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Should MOOCs count?
The Conversation (opinion by Jason M Lodge and Anna Dabrowski), 31 Jul 2015
The ConversationAlthough high school students are increasingly participating in university-based Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) teachers would be ill-advised to count this work towards their high school assessment, two researchers argue

Super funds to merge
RBFTas Govt media release, 30 Jul 2015
The Retirement Benefits Fund, Tasplan and Quadrant will merge to form a super-sized Tasmanian-based superannuation fund. (However, the RBF Defined Benefits Scheme is not involved in the merger but will be outsourced to a new provider when the current contract expires.)

TasTAFE Blueprint Roadshow announced
TasTAFETas Govt media release, 29 Jul 2015
Consultation with the community over the future of TasTAFE will commence on 3 August 2015 when the TasTAFE Education Blueprint Roadshow gets underway

Bullet TasTAFE Education Blueprint website

Spelling inconsistencies here to stay
The Conversation (opinion by Baden Eunson), 27 Jul 2015
LiteracyA lecturer outlines the causes of spelling errors and
concludes that spelling reform
appears unlikely...

Safe Schools content at issue
Safe Schools Australia CoalitionThe Examiner, 27 Jul 2015
Working It Out (WIO) staff say the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program aims to
assist gay and transgender students but the Australian Christian Lobby says extreme sexual and gender-related material should not be promoted in schools...

Add weight gain warnings to curriculum
Australian CurriculumSunday Telegraph (via PressReader), 26 Jul 2015
Serious medical problems arising from obesity in pregnancy have prompted an obstetrician to call for the national school curriculum to include lessons on healthy weight...

Long road ahead, says new PUCEA head
The Mercury, 26 Jul 2015
UTASThe newly appointed head of the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment at UTAS, Associate Professor Elaine Stratford, says Tasmanians need to take a more positive approach towards improving educational standards, but she acknowledges the required intergenerational changes may take at least 30 years

North-west TasmaniaTASMANIAN SCHOOLS
New labs for Wynyard High
The Advocate, 25 Jul 2015
Two refurbished science laboratories at Wynyard High School were opened by the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, yesterday

Student assessment in the Google Age
The Conversation (opinion by Ibrar Bhatt), 24 Jul 2015
GoogleNow that Google makes it easier for students to obtain and present information, teachers need to examine how learning and assessment
can be adapted to take account of the new digital age skills, a researcher points out...

No forced socialisation
The Conversation (opinion by Holly Warland), 24 Jul 2015
The ConversationStudents with autism should not be forced to socialise, a PhD candidate says

Make sure your parents are well-educated
The Conversation (opinion by Gerry Redmond), 22 Jul 2015
The ConversationOECD
The wages of people are related to the education level of their parents, an OECD survey shows

Bullet 'Gifted' genes pose ethical problems, The Conversation (opinion by Julian Savulescu), 30 Jul 2015

Archery (Image: wildrockclimbing.co.uk)ARCHERY
Tassie student targets world archery cup
The Mercury, 22 Jul 2015
Fourteen-year-old Collegiate Year 9 student Anna Walls is the Australian under-20 archery champion

Jeremy RockliffSCHOOL SPORT
School Sports Australia commitment
The Mercury, 22 Jul 2015
Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff
has announced a financial recommitment to School Sports Australia which supports student athletes in competing nationally

Successful girl athletes face bullying
The Conversation (research by Maureen O'Neill and Angie Calder), 21 Jul 2015
BullyingA study of 19 successful young female athletes has revealed they had been subjected to a variety of types of bullying by their peers

Fanning escapes shark attack
Fanning shark attackABC News, 20 Jul 2015
Australian surfer Mick Fanning has emerged safely from an attack by a shark while competing in South Africa. INCLUDES VIDEO...

Don't rely on nut bans
SMH, 19 Jul 2015
Nut bans in upper primary and high schools may cause a false sense of security in allergy sufferers as well as bullying and resentment by other students, guidelines from the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology indicate

School zoneSchool zone alert
The Examiner, 19 Jul 2015
Tasmania Police will focus on enforcing school zone and bus zone speed limits as students return to school this week...
Bullet Nine booked in North-west school zones, The Asdvocate, 20 Jul 2015

Facebook liked by parents
The Mercury, 17 Jul 2015
Schools that use a Facebook page to provide responsive information-sharing with parents
are doing what parents want, Rooty Hill principal and keynote speaker at a UTAS symposium Christine Cawsey said yesterday...

Symposium told teamwork and leadership skills fundamental
The Mercury, 16 Jul 2015
University of Tasmania
A former adviser to Barack Obama told the UTAS Education Transformation Symposium that today's children needed four particular skills related to teamwork and leadership

Bullet Symposium an opportunity to learn from others, The Mercury (editorial), 15 Jul 2015
Bullet Educators push the envelope, The Mercury, 15 Jul 2015
Bullet Tas school system 'back on even keel', says Colin Pettit, The Mercury, 16 Jul 2015

Bullet Education Transformation Symposium, UTAS


Jack Hale misses out on final
ABC Radio, 16 Jul 2015 9.37am
AthleticsTasmanian sprinter Jack Hale has come sixth in his World Youth Championships 100-metres semi-final in Colombia, missing out on progressing to the final...

Bullet Jack Hale makes 200m semi-finals, The Mercury, 18 Jul 2015
Bullet Disqualified due to false start, ABC News, 19 Jul 2015

Greek parliament approves deal
ABC Radio, 16 Jul 2015 8.59am
The Greek parliament has voted to support the eurozone bailout deal.

