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Tasmanian Early Years FoundationEARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION
Reprieve for Early Years Foundation
Tas Govt media release, 28 Feb 2015
The government has postponed the winding up of the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today...

School bus fills up too quickly
The Mercury, 28 Feb 2015
Metro says it will consult all stakeholders to find a solution following complaints that a bus from West Hobart to Taroona High is sometimes full before it leaves Goulburn Street...

Gold and white or black and blue dressCOLOUR PERCEPTION
Dress divides world opinion
Time Magazine, 27 Feb 2015
Generally speaking, younger people see the colours of this dress as black and blue while older people see them as gold and white...

Forum backs education action
The Mercury, 27 Feb 2015
UTASA forum held at the University of Tasmania and attended by about 400 people has strongly supported speedy action to raise education standards in Tasmania...
Bullet Forum on education is first of five on big issues affecting Tasmania, The Mercury, 26 Feb 2015

App course at New Town High
The Mercury, 26 Feb 2015
New Town High School will run a game app design course in conjunction with app development company Appster...

No charges for teacher
ABC News, 25 Feb 2015
Justice systemA teacher named at the Hobart hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will not be charged even though he has been found living in New Zealand...
Bullet No charges to be pursued, The Mercury, 25 Feb 2015

UTAS partnership
The Mercury, 23 Feb 2015
UTASA partnership is to be formed between the Tasmanian government and the University of Tasmania with the ultimate aim of raising education standards in the state...
Bullet Raising education standards through the new Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 23 Feb 2015
Bullet Family honoured by centre, The Mercury, 23 Feb 2015
Bullet Partnership with UTAS similar to our proposal, Bryan Green, Leader of the Opposition, 23 Feb 2015
Bullet Research centre to tackle retention rates, ABC News, 23 Feb 2014
Money to come from non-classroom funds, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 23 Feb 2015

Snake (image from Wikipedia)SCHOOL CURRICULUM
Call to add snake awareness to curriculum
NewsMail, 23 Feb 2015
A reptile carer says that while people describe the snake safety education work she does as "great" they also say it does not fit into the curriculum...

Canada's non-selective secret
The Conversation (opinion by Laura Perry), 19 Feb 2015
Canadian flagSelective high schools and competition for students can lead to inequalities, inefficiencies and a lower ranking in international league tables, argues an education lecturer in comparing the Canadian and Australian school systems...

Rosny science upgrade opened
Tas Govt media release, 18 Feb 2015
Rosny College's upgraded science facilities were opened today by the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff...

Students exposed to recalled berries
HeraldSun, 17 Feb 2015
Nanna's frozen mixed berriesHome Economics students in a Victorian school are being monitored for Hepatitis A symptoms, having made smoothies using the now recalled Nanna's frozen mixed berries...
Bullet Frozen raspberries added to recall, mumcentral.com.au, 17 Feb 2015
Bullet SA students may have eaten berries, news.com.au, 18 Feb 2015
Bullet Note that sometimes very young children with Hepatitis A can be showing no symptoms yet pass the virus on to adults.

Encouraging boys to read
The Conversation (opinion by Ryan Spencer), 17 Feb 2015
LiteracyA literacy specialist provides tips on increasing the amount of reading that boys undertake, with a special emphasis on the benefits of involving male role models such as fathers, uncles and grandfathers...

Happiness lessonsSCHOOL CURRICULUM
Call for happiness lessons
The Age, 15 Feb 2015
British education experts are warning that all children need a one-hour "happiness lesson" each week, given the rise in anxiety, depression and stress among young people...

Embedding respectful relationships
The Mercury, 14 Feb 2015
The "Breaking the Silence" domestic violence program from White Ribbon Australia will be made available to Tasmanian schools this year...

Teachers face rigorous selection
SkyNews, 13 Feb 2015
Christopher PyneLiteracy and numeracy testing of potential teachers and tougher re-accreditation of university education courses feature in the overhaul of teacher training announced today by federal education minister Christopher Pyne...

Bullet Literacy, numeracy tests for student teachers, ABC News, 13 Feb 2015
Bullet Experts respond to teacher education report, The Conversation, 13 Feb 2015
Bullet Teacher training report analysed, The Conversation, 13 Feb 2015

School chaplainsSCHOOL CHAPLAINS
Chaplains back soon
Tas Govt media release, 12 Feb 2015
Three chaplaincy service providers for 89 Tasmanian government schools have now been appointed, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today...

Schools are failing students with learning difficulties
The Conversation (opinion by Linda J. Graham), 11 Feb 2015
The Conversation
Instead of students with learning difficulties being subjected to streaming, ability grouping, labelling and inefficient use of teacher aides, the focus should be on supporting them in the early years of school, argues a Queensland academic ...

Extending hugh school to years 11 and 12EXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Extension policy working, says Minister
The Mercury (opinion), 11 Feb 2015
Education minister Jeremy Rockliff says the government's rural and regional schools extension policy has been a success so far and that more schools will be announced by the end of Term 1...

Pre-teaching competency tests loom
The Mercury, 11 Feb 2015
Literacy and numeracyPotential teachers will have to pass special literacy and numeracy tests to gain their full teaching qualifications from 2016 under the federal government's plan to address Australia's downward slide in international rankings in maths and reading skills...

Open-plan hearing struggle
The Conversation (opinion by Kiri Mealings), 10 Feb 2015
The ConversationChildren generally, and those with special needs in particular, find it harder to hear their teachers in open-plan classrooms...

Focus on retention
The Examiner, 10 Feb 2015
Tasmania's poor retention rates will be under the spotlight at this week's Tasmanian Principals Association meeting...

