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Scholarship in memory of VC winner
Tas Govt media release, 31 Mar 2015
North West TasmaniaThe state government will make a $1,000 scholarship available annually to a North West Year 12 student in memory of Burnie-born VC winner Corporal Cameron Bird, education minister Jeremy Rockliff and parliamentary secretary Guy Barnett announced today...

Jamie Oliver (from The Guardian - video)AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM
Make food education compulsory, says Oliver
The Guardian, 31 Mar 2015
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched a petition calling on the Prime Minister to make food education compulsory in Australian schools...

South Korean kids sure do pay for their education
The Conversation (opinion), 31 Mar 2015
South Korea: flag (Image from Wikipedia)South Korea ranks among the top in international league tables of student testing, but the cost includes the damage to the health and happiness of its kids when they grow up...

Call to release enrolment figures
TasmaniaThe Mercury, 29 Mar 2015
School merger supporter and Legislative Councillor Tony Mulder has called for the Department of Education to release individual school enrolment figures for the current school year...

The gifted with learning difficulties
The Conversation, 25 Mar 2015
Students with a disabilityEducators need to be able to identify GLD students (students who are gifted with a learning difficulty), an education lecturer says...

Support falls for students with a disability
ABC News, 21 Mar 2015
Students with a disabilityAlmost half the parents surveyed say their children with a disability have had their school support funding reduced, the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby says...

Bullet Schools struggle to help disabled, The Mercury, 24 Mar 2015

Sexual misconduct allegation made
ABC News, 20 Mar 2015
LegalAn allegation of sexual misconduct has been made against a teacher at Kingston's Calvin Christian School more than 25 years ago...

Bullet Sexual abuse alleged, The Examiner, 20 Mar 2015

Malcolm Fraser (Photo: ABC)NATIONAL POLITICS
Malcolm Fraser dies
ABC News, 20 Mar 2015
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has died at the age of 84...

Less cumbersome discrimination for faith-based schools
Tas Govt media release, 19 Mar 2015
Religious schoolsA Bill to make it easier for religious schools to be allowed to consider the "religious beliefs, affiliations or activities" of students when deciding whether or not to enrol them has been introduced by the Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin...

Bullet Excluding on the basis of faith, The Mercury, 19 Mar 2015
Bullet Law could be a cover for same-sex discrimination, and schools involved should hand back their government funds, Nick McKim, Greens education spokesperson, 19 Mar 2015
Bullet Schools get the right to reject, ABC News, 19 Mar 2015


Budget reassurance
Tas Govt media release, 18 Mar 2015
MoneyEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff says that Tasmanian government schools will receive an increase in the Fairer Funding Model budget component of at least five per cent - based on their April 2015 enrolments, not on their preliminary enrolments from October 2014 as suggested by Greens education spokesperson Nick McKim...

Bullet Schools short-changed, The Mercury, 19 Mar 2015

Tas teacher skills upgrade begins
Tas Govt media release, 18 Mar 2015
Tasmania's teachers will have the opportunity to upgrade their skills to teach maths and science and obtain an extra certificated qualification through the state government's Developing Our Workforce Strategy, the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, said today...

How the system is failing the kids

The Conversation (opinion), 16 Mar 2015
The Conversation
Three academics identify six ways they say the education system is failing our kids...

National award for teaching excellence
The Mercury, 14 Mar 2015
Illawarra Primary School teacher David Gilkes has received an Australian Scholarships Group national award for teaching excellence...

Expel the culture of failure
The Mercury (opinion), 12 Mar 2015
TasmaniaTasmania's student retention rate problem really is serious and we are still waiting for the solution, UTAS academics Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan write...

Bullet Note that a letter to the Editor of The Mercury (31 Mar 2015, p. 13) claims this article incorrectly interprets TQA Year 12 completion data.

Minister attends TasTAFE ceremonies
Tas Govt media release, 11 Mar 2015
It is the season to celebrate TasTAFE graduations...

MDT upgrade for New Norfolk High
Tas Govt media release, 11 Mar 2015
The Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, opened new design and technical facilities at New Norfolk High School today...

