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The Facebook education system
The Conversation (opinion by Steve Goschnick), 30 Oct 2015
Facebook is planning a Personalised Learning Platform to provide a customised learning and communicating system for students.

Malcolm TurnbullGONSKI FUNDING
Gonski door ajar
The Examiner, 30 Oct 2015
The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, left the Gonski door ajar on his recent visit to Launceston, by saying "All is being considered" in response to a question about Gonski funding for the reform's final two years.

Bullet Turnbull considering Gonski funding, The Age, 31 Oct 2015

DoE Annual Report released
Dept of EducationTas Govt media release, 29 Oct 2015
The Department of Education's Annual Report for 2014-15 includes detailed information on new areas such as school resource package data, attendance and suspensions.

Bullet DoE Annual Report 2014-15 [pdf], DoE website

Tas teachers under pressure
The Mercury (opinion by Terry Polglase), 28 Oct 2015
Staff cuts, specialised teacher shortages and increased curriculum obligations only serve to reinforce the need for the government to look after its current and future teachers, AEU state president Terry Polglase says .

Computer programmingTASMANIAN CURRICULUM
Return of computer programming
The Examiner, 28 Oct 2015
All Tasmanian schools will be teaching computer coding by the end of 2018, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said in response to a call by Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne for a greater emphasis on coding and other STEM subjects.

Flexible Years 11-12 extensions invited
Tas Govt media release, 28 Oct 2015
Extension to Years 11 and 12Education minister Jeremy Rockliff has called for expressions of interest in extending more high schools to Years 11 and 12, emphasising a willingness to consider flexible and creative approaches such as commencing the Year 11 curriculum during Year 10.

Bullet Six more schools to extend, The Examiner, 28 Oct 2015
Bullet "Overwhelming interest", says Rockliff; "Back-flipping", says O'Byrne, The Examiner, 29 Oct 2015

Computer programmingCOMPUTING CURRICULUM
Robotics needs to be taught in schools
The Conversation (opinion by Leon Sterling), 27 Oct 2015
A professor emeritus says teaching robotics is a tangible way of introducing computer programming to young students and it suits students with a range of abilities.

AHRC raises children's consumer rights
AHRCAust Human Rights Commission, 26 Oct 2015
A national conference is to be held in November on the rights of children as consumers, a topic that is evolving to address issues related to app downloading, in-app purchases and mobile phone contracts

Don't worry, at least the wealthy kids are succeeding
The Conversation (opinion by Stephen Lamb), 26 Oct 2015
Mitchell InstituteThe Australian education system itself is the cause of an uneven distribution of educational opportunity continuing to exist
, according to a report by the Mitchell Institute...

Bullet Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: Who succeeds and who misses out, Mitchell Institute
Bullet No Year 12 qualifications for more than 40% of Tas 19-year-olds, The Examiner, 26 Oct 2015
Bullet Stop subsidising the haves, ABC Drum (opinion by Jane Caro), 26 Oct 2015
Bullet One in four students drop out of high school, ABC World Today, 26 Oct 2015

Lifetime award for agriculture teacher
Jordan River School FarmABC News, 23 Oct 2015
Jordan River Learning Federation agriculture teacher Jackie Brown has been awarded Life Membership of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania
for her work with students...

Widespread concern over retention
The Mercury (opinion by Suzie Wright and Jane Watson), 23 Oct 2015
In-depth surveys by UTAS researchers show that Tasmanian communities support efforts to raise the state's poor high school retention rate

Too many leave empty-handed
The Mercury (opinion by Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan), 23 Oct 2015
The Tasmanian education system is largely failing its students, two researchers write

Swedish swordsman posed with students
ABC News, 23 Oct 2015
Swedish swordsmanA masked man carrying a sword entered a Swedish school and posed with students for photos before continuing on a rampage in which he killed a student and a teacher and wounded two others

The maths success secret
The Conversation (opinion by Steson Lo and Sally Andrews), 23 Oct 2015
NumeracyAsian students are good at maths because they enjoy competition and their teachers embrace the rote learning of tables which makes mastery of higher-level concepts easier, two academics argue

Seven myths about dyslexia
The Conversation (opinion by Serje Robidoux), 22 Oct 2015
LiteracyA researcher counters what he says are myths about dyslexia, stressing the importance of phonics in the early years and that a
variety of problems are described as "dyslexia"...

New TasTAFE board member
Tas Govt media release, 21 Oct 2015
Bell Bay Aluminium general manager Ray Mostogl has been appointed to the board of TasTAFE...

