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Teach Mid East politics in schools
SBS, 30 Jun 2015
The Australian Strategic Policy Institute says schools should teach students more about Middle East politics to help prevent radicalisation...

Mindfulness (Image: Microsoft)AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM
Teach meditation in schools
The Conversation (opinion by Lea Waters), 29 Jun 2015
Teaching meditation, such as the popular "mindfulness" meditation, would improve the well-being, social skills and academic skills of students, a professor of positive psychology says ...

Bullet Mindfulness meditation can have troubling side effects, The Guardian, 26 Aug 2014

Inclusion (Image: Microsoft)STUDENT SUPPORT
Routine inclusion questioned
The Conversation (opinion by Rachael Sharman), 28 Jun 2015
Inclusion in regular classrooms of students with a disability might not always be in the best interests of the included student, a lecturer in psychology posits...

Basic skills test for student teachers
Courier Mail, 28 Jun 2015
Literacy and numeracy
Teacher education students are about to be given an education-flavoured literacy and numeracy test. Would you get these five sample questions correct?...

Bullet National literacy and numeracy test for teaching graduates, Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education, 28 Jun 2015
Bullet No test in Tasmania until 2016, The Examiner, 28 Jun 2015

Mindfulness (Image: Microsoft)AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM
Add mindfulness to curriculum
HeraldSun, 28 Jun 2015
Including mindfulness in the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum would boost students' confidence, self-esteem and performance, mindfulness specialist teacher Rachael Fisher says

Cotton wool playgrounds?
The Conversation (opinion by Brendon Hyndman), 25 Jun 2015
Playgrounds are changing and children's play is becoming increasingly restricted as schools face rising fears of litigation over student injuries

Bullet Father sues school after playing son crashes into wall, 3AW, 5 Jun 2015

One in 22 students suspended
The Mercury, 24 Jun 2015
Classrom violence
One in 22 students in Tasmanian government schools were suspended last year, for an average total of a little over three days each

Bullet Reparations and therapeutic services needed after suspensions, ABC News, 24 Jun 2015

No fees for government schools, says Abbott
news.com.au, 22 Jun 2015
Tony AbbottThe Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has ruled out the possibility of a federal government requiring government schools to impose school fees on wealthier parents, but he has not ruled out preventing the states from doing so

Bullet Tasmania's Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, says the Tasmanian government would not require wealthier parents of government school students to pay extra fees. (ABC News, 22 Jun 2015)

Bold new high school plan
couriermail.com.au, 22 Jun 2015
South Australia
A radical plan for Adelaide's disadvantaged Fremont-Elizabeth City High School will see year levels replaced by academic progress groupings, emphasis on problem solving and real world applications, failing students transferred to specialist support teams, learning blocks of up to 80 minutes, extra Year 6-7 transition arrangements, opening hours from 8.00am to 5.00pm, and a lot more

Ice (Image: Wikipedia)STUDENT DISCIPLINE
Hold on to ice students
The Age, 19 Jun 2015
Schools should refrain from suspending or expelling students who take or sell ice because throwing them back into the community would only compound the problem, a group of Victorian principals has been told by a youth worker

Last chance to nominate
The Mercury, 18 Jun 2015
Nominations of teachers, principals, other staff and volunteers for the Education Department and RBF awards for excellence close this Sunday...

Bullet Awards Program, DoE website

Athletics champion Ron Clarke dies
ABC News, 17 Jun 2015
Olympian Ron Clarke has died on the Gold Coast aged 78

Teachers matter, not smaller class sizes
SMH, 16 Jun 2015
The allocation of students to particular teachers is more relevant in determining educational outcomes than distractions such as class size and performance pay, Professor John Hattie from the Melbourne Education Research Institute says

Bullet What Doesn't Work in Education: The Politics of Distraction, Pearson website

Very few preschool apps actually educate kids
HeraldSun, 16 Jun 2015
Educational app: many others not so educationalLess than 6 per cent
of popular preschool tablet apps promoted as "educational" could be said to use theories of early childhood education, a Swinburne study shows ...

New basketball record set
The Advocate, 15 Jun 2015
A new record basketball shot of 126.5 metres has been set from the top of the
Gordon River Dam in Tasmania. Watch the video...

O'Byrne takes on new Beacon position
The Mercury, 15 Jun 2015
Beacon FoundationFormer minister David O'Byrne has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Beacon Foundation

Teach about all religions
Border Mail, 13 Jun 2015
Making it compulsory for students to learn about all religions would help defeat terrorism and religious extremism, an academic and peace activist says...

Morale low
The Examiner, 12 Jun 2015
Larger classes and reduced resources were causing low morale among staff, and principals in particular, an unnamed Tasmanian principal says

Pathway Planners replacement progresses
Tas Govt media release, 12 Jun 2015
Career education
Under the DoE's My Education program Kuder Visions Unlimited has been selected to provide an online K-12 career planning and support tool for students and teachers, education minister Jeremy Rockliff announced today...

Hothouse ideas released
Hothouse website, 11 Jun 2015
Dark MOFO HothouseThe top 12 education-enhancing ideas from the Mofo Hothouse sessions have been placed on the Hothouse's website...

