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Improving students' job prospects
Tas Govt media release, 29 Sep 2015
Beacon FoundationThe Department of Education and the Beacon Foundation are to work more closely together to make more students job-ready

Call for sleep education lessons
The Courier-Mail (via PressReader), 29 Sep 2015
Sleep educationResearchers at Murdoch University have called for schools to provide teenagers with lessons on sleep after finding that the use of electronic devices at night was associated with difficulty falling asleep, tiredness during the day and depression

Bullet Sleeping lessons to wake up students, Courier-Mail, 8 May 2013

How to raise Tas education outcomes
UTASThe Mercury (opinion by Neil Cranston), 29 Sep 2015
Tasmania needs to further improve access to Years 11 and 12,
counter an anti-education view held by some people and improve the overall K-12 curriculum structure and the ways teachers share information across the various stages, a UTAS adjunct professor says...

Parents play critical role in raising outcomes
The Smith FamilyThe Mercury (opinion by Alison Standen), 29 Sep 2015
Parents need to be equipped to be able to engage in their children's education, the general manager of The Smith Family in Tasmania writes

UTAS in for the school education long-haul
The Mercury (opinion by David Sadler), 29 Sep 2015
The University of Tasmania is playing its part in the long-term repair of Tasmania's education system, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education) says

Left alone in classroom
ABC News, 27 Sep 2015
Autism (Image: Baylor University)A mother says her 11-year-old daughter with autism was regularly left alone in a Tasmanian classroom but the school says the girl worked in line of sight of a teacher

North-west TasmaniaTASMANIAN SCHOOLS
Building boost for Parklands High
Tas Govt media release, 26 Sep 2015
Building works totalling over $9 million have begun at Burnie's Parklands High School, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today

Kit links green activism to terrorism
ABC News, 25 Sep 2015
The federal government's Radicalisation Awareness Information Kit has been criticised for linking environmental activism and the alternative music scene with the radicalisation process that can lead to involvement in terrorism

Bullet Radicalisation awareness information kit (Australian Government)
Bullet Download the booklet (Preventing violent extremism and radicalisation in Australia) [pdf]

Facebook unfriending can be bullying
ABC News, 25 Sep 2015
FacebookDeleting a person as a Facebook 'friend' can amount to a component of unreasonable behaviour that constitutes bullying, the Fair Work Commission has found

Call for more speech pathology support
The Mercury, 25 Sep 2015
Not only are students with speech and language disorders likely to perform poorly in NAPLAN tests but many such students are more likely to be excluded from the tests in the first place
, Speech Pathology Australia says...

Big furore over Big Picture school
ABC News, 24 Sep 2015
Parents of otherwise disengaged students are upset over the move of Launceston's Big Picture school to Launceston College

Boy referred to ecoterrorists during lesson
The Guardian (UK), 23 Sep 2015
TerrorismAfter a London school student, who is Muslim, referred to ecoterrorists during a classroom discussion on environmental activism, his school removed him from the classroom and subjected him to a formal interview, asking if he was connected with ISIS

Bullet Where will schools draw the radicalisation line?, The Guardian, 9 Jun 2015

Australian CurriculumNATIONAL CURRICULUM
What the national curriculum changes mean for schools
The Conversation (opinion by Misty Adoniou, Bill Louden and Glenn C. Savage), 23 Sep 2015
Three experts give their views on where the national curriculum is at and how effectively it will be implemented

TDERL slams eSchool cuts
The Examiner, 23 Sep 2015
DisabilitiesThe Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby says that with students with a disability no longer being actually enrolled in the eSchool but merely registered there, the number of staff will drop significantly - even though the students will still be serviced by the eSchool

Bullet Vulnerable children to suffer, The Mercury, 24 Sep 2015
Bullet eSchool cuts reduce autism support, The Examiner, 26 Sep 2015