PM survives  
ABC News, 9 Feb 2015, 9.20am
This morning's Liberal Party leadership spill motion has failed (No: 61, Yes: 39, Informal: 1, Absent: 1) ...

Phonics training essential
The Mercury (opinion by Byron Harrison), 9 Feb 2015
LiteracyThe training of Tasmanian primary school teachers absolutely has to include phonics, writes Byron Harrison ..
Bullet Balanced approach is best, The Conversation (opinion), 18 Feb 2015

Girl at computerGENDER EQUITY
More girls need to aim higher
The Mercury (opinion by Vicki Gardiner), 9 Feb 2015
Girls need to be reassured that taking on science and maths studies can help them become a success in business and industry, a female engineer writes...

Extending hugh school to years 11 and 12EXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Be careful with extension policy
The Mercury, 8 Feb 2015
Education experts support the Tasmanian government's policy of extending rural high schools to cater for Years 11 and 12 - on condition the government makes sure it gets the policy right...

Private school spending inefficient?
SMH, 8 Feb 2015
NSWNSW private and Catholic schools spend billions more than equally advantaged government schools but achieve the same academic results, analysis by two researchers shows...

PM faces leadership spill motion
ABC News, 6 Feb 2015, 2.00pm
A Liberal Party leadership spill motion against the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is set for early next week. It will require 52 votes to succeed...
Bullet Spill motion brought forward to Monday, ABC News, 8 Feb 2015

Praise for Tas DoE
The Mercury, 6 Feb 2015
The Tasmanian Department of Education is among the most efficient education departments in Australia, according to the Productivity Commission...

Synthetic phonics needed
The Conversation (opinion by Pamela Snow), 6 Feb 2015
LiteracyStudents should be taught to read using synthetic phonics but teachers are not trained in this system of explicit and direct phonics, writes a Victorian academic..

Staffing not settled yet
The Mercury, 6 Feb 2015
AEUIt is normal for staffing finalisation to be still occurring at the start of a school year but the situation is worse this year, AEU Tasmanian president Terry Polglase says...

Don't slash education spending
The Mercury (opinion by Andrew Wilkie), 5 Feb 2015
Governments in Australia do not value education, writes independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie...

New Chair for TasTAFE
Tas Govt media release, 5 Feb 2015
TasTAFEEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff has announced that Nick Burrows will be the interim chair of TasTAFE..
Bullet Up to ten full-time TasTAFE jobs to go, The Mercury, 5 Feb 2015

Identifying a learning disability
The Conversation, 5 Feb 2015
Learning disabilitiesThree NSW academics point out what to look for to identify children with dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia...

More disability funding needed
The Mercury, 5 Feb 2015
Disability fundingTasmanian independent schools say funding for students with disabilities is insufficient and is the biggest issue they face this year...

Payouts followed streaming policy
The Age, 4 Feb 2015
VictoriaA Melbourne school has been the subject of teacher stress claims and lawsuits following a policy of streaming students on the basis of ability in which some teachers received no support in being required to teach the worst of the worst...

The brainTHE BRAIN
Does brain training work?
The Conversation (opinion by Jared  Cooney Horvath), 4 Feb 2015
Teachers considering the use of brain-training programs are warned to identify their goal in doing so, because these programs appear not to work if a teacher's goal is to improve behaviour and cognition...

ABC News feature on education
ABC News, 4 Feb 2015
TasmaniaThe ABC has featured a number of stories on education issues in Tasmania:
Bullet Minister stakes his reputation on education reforms (video)
Bullet Unions warn of toughest year yet
Bullet Concern over cuts hitting rural primary schools
Bullet Concern over education and job-starved North West
Bullet Many regional students still prefer to travel to colleges

Off to school (Image from tumblr18.com)TASMANIAN EDUCATION
Students go back to school
Tas Govt media release, 4 Feb 2015
Over 62,000 Tasmanian students returned to 195 schools today, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said...
Bullet Minister should be listening, not cutting, Nick McKim, Greens education spokesperson, 4 Feb 2015

School chaplainsSCHOOL CHAPLAINS
Schools could be chaplainless for weeks
ABC News, 3 Feb 2015
A delay over a funding deal means Tasmanian schools could be without school chaplains for weeks...
Bullet No chaplains today, The Mercury, 4 Feb 2015

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates
ABC News, 3 Feb 2015
The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the official interest rate from 2.5 per cent to 2.25 per cent, the first cut in 18 months...

Suspension for invisibility threat
news.com.au, 2 Feb 2015
USA flagA nine-year-old Texas boy who had recently watched a Hobbit film was suspended from his elementary school for telling a classmate he could use a ring to make him disappear...

School zoneSchool zone speed checks
The Mercury, 2 Feb 2015
Tasmania Police will be conducting traffic speed and safety checks in school zones this week...

Should handwriting still be taught?
The Conversation (opinion), 2 Feb 2015
HandwritingToday's students need opportunities to write but not endless cursive practice, argues Nicola Yelland...
See also:
Bullet Finland: Typing takes over from handwriting, BBC News, 21 Nov 2014
Bullet Finland dumps handwriting classes for keyboard skills, ABC: The World Today, 3 Feb 2015

Govt targets teacher skills
Tas Govt media release, 1 Feb 2015
Gonski reformsThe Tasmanian government's Developing Our Workforce Strategy will involve a partnership with the University of Tasmania to raise teacher skill levels and address current staffing inadequacies such as the insufficient number of maths and science teachers...
Bullet Cautious backing from AEU, The Mercury, 2 Feb 2015
Bullet Regional enrolments boosted by new policy, ABC News, 3 Feb 2015


Jordan River School Farm crisis

Jordan River Learning Federation School FarmFor news reports see special archive:
 Bullet Jordan River School Farm crisis 2014






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