Bullet Break the mindset, The Mercury, 13 Jun 2015
Bullet 12 ways we can play it smart, The Mercury, 14 Jun 2015

Extending high school to Years 11 and 12EXTENDING HIGH SCHOOLS
Expensive Year 11 students
TasLabor website, 10 Jun 2015
The additional 56 Year 11 students resulting from the state government's expenditure of $7 million on extending high schools beyond Year 10 amounts to around $125,000 per student, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne said today

Diplomas for teacher assistants
Tas Govt media release, 10 Jun 2015
Up to 50 teacher assistants will be able to enrol for the Diploma of Education Support through the DoE's Professional Learning Institute, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today...

Primary kids get bike safety program
BicyclesTas Govt media release, 10 Jun 2015
The Ride2School program from Bicycle Networks has been provided with $100,000 to encourage primary school students to ride bicycles and to do it safely

Public forums loom
Tas Govt media release, 10 Jun 2015
Tas GovernmentCommunity consultation following submissions to the review of the Tasmanian Education Act will be held in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie from 27 to 31 July 2015

Bullet Reviewing Tasmania's Education Act website

Barred from exam over wrong socks
The Age, 10 Jun 2015
VictoriaA Victorian Year 11 student was turned away from an English exam because she was wearing the wrong brand of socks

Playground accidents fear continues
The Age, 9 Jun 2015
Play equipmentCoinciding with reports of schools removing play equipment to play safe and increasing playtime supervision, schools are promoting student accident insurance and the Victorian Education Department is reminding parents that it does not cover the medical costs of injured students in the absence of negligence

Andrea Dawkins elected
ABC News, 9 Jun 2015
Tasmanian Parliament
As expected, the countback of Bass votes following the resignation of Greens leader Kim Booth has resulted in Greens candidate Andrea Dawkins receiving sufficient votes to be elected...

Teach the local Aboriginal language
The Conversation (opinion), 8 Jun 2015
Aboriginal flagUnlike the success story in New Zealand, Australian schools have not embraced the teaching of Indigenous languages, probably because there are so many Aboriginal languages and dialects

Healthy sign
The Mercury, 7 Jun 2015
Tasmania has the highest proportion of school canteens with healthy eating accreditation, the Tasmanian School Canteen Association says ...

Parents support local school
The Mercury, 7 Jun 2015
North-West Tasmania
Edith Creek Primary School's parents are rallying to support retention of their local school, but education minister Jeremy Rockliff has reiterated that schools recommended for closure by the Auditor-General will not be forced to close...

Bullet Small rural schools provide a function and a quality of education not appropriately measured by the Auditor-General's metrics, The Mercury (opinion by Prof. Michael Corbett), 6 Jun 2015

Make school camps compulsory
The Examiner, 6 Jun 2015
AEUSufficient funding should be provided to enable school camps to be made compulsory thereby ensuring disadvantaged students in particular benefit from the social development skills such camps provide, state AEU president Terry Polglase says

Play equipmentSTUDENT SAFETY
Cottonwool kids danger
The Mercury, 6 Jun 2015
The developing risk-averse culture in schools is breeding 'cottonwool kids', a study by the Charles Darwin University says

Hothouse ideas emerge
The Advocate, 4 Jun 2015
Dark MOFO HothouseIdeas from the Dark Mofo Hothouse session on Wednesday include engaging parents in education and re-engaging students with education...

Bullet See also ideas contributed on the MOFO Hothouse Project website

Dorset mayor dies
ABC News, 4 Jun 2015
The mayor of the Dorset Council, Barry Jarvis, has died in a car accident, apparently after suffering a medical incident...

Greens would restore teacher numbers
Tas Greens website, 2 Jun 2015
Nick Mckim
Greens Treasury spokesperson Nick McKim says in the Greens' Alternative Budget Statement that the Greens would restore teacher numbers to counter the cuts of approximately 200 FTE positions...

Bullet Tasmanian Greens 2015/16 Alternative Budget Statement [pdf], Tas Greens website
[If file does not load, use link in media release]
Bullet Restore teacher numbers, reform health, The Examiner, 2 May 2015

Budget Reply speech delivered
TasLabor website, 2 Jun 2015
Tasmanian ParliamentLabor leader Bryan Green focused on innovation in his Budget Reply speech. The  education-related policies had already been announced:
Bullet establish the Tasmanian Education Partnership
Bullet build at least two more Child and Family Centres

promote the participation of children in organised sport

Bullet restrict the availability of sugary drinks and e-cigarettes

Bullet Building an economy for the future [pdf], TasLabor website
Bullet Bryan Green spruiks AFL academy and electric transport, The Mercury, 2 May 2015

Partnership would be above politics
The Mercury, 1 Jun 2015
Bryan Green
Opposition leader Bryan Green says upon election to government Labor would create the Tasmanian Education Partnership in which all stakeholders would consider and recommend education initiatives, taking a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach...

Bullet Tasmanian Education Partnership policy announced, TasLabor website, 31 May 2015
Bullet Tasmanian Education Partnership [pdf], TasLabor website, 31 May 2015





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