Tas literacy app a world first
The Mercury, 15 Jul 2015
LiteracyAn award-winning app to improve children's skills in reading for understanding has been produced by Burnie PhD student Michelle Somerton

Pluto mountainsASTRONOMY
Pluto's mountains revealed
Tas Govt media release, 11 Jul 2015
Detailed images showing Pluto's mountain ranges have been received from NASA's New Horizons probe...

Bullet New Pluto images show icy plains, ABC News, 18 Jul 2015

Single-sex education (Image: teachhub.com)SCHOOL SYSTEM
Double trouble with single-sex schools
The Conversation (opinion by Anna Dabrowski), 15 Jul 2015
Single-sex schools have no place in Australia, a researcher argues

Encouraging argument
The Conversation (opinion by Peter Ellerton), 14 Jul 2015
The natural tendency of young children to ask "why" can be exploited to encourage them to develop critical thinking and inquiry skills, a lecturer explains...

How should you use a laptop or tablet to take notes?
The Conversation (opinion by Claire Brown), 14 Jul 2015
When students use electronic devices to take notes, teachers should make them aware of how their memory works, address the issue of trying to multi-task and help students learn about the tools available for note-takers, a researcher writes...

Evaluating educational apps
The Conversation (opinion by Nicola Yelland), 13 Jul 2015
Whether limited in design or sufficiently "open" to promote creativity, apps described as "educational" usually have great educational potential for children, particularly if a range of apps is used, a professor of education argues...

Education symposium
The Mercury, 12 Jul 2015
University of Tasmania
The University of Tasmania will this week host a symposium on ways to improve school education in Tasmania, in particular addressing retention, aspirations and overseas experience. It will include a follow-up from the Dark MOFO Hothouse event...

Bullet Education Transformation Symposium, UTAS

TASC task
Tas Govt media release, 11 Jul 2015
Tas Government
The Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, has announced that Jennifer Earle will be the Executive Officer of the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification which replaces the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority...

New booklet on feeding infants and toddlers
Tas Govt media release, 10 Jul 2015
Start Them Right, a free eating and food preparation guide for those with children under five, has been launched by the Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson...

Bullet Download Start Them Right (pdf file), DHHS website

Raw deal for government school students
The Mercury, 6 Jul 2015
MoneyReal state plus federal education funding per government school student in Australia fell by 1.9 per cent between 2009 and 2013 compared with a rise of 8 per cent for Catholic and independent school students, figures prepared by retired economist Trevor Cobbold show

Bullet Slump in public school funding, The Courier, 6 Jul 2015
Bullet School funding myths, The Conversation (opinion by Glenn C. Savage), 9 Jul 2015

Greeks vote 'No'
ABC News, 6 Jul 2015
Greek flag
Austerity-weary Greeks have pushed Greece further towards the eurozone brink by supporting their prime minister and voting a resounding 'No' in Sunday's referendum...

School holiday homework increasing
SMH, 5 Jul 2015
OECDAustralian 15-year-olds are required to do about six hours of homework per week whereas in virtual exemplar Finland such students rarely receive homework. The OECD average is 4.9 hours per week

Dates of Education Act forums announced
Tas Govt media release, 4 Jul 2015
Tas GovernmentDates of forums to discuss issues relating to the Education Act have been announced for
Hobart, Glenorchy, Launceston, St Helens, Devonport, Burnie and Queenstown...

Domestic violence in NSW curriculum
Illawarra Mercury, 4 Jul 2015
The NSW Years 7-10 school curriculum now specifically includes domestic violence prevention, as a result of the efforts of a 14-year-old student...

Crows coach dead: son charged
ABC News, 3 Jul 2015
The 26-year-old son of Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh has been charged with the murder of his father...

First ten school nurses emerge
Tas Govt media release, 3 Jul 2015
MedicalFive primary school nurses and five secondary school nurses took part in an induction program today, education minister Jeremy Rockliff has announced...

Bullet See lists of schools involved
Bullet Nurses return, The Examiner, 3 Jul 2015

$7m upgrade for Kings Meadows
Tas Govt media release, 2 Jul 2015
Northern Tasmania
Refurbishments at Kings Meadows High School totalling over $7 million include new grade learning areas and MDT, art and amenity facilities...

What role for schools in countering violent extremism?
The Conversation (opinion by Anne Aly), 2 Jul 2015
Rather than focus on religions or the Middle East, or on ways to identify potential jihadi students, schools could counter radicalisation by skilling students in how to analyse the construction of extremist messages and challenge extremist messages generally, and in how to reinforce their existing self-sanctioning abilities, an associate professor suggests...

Former Tas principal guilty
ABC News, 1 Jul 2015
JusticeA former Tasmanian principal has been remanded in custody after pleading guilty to 17
counts of indecent assault..

Bullet Principal transferred after abusing students, court told, The Examiner, 1 Jul 2015

Overcome bullying through school culture
The Conversation (opinion by Sally Varnham), 1 Jul 2015
With the legal consequences of bullying becoming clearer for schools, the emphasis should now be on changing school culture rather than simply on avoiding legal liability, a professor of law argues..

Tas gets Children's University
Tas Govt media release, 1 Jul 2015
The Tasmanian Children's University will raise primary and high school student aspirations by recording participation in learning activities at specified learning destinations..





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