Concern over widening opportunity gap
The Conversation, 11 Mar 2015
US flagRobert Putnam's newly published book Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis highlights the serious implications of today's children from wealthy families having greater opportunities than in the past while working-class children face mounting barriers...

Tax deductible donations for needy government schools
Australian Schools PlusThe Age, 10 Mar 2015
Disadvantaged government schools can now be given tax deductible donations - through Australian Schools Plus...
Bullet Australian Schools Plus
Bullet Tax deductibility available to schools in need, Christopher Pyne, Federal Minister for education and Training, 10 Mar 2015

Why Sweden's early learning is so good
The Conversation, 6 Mar 2015
Sweden leads the world in early childhood education, three academics say...

Kinders need 15 hours per week
Tas Govt media release, 6 Mar 2015
KindergartenThe federal government needs to urgently respond to the Education Council's call for a minimum of 15 hours per week for children in kindergarten during the year before entering Grade 1, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Unpaid teachers require compensation
TasLabor media release, 5 Mar 2015
Compensation for teachers who were unpaid for the first month of the year will have to come from taxpayers, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne, says...

Does spending favour private schools?
The Mercury, 5 Mar 2015
Non-government schoolsGreens education spokesperson Nick McKim says the state government has increased funding to private schools while cutting back funding to government schools but education minister Jeremy Rockliff says the same savings measures have been applied to both sectors

Bullet Non-government school funding increased but public school funding slashed, Nick McKim, Greens Education Spokesperson, 5 Mar 2015
Training, 5 Mar 2015
Minister has to explain non-government schools increase, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition Education Spokesperson, 5 Mar 2015

Bullet Percentage increase in funding is 2.6% for government sector but 2.4% for non-government sector, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 5 Mar 2015
Bullet If government school funding has increased, how come programs are being slashed?, Nick McKim, Greens Education Spokesperson, 5 Mar 2015

Updated My School data released
ABC News, 5 Mar 2015
My SchoolACARA have published school performance and financial data for 2014 on the My School website...
Bullet My School website
Bullet My School 2015 [pdf], ACARA media release, 5 Mar 2015
Bullet Above-average gains by 15 Tas schools, ABC News, 5 mar 2015
Bullet Parents worry about My School accuracy, The Age, 5 Mar 2015
Bullet Future improvement at risk due to current cuts, Nick McKim, Greens Education Spokesperson, 5 Mar 2015

Identifying Austism Spectrum Disorder
The Conversation, 4 Mar 2015
Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is based on behaviour, not blood or genetics...

UTAS partnership would be expanded
TasLabor website, 4 Mar 2015
Labor would expand the partnership between the government and UTAS to ensure employers provide input into Tasmania's future education system, Opposition leader Bryan Green said in his State of the State reply speech...
Bullet Greens vision, Kim Booth, Greens leader, 4 Mar 2015

Education a feature of Premier's message
Tas Govt media release, 3 Mar 2015
The Premier, Will Hodgman, outlined the government's plan for education as part of his State of the State speech delivered in Parliament today...

Parents to rally
The Mercury, 3 Mar 2015
Teacher cutsParents will rally outside Parliament House today (Tuesday) to oppose cuts in education programs and teacher numbers...
Bullet Average class size to remain below 25, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 3 Mar 2015
Bullet Some classes above 30, says Opposition, ABC News, 3 Mar 2015
Bullet Cuts driving class sizes up, says Opposition, The Examiner, 2 Mar 2015
Bullet Enough is enough, says mum, The Mercury, 4 Mar 2015

Student poll reveals lack of hope
ABC News, 1 Mar 2015
A Gallup poll shows that students' enthusiasm for school declines year by year and an alarming proportion of students lack hope for the future and believe they will not get a good job...

Term time holidays crackdown
SMH, 1 Mar 2015
NSWNSW school attendance policy will now classify as "unjustified" any student absences due to family holidays taken during term time...
Bullet No term-time holidays, The Conversation, 5 Mar 2015




Jordan River School Farm crisis

Jordan River Learning Federation School FarmFor news reports see special archive:
 Bullet Jordan River School Farm crisis 2014






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