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Petition opposes lower starting age
ABC News, 31 Aug 2016
Parents and childcare workers' group United Voice have handed a petition opposing the lowering of the school starting age to education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

Fire management (Image: ABC)CURRICULUM
Real bush and real fire
ABC News, 31 Aug 2016
Year 9 students from Scotch-Oakburn College have been having practical lessons in fire and vegetation management on a farm near Campbell Town.

Springfield boost
Tas Govt media release, 31 Aug 2016
Upgraded student learning environments are part of the newly integrated campus at Springfield Gardens Primary School that was opened today by education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

Margate upgrades
Tas Govt media release, 31 Aug 2016
Two upgraded Year 1 learning spaces were opened at Margate Primary School today by premier Will Hodgman and education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

Teach children philosophy
The Conversation (opinion by Adam Piovarchy and Laura D'Olimpio), 30 Aug 2016
Teaching children philosophy would give them the critical thinking skills they need to perform well in NAPLAN and other tests, two philosophy academics write.

Four educational reform claims
The Conversation (opinion by Alan Reid), 29 Aug 2016
The Conversation
An education researcher has closely examined four claims often put forward in the education funding debate. He says:
Dot education funding has effectively not increased significantly over the last several years;
Dot saying that NAPLAN results have "plateaued" is misleading as it disguises what is really happening for particular groups;
Dot claiming that more education spending has not achieved better NAPLAN outcomes ignores how much is spent on less needy schools and how much is spent on non-NAPLAN education;
Dot the bottom line of calling for evidence-based measures is simply that funding needs to be directed to the most disadvantaged schools and the most needy students

Website resurfaces
news.com.au, 29 Aug 2016
A website that seeks inappropriate images of schoolgirls has been re-established, this time including reference to a Devonport school.

Sheffield science upgrade
Tas Govt media release, 29 Aug 2016
Sheffield School's $500,000 upgraded science facilities were opened today by education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

Let's celebrate
Tas Govt media release, 29 Aug 2016
National Literacy and Numeracy WeekWith National Literacy and Numeracy Week commencing today (Monday 29 August) we should be celebrating the literacy and numeracy  progress being made in Tasmania, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says.

Autism awareness ribbonSTUDENT SUPPORT
Autism challenge
news.com.au, 28 Aug 2016
Views vary on the extent to which students on the Autism Spectrum Disorder should be taught in mainstream schools, but where they are included it is essential for teachers to proactively foster socialisation and to work to prevent bullying.

Massive swing to Labor in NT
ABC News, 27 Aug 2016
Michael Gunner will be the new chief minister of the Northern Territory, with Labor predicted to win 18 of the 25 available seats in a strong swing away from the Country Liberal Party in today's election.

Bullet NT results so far (ABCNews)

Suspicious emojiTHE CURRICULUM
Teach scepticism
The Mercury, 27 Aug 2016 [pdf file]
Teaching about asking more questions and double checking should be compulsory at high school to help people avoid being ripped off and scammed, a journalist writes.
[pdf file]

Dunalley not there yet
The Mercury, 26 Aug 2016
Repairs to overcome mould at Dunalley Primary School are progressing well, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says.

Lifts for truants questioned
The Mercury, 25 Aug 2016
The government's plan to pick up truants from the streets would run counter to their parents' stranger danger advice, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne says.

Baby simulatorsCHILD STUDIES
Fake babies shock
news.com.au, 25 Aug 2016
Teenage girls were actually more likely to become pregnant if they had used the special life-size baby dolls whose simulation of real baby behaviour was designed to teach them the inconveniences of motherhood, a randomised Australian study has shown.

Oval land dilemma
The Examiner, 25 Aug 2016
Debate is brewing over whether the East Launceston Primary School's P&F should allow land it owns to be used in the school's $4.5 million redevelopment .

Tasmanian first
The Examiner, 25 Aug 2016
The Premier, Will Hodgman, was ejected from this morning's sitting of Parliament, the first time this has happened to a Tasmanian premier.

Bullet Premier ejected, ABC News, 25 Aug 2016

Unisex toilets and change rooms
The Examiner, 25 Aug 2016
BullyingTo reduce opportunities for bullying, future schools should have unisex toilet blocks and unsex change rooms with separate cubicles, Working It Out executive officer Susan Ditter says .

Lansdowne centenary
ABC News, 25 Aug 2016
Lansdowne Crescent Primary's students and staff are working on a special magazine to celebrate the school's centenary.

$110m on infrastructure
Tas Govt media releases, 25 Aug 2016
The state government is spending $110 million on education infrastructure, and will spend money on preparing schools for the younger Prep starting age, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today.