Odds stacked against children in care
The Conversation (opinion by Stewart Riddle), 21 Oct 2015
The ConversationNational minimum standards in literacy and numeracy are less likely to be reached by children in care, a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare called Educational outcomes for children in care: linking 2013 child protection and NAPLAN data says

Linking maths with reality
Simon BirminghamAust Govt media release, 20 Oct 2015
The federal government will provide $6.4 million from the Mathematics by Inquiry program for maths curriculum and teaching materials related to the real world, the Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham said today

LIFT schools announced
Tas Govt media release, 20 Oct 2015
Literacy and numeracyThe 68 schools to receive funding under the Tasmanian Government's $17.75 LIFT literacy and numeracy program have been announced

Bullet List of 68 schools to receive LIFT funding [pdf], DoE
Bullet Parents to help lift learning, The Examiner, 20 Oct 2015

Careers education needs to widen its horizons
The Conversation (opinion by Kira Clarke), 20 Oct 2015
Career educationCareers education in Australia is not serving the needs of students well, particularly those who are likely to be seeking low-skilled jobs, a university lecturer argues

Preparing children for bushfires
BushfireABC News, 20 Oct 2015
With the Tasmanian bushfire season looming, children need the reassurance of being aware of the home and school bushfire plans, psychologist Susie Burke says

Updated ACARA website released
Australian CurriculumACARA [pdf file], 20 Oct 2015
An updated version of the ACARA website (version 8.0) has been released

Bullet ACARA website version 8.0
Bullet What's changed in version 8.0

Schools should have sunscreen strategies
SunSmartSunSmart media release, 19 Oct 2015
Parents and teachers should make the application of sunscreen by children a normal part of the day, a mother battling melanoma says

Updated Australian Curriculum approved
ACARA [pdf file], 18 Oct 2015
Australian CurriculumAustralia's education ministers have approved revisions to the Australian Curriculum in eight learning areas, making the curriculum easier for schools and teachers to manage and to improve the focus on literacy

Bullet Tracked changes to F-10 Australian Curriculum [pdf], ACARA
Bullet Consultation report [pdf], June 2015, ACARA

Excellence award winners announced
Tas Govt media release, 16 Oct 2015
UTAS FacebookWinners of the RBF DoE Awards for Excellence have been  announced, with images available on the DoE's Facebook page...

No threat now for UTAS
The Examiner, 13 Oct 2015 11.00am
UTASAn earlier security alert for UTAS based on a social media threat has now been assessed by police as not credible...
UTAS FacebookBullet UTAS Facebook page

Sick kids suffer from extended absences
MedicalABC News, 12 Oct 2015
There are no standard procedures for supporting children who miss extended periods of school due to sickness or injury, a report by advocacy group Missing School says says


Anti-terrorism role for primary school teachers
The Mercury, 10 Oct 2015
The battle to prevent teenagers becoming radicalised needs to begin in primary school, counter-terrorism expert Greg Barton says

Hold them back
The Mercury (opinion), 9 Oct 2015
A good start to improving educational standards in Tasmanian schools would be to require students to achieve a certain level of mastery before being allowed to progress from one year level to the next, teacher Peter Wilson writes

The local advantage
The Conversation (opinion by Naomi Barnes), 9 Oct 2015
The ConversationEnrolling children in the local state primary school has many more advantages than the average person would realise, an academic writes

Former Tas teacher jailed
JusticeABC News, 8 Oct 2015
A former teacher and fitness instructor has received seven years' imprisonment for sexually abusing nine boys

No more restraining with straps
The Age, 7 Oct 2015
New rules to cover the handling of student violent and dangerous behaviour prohibits Victorian teachers from restraining students with straps, using a seclusion room or restricting their breathing by covering their mouths

Labor's student mental health policy
TasLabor media release, 7 Oct 2015
Rebecca White MPOpposition health spokesperson Rebecca White has released a youth mental health policy that would make social and emotional learning programs compulsory in primary and high schools..

Bullet Enhancing the Mental Health of Young People [pdf], TasLabor, 7 Oct 2015
Bullet Make social and emotional learning compulsory, ABC News, 7 Oct 2015

Teacher autonomy raises standards
The Conversation (opinion by Pasi Sahlberg), 5 Oct 2015
Education systems perform better when there is more US flagteacher autonomy (but not school autonomy) and more teacher collaboration, a visiting professor argues in a comparison of the US and Finnish systems

Curriculum key to tackling extremism
The Conversation (opinion by Omid Tofighian), 5 Oct 2015
Identifying the Eurocentric assumptions in the 'white curriculum' and taking account of the cultural background of potentially marginalised students is a key component of addressing extremism, a researcher argues

Former principal jailed
ABC News, 5 Oct 2015
JusticeA former Tasmanian principal has received six years' imprisonment for sexually abusing 14 children

Bullet Possible reduced three-year sentence 'inadequate', The Examiner, 5 Oct 2015

Trump's shooting solution
CNN, 4 Oct 2015
US flagResponding to the recent college shooting in Oregon, American Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for more mental health services and for teachers and students to be armed..





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