie Batty
stressed to Victoria's Family Violence Royal Commission today...

Tony Smith is the new Speaker
ABC News, 10 Aug 2015
Tony Smith has been elected as the new Speaker in the House of Representatives. He says he will not attend weekly party meetings

Are calculators weapons of maths destruction?
The Conversation (opinion by Jeanne Carroll), 10 Aug 2015
The use of calculators is not harming students' mathematical skills in the way some people had predicted, but the opportunity they present to enhance students' understanding of mathematics is not being exploited by teachers, an education lecturer argues

Surprise over low per-student funding
Northern TasmaniaThe Examiner, 9 Aug 2015
State Parents and Friends head Jenny Eddington has expressed surprise over Launceston College and Riverside Primary School being revealed as the schools with the lowest per-student funding in Tasmania as shown in a list published in The Mercury (8 Aug 2015)

Phonics compulsory, history and geography to be combined
SBS, 8 Aug 2015
Next month's meeting of education ministers will consider a plan to make phonics style reading lessons compulsory and to combine history, geography and civics and citizenship into one subject

Michael Clarke (Image: ABC)SPORT
Cricket captain announces retirement
ABC News, 8 Aug 2015
Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke has announced he will soon retire

Snow sparks paid leave dispute
The Examiner, 6 Aug 2015
AEUA dispute between the AEU and the Education Department is developing over staff with children to care for being entitled to paid leave on a day of unexpected school closures due to snow

Some NAPLAN improvement
Tas Govt media release, 5 Aug 2015
NAPLANThe latest NAPLAN results show that Tasmanian students exceeded or equalled the minimum standard in 14 of the 20 literacy and numeracy assessments, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says

Bullet Tasmania remains below average, ABC News, 5 Aug 2015
Bullet Tasmania holds its own in NAPLAN testing, The Mercury, 5 Aug 2015
Bullet Speedier NAPLAN data turnaround has begun, Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education, 5 Aug 2015
Bullet Overall NAPLAN results have stagnated since 2008, SMH, 5 Aug 2015

School data to be published
The Mercury, 5 Aug 2015
Truancy, suspension, enrolment, disability and school funding data on schools will be published by the DoE from this year

Inclusion lagging in Australia
The Conversation (opinion by Chris Boyle, Jo Anderson and Natalie Swayn), 5 Aug 2015
InclusionWhile a
rguments for, and against, inclusion continue, figures show that Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in including special needs students in mainstream classrooms

Bullet What inclusion really means, The Conversation (opinion by Kathy Cologon), 13 Aug 2015

Tas schools to take on family violence role
ABC News, 4 Aug 2015
Family violenceThe Tasmanian government will provide resources to tackle family violence, including appropriate education of students, particularly boys, premier Will Hodgman announced today following a Cabinet meeting with Australian of the Year Rosie Batty

Bullet Family Violence Action Plan, Will Hodgman, Premier, 4 Aug 2015
Bullet Incorporating an accredited family violence program into schools, Lara Giddings, Shadow Attorney-General, 4 Aug 2015
Bullet Support for Respectful Relationships programs in all schools, Cassy O'Connor, Greens leader, 4 Aug 2015
Bullet Family Violence Action Plan to be released this month, Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Women, 5 Aug 2015

Spelling bees can be useful
The Conversation (opinion by Misty Adoniou), 4 Aug 2015
LiteracySpelling bees focus our attention on the usefulness of paying attention to spelling, a literacy lecturer says


Bronwyn BishopBronwyn Bishop resigns as Speaker
ABC News, 4.41pm 2 Aug 2015






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