Former teacher pleads guilty
ABC News, 23 Sep 2015
A former Hobart and northern Tasmanian teacher and fitness instructor has pleaded guilty to 12 charges of child sex abuse

Call for less market-driven policy
The Conversation (opinion by Kelsey Halbert), 23 Sep 2015
Former federal education minister Christopher Pyne'
s education legacy is a little shaky, argues an education lecturer

Greater STEM emphasis needed
Science, technology, engineering and nathsABC Lateline, 23 Sep 2015
If Australia is to rival Silicon Valley we must expand the teaching of science, technology, engineering, maths and computing subjects, particularly to early high school girls, successful computer technology entrepreneur Scott Farquhar says

Selfie danger
Stylist, 22 Sep 2015
SelfieMore people are dying from taking selfies than from shark attacks
, the biggest cause of selfie death this year being falls (followed by being hit by a moving vehicle)...

Bullet Selfie-related injuries and deaths, Wikipedia

Call for less NAPLAN test practice
The Examiner, 22 Sep 2015
NAPLANSpending time drilling students with NAPLAN-style testing
does more harm than good, education lecturer Dr Damon Thomas says...

Students need to learn coding
The Conversation (opinion by Steve Goschnick), 22 Sep 2015
Computer coding
Teaching computer programming languages to students will not only help them in their future careers but also foster their creativity, an adjunct professor argues

Bullet Computer science for kindies, npr.com, 18 Sep 2015 (includes a list of suggested coding resources for primary school children)

No grade repetition please
The Conversation (opinion by Danielle Romanes and Jordana Hunter), 21 Sep 2015
The Conversation
Holding a student back a year is not the logical solution it sometimes appears to be but in fact may be very harmful, two researchers argue

Turnbull's new Ministry
ABC News, 20 Sep 2015
The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced his new Ministry
See full ministry (SBS).

Ministers with education portfolios are:

Simon Birmingham (Minister for Education and Training) Simon Birmingham
Luke Hartsuyker (Minister for Vocational Education and Skills) Luke Hartsuyker
Richard Colbeck (Minister for  Tourism and International Education) Richard Colbeck


Controversial SSP program tried in SA
ABC News, 20 Sep 2015
LiteracyA South Australian school is using the whole-of-school SSP (speech, sound, pics) reading and spelling program which has been described by some people as experimental

Hagley's 160 years
Northern TasmaniaABC News, 19 Sep 2015
Hagley Farm School is celebrating 160 years of providing agricultural education...

Bullet Strong family links to Hagley school, The Examiner, 19 Sep 2015

Emotional wellbeing tests?
ABC News, 19 Sep 2015
The Queensland Minister for Health is considering an emotional wellbeing test to identify students who may have mental health issues...

Education ministers make decisions
Christopher Pyne website, 18 Sep 2015
Christopher PyneMight these statements from Friday's Education Council meeting be Christopher Pyne's last media releases as education minister?
Bullet New national curriculum from 2016, covering:
- overcrowding in the primary curriculum
- teaching phonics
- Western influences in Australian history
- students with a disability
- parental engagement
- coding and other technical skills from the early years
Bullet Revitalising STEM study in schools
Bullet Teacher education reforms
Bullet A more user-friendly My School website

Good reading
Premier's Reding ChallengeTas Govt media release, 17 Sep 2015
Students from Bowen Road, Triabunna and Perth primary schools were among 31,000 Tasmanian students to earn certificates by participating in the Premier's Reading Challenge this year...

No VET takeover
The Mercury, 17 Sep 2015
The Federal government's idea of taking over TasTAFE and other state VET functions is not supported buy the Tasmanian government, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Clock boy to meet President
WDSU News, 16 Sep 2015
US flagA 14-year-old Texan school student has accepted a drop-in invitation made by President Obama after the boy, who is Muslim, was arrested by the police who were called to his school when his English teacher saw the electronic clock he had created...

