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Ballot boxes (Image: ausclassroom.com)FEDERAL ELECTION POLICIES
Education election policies so far
The Conversation (opinion by Bronwyn Hinz with Kate Torii), 28 Apr 2016
Education policies published so far by the federal Labor and Coalition parties are given an overview by two policy analysts

Student transport strategy would ease congestion
TasLabor media release, 27 Apr 2016
Metro bus
A Labor state government would provide free public transport for all students attending their nearest public or private school, easing the family budget and easing traffic congestion at the same time...

Bullet Student Transport Strategy [pdf], TasLabor website

Tas no comparison with Finland and ACT
The Mercury (opinion by Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan), 27 Apr 2016
TasmaniaEvidence cherry-picked from education system role models Finland and Canberra should not be used to reject proposed changes to Tasmania's education system, such as the lowering of the school starting age, because
Tasmania's situation is simply not comparable with theirs, two academics write...

Is learning analytics useful?
The Conversation (opinion by Alan Bain and Nicholas Drengenberg), 26 Apr 2016
Graphs (Image from DrawGreatGraphs)Learning analytics data based on only general student activity such as number of file downloads is not as useful in improving methods of teaching as activity-specific data such as teacher and student feedback and particular software use, two university staff argue

Free national parks access
Tas Govt media release, 23 Apr 2016
Tas wilderness
Access to Tasmania's national parks will be free for the school holiday period 24 September to 9 October 2016 to celebrate the Centenary of Tasmania's Parks, parks minister Matthew Groom announced today...

Boxer takes aim at coward's punches
ABC News, 22 Apr 2016
Boxer Danny Green is fighting to reduce the number of serious assaults, particularly in the form of coward's punches, and is seeking government funding to educate up to 5,000 students at a time...

Teachers' workload increases
The Examiner, 22 Apr 2016
An increase in workload was experienced by 77 per cent of Australian teachers according to the AEU's 2016 State of Our Schools survey...

Brain monitoring (Image from ABC News video report)BRAIN ACTIVITY
Getting into students' brains
ABC News, 21 Apr 2016
An Australian project run by the Science of Learning Research Centre is monitoring students' brains to find out which teaching and learning techniques work best...

Teaching writing falling
The Age, 20 Apr 2016
Australian students need to be continually and explicitly taught writing skills, particularly in the areas of grammar, spelling, punctuation, expression and genre, researcher Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith says...

Genes-intelligence link not straightforward
The Conversation (opinion by Daphne Martschenko, 21 Apr 2016
Research into the link between genetics and what makes people clever is fraught with ethical issues

South Hobart Primary works
Tas Govt media release, 19 Apr 2016
A tender for building works at South Hobart Primary School costing $3.6 million has been awarded, Speaker of the House of Assembly Elise Archer says...

Ballot boxes (Image: ausclassroom.com)FEDERAL POLITICS
Election looms
ABC News, 18 Apr 2016
A double dissolution leading to an election on Saturday 2 July seems likely following the Senate's rejection of a Bill to block the ABCC legislation tonight

Funding not so important
The Mercury, 18 Apr 2016
Eric Hutchinson
Teacher quality, school autonomy and parental engagement are more important than federal funding in improving educational outcomes, federal MP Eric Hutchinson says, though he also acknowledges the need to ensure equality of opportunity...

Bullet State Minister stresses funding but feds focus on teacher quality, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 18 Apr 2016

Does money improve outcomes?
The Conversation (opinion by Stewart Riddle), 18 Apr 2016
The ConversationMore money certainly does improve educational outcomes, a university lecturer argues, but it must be used to reduce inequality and target student needs

At least they are now starting off well
The Mercury, 17 Apr 2016
Tasmania's students rate poorly in achieving Year 12 certification yet they themselves rate education highly and today's five-year-olds are Australia's best at communication skills and general knowledge...

Bullet Parents fear school cuts, The Mercury, 17 Apr 2016
Bullet Many questions can be asked, The Mercury (editorial), 18 Apr 2016

Education important for prosperity
The Mercury (opinion by David Adams), 16 Apr 2016
Education is the key to Tasmania's future prosperity, and an essential ingredient in a successful education system is attention to vulnerable and young children, a former Social Inclusion Commissioner writes...

Extending high schoolsEXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Extending is de facto streaming
The Mercury (opinion by Deborah Brewer), 16 Apr 2016
There are many alternatives to extending urban high schools in particular to Years 11 and 12, a social worker, teacher and researcher says

Finger use in maths promoted
theatlantic.com, 13 Apr 2016
Neuroscience appears to back the exploitation of finger perception and other forms of visual thinking in teaching maths

Fixing education in Australia
The Conversation (opinion by Sue Thomson), 13 Apr 2016
The Conversation
The basic solution to reversing Australia's decline in maths, science and reading literacy is to target schools that have a high proportion of students with a low socio-economic background, with special emphasis on early years education, a researcher argues...

More career guidance wanted
The Advocate, 11 Apr 2016
Career educationYoung Tasmanians leaving school say they need more career guidance and  more opportunities to learn practical skills, particularly those related to their interests, a report by the Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) says

Bullet Youth Forum reports launched, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 11 Apr 2016

$100m less for Tas
The Mercury, 8 Apr 2016
GonskiTasmania stands to lose $100 million in education funds unless the federal government commits to funding the additional two years of Gonski reforms, education minister Jeremy Rockiff says in a submission to a Senate inquiry

Bullet Schools to lose $100m in Gonski funding, The Examiner, 8 Apr 2016
Bullet Tas Gonski claim light on detail, says AEU, ABC News, 8 Apr 2016
Bullet Tassie schoolkids $100m worse off, TasLabor media release, 11 Apr 2016

Gonski aside, what exactly does the education system need?
The Conversation (opinion by Stacey Fox and Megan O'Connell), 8 Apr 2016
Post Gonski?Two academics argue that if the Gonski package of reforms is not pursued beyond the fourth year then funding needs to target priorities that will have the greatest impact, namely:
- clarifying the purpose of education
- reducing early inequalities
- focusing on the link between learning and wellbeing

Shorten goes straight to the principals
ABC News, 6 Apr 2016
The Federal Opposition is writing to all government school principals to outline Labor's approach to education funding, following Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's recent unsuccessful attempt to have the states and territories become fully responsible for the funding of government schools

Extending high schoolsEXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Is Don. Is good.
The Advocate (opinion), 6 Apr 2016
The service provided by Don College and other successful colleges in more populated areas will suffer if the policy of extending high schools to Years 11 and 12 is rapidly expanded, MLC and former teacher Mike Gaffney writes

Five new frameworks for teachers
The Conversation (opinion by John Fischetti), 5 Apr 2016
The ConversationWith schools having become merely places where young people go to watch teachers work, an education professor suggests five new frameworks to use in guiding teacher education

Southern TasmaniaSCHOOL SECURITY
Replica gun prompts lockdown
ABC News, 4 Apr 2016
Police were alerted when a man allegedly entered Rose Bay High School's grounds with a replica gun today

Bullet No security changes, The Examiner, 6 Apr 2016

Call for compulsory food and nutrition ed
fruitThe Mercury, 2 Apr 2016
The Tasmanian School Canteen Association says the childhood obesity epidemic can be addressed by making food and nutrition education compulsory...

Will HodgmanTax thought bubble bursts, but education still up in the air
Tas Govt media release, 1 Apr 2016
Reporting the outcomes of today's COAG meeting, Premier Will Hodgman says the Prime Minister's proposed state-by-state income tax levy will not go ahead but the question of future education funding remains unresolved..

Bullet Education funding fight ahead, ABC News, 1 Apr 2016


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