Bullet Clock a "fraud", claims expert, wnd.com, 20 Sep 2015

Are computers a waste of money?
The Register, 15 Sep 2015
OECDAn OECD report that compares student computer use across countries concludes that computers have minimal impact on students' skills in reading, mathematics and science...

Bullet Students, Computers and Learning, OECD, Sep 2015
Bullet Great teaching more effective than computer use, The Conversation, 15 Sep 2015

High school extensionSTUDENT RETENTION
Evaluation of high school extension program on way
The Mercury (opinion), 15 Sep 2015
The six schools extending classes beyond Year 10 have shown a 38 per cent increase in enrolments this year, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Malcolm Turnbull to be PM
ABC News, 14 Sep 2015
Malcolm Turnbull has successfully challenged Tony Abbott  for the Liberal Party leadership, winning 54 votes to 44. Julie Bishop has been re-elected as Deputy Leader...

Teach about egg-freezing
SMH, 14 Sep 2015
Students should be taught about family planning from the age of nine years and about egg-freezing technology from 16 years, a fertility specialist says...

The education policies of the Presidential hopefuls
Education World, 13 Sep 2015
US flagDonald Trump  supports local control of education and would like the Federal Department of Education reduced in size. Hilary Clinton would like more spending on special education and less "jumping from fad to fad"...

Sleeping at deskSTUDENT HEALTH
Time for later start times?
Education World, 13 Sep 2015
Researchers have found that 16-year-olds' natural wake time is 8am, implying a 10-10.30am schoolday start, and that for 18-year-olds the wake time is about 9am, implying an 11-11.30am start...

Teach ethics in primary school
VictoriaThe Age, 13 Sep 2015
The Humanist Society of Victoria has proposed an ethics course to help children begin to tackle the big questions...

Exams stressful, study finds
The Conversation (opinion), 11 Sep 2015
NSWA study of HSC students in NSW has analysed the sources of high levels of stress associated with examinations, and suggests several ways teachers and parents can relieve this stress...

Tas school's asbestos scare
The Examiner, 10 Sep 2015
Northern TasmaniaStudents at northern Tasmania's St Finn Barr's Catholic Primary School have been exposed to a low level of asbestos in a Haines Educational mineral kit...

Bullet Student's geologist mother suspicious of mineral in kit, ABC News, 11 Sep 2015

Continental driftGEOLOGY
Tasmania's split from North America
The Mercury, 9 Sep 2015
Tasmania split from the west coast of North America 1.5 billion years ago, UTAS PhD student Jacob Mulder says...

Misleading neuroscience claims in education
The Conversation (comment by Jared Cooney Horvath and Gregory Donoghue), 8 Sep 2015
Two PhD candidates explain how to identify misleading statements that claim neuroscience is the basis for particular educational advice or propositions...

Bullet Using neuroscience terms to spread quackery in education, The Conversation, 26 Aug 2014

Fear over decline in shoelace-tying skills
The Telegraph (UK), 4 Sep 2015
Shoes (Image: Microsoft)
The introduction of Velcro shoes has led to a delay in the average age at which children experience the successful mastery of the skill of shoelace-tying, the author of a book on shoelace-tying says...

Bullet Ian's Shoelace Site

Screen time before bedtime harmful
The Conversation (opinion by Sarah Loughran), 2 Sep 2015
The use of screen-based electronic devices in the hours before bedtime may be harming the quality of sleep for children and adolescents, a research fellow says...

$100,000 for Ride2School
Tas Govt media release, 2 Sep 2015
Funding for Bicycle Network's Ride2School bike safety program for primary schools was announced today by the Minister for Infrastructure, Rene Hidding...

Promoting R U OK? Day
The Examiner, 1 Sep 2015
R U OK?Brooks High School is using the presence of the R U OK? Roadshow bus to promote concern about the mental health of students and to draw attention to the school's mental health day in October and R U OK? Day next week, Thursday 10 September 2015...





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