Earthquake hits central Italy
ABC News, 25 Aug 2016
Italian flagA magnitude 6.2 earthquake has brought down buildings in the central Italian regions of Lazio and Marche, killing at least 247 people.

TasTAFE seeks info on local jobs needs
Tas Govt media release, 24 Aug 2016
TasTAFETasTAFE will engage in statewide community consultation from September to December this year on training needs for local jobs, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today.

Bullet Concern over hospitality VET drop, The Mercury, 27 Aug 2016

Students expelled over Instagram images
The Examiner, 17 Aug 2016
Students and InstagramTwo students have been expelled from a Melbourne school for disrespectful behaviour related to images of local girls whose photos they had uploaded to Instagram.

Charges possible over images
The Mercury, 23 Aug 2016
HackersPolice hope to lay charges over the posting of photos of two Tasmanian girls on a website that had been seeking inappropriate images of schoolgirls, but they stress that images had not been uploaded of students at the two Tasmanian schools mentioned on the site.

More disability support wanted
The Examiner, 22 Aug 2016
DisabilitiesThe Tasmanian Disability Support Lobby has called for students with disabilities to be given more funding, support staff and resources in the light of their recent survey results.

Bullet Government is showing commitment to inclusive learning environment, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 22 Aug 2016
Bullet Labor would keep class sizes down to support teachers, Michelle O'Byrne, opposition education spokesperson, 22 Aug 2016

Nurture gaining over nature
The Conversation (opinion by Kate Lynch), 22 Aug 2016
BrainAs some genetic characteristics that correlate with school performance may simply be predisposing students to particular schoolwork-supporting behaviours and environments, more recognition should be given to the importance of nurture (versus nature) and the potential effectiveness of education, a researcher argues.

Bolt achieves the triple-triple
au.sports.yahoo, 20 Aug 2016
Usain Bolt (Image: ABC)
Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt has achieved the triple hat trick in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay events at three Olympics.

Reprieve over website
news.com.au, 19 Aug 2016
HackersThe website that had been seeking inappropriate images of schoolgirls is apparently no longer operating but there are fears it may re-emerge in a different form or that its images may appear elsewhere.

More pressures on teachers' time
The Mercury (opinion by Peter Wilson), 19 Aug 2016
The doubling up of having to apply for a Working with Vulnerable Persons certificate while maintaining  teacher registration anyway and the (laudable) recording of approaches that work with students with learning difficulties are examples of how teachers' lesson-preparation time is being increasingly impinged upon by administrative requirements, a teacher writes.

Low Year 12 attainment must be examined
The Mercury (opinion by Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan), 19 Aug 2016
Year 12 attainment in Tasmania is woefully low compared with schools in other states but thankfully the government is undertaking a review of Years 9-12 education here, two professors write.

Bullet Tasmania's standards are high (response by Brian McNab), The Mercury, 29 Aug 2016 [pdf file]

Lower starting age now to be optional
Tas Govt media release, 18 Aug 2016
Tas Govt logoThe state government now plans to introduce legislation to make a lower starting age for prep of 4 years 6 months optional rather than compulsory, education minister Jeremy Rockliff announced today.

Bullet Lower starting age to be optional, The Mercury, 18 Aug 2016
Bullet Thorough consultation needed instead, Michelle O'Byrne, Labor education spokesperson, 18 Aug 2016
Bullet Compulsory lower age plan ditched, ABC News, 18 Aug 2016
Bullet Change welcome but potential very wide age range in combined prep/kinder classes, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 18 Aug 2016
Bullet Compulsory starting age stays put, The Examiner, 19 Aug 2016
Bullet Change of heart, The Mercury, 19 Aug 2016
Bullet Critics not satisfied, ABC News, 19 Aug 2016
Bullet Minister explains the new starting age policy, The Mercury (opinion by Jeremy Rockliff), 19 Aug 2016

Jerome Bruner (Image: The Guardian)EDUCATION LEGENDS
Deaths of Bruner, Papert
The recent deaths of world-renowned educational theorists Jerome Bruner and Seymour Papert slipped under the radar.
Bullet Educational psychologist Jerome Bruner died aged 100 on 5 June 2016. For an obituary, see The Guardian, 16 Jul 2016.
Seymour Papert (Image: NPR)Bullet Pioneer in thinking and using technology in education Seymour Papert died aged 88 on 31 July 2016. See NPR Ed, 5 Aug 2016.

Images alert for schools
The Mercury, 17 Aug 2016
HackersTwo Tasmanian schools are mentioned on a website that seeks nominations of schoolgirls for others to upload information about and nude images of, Queensland police warned today.

Bullet Respect for girls and women must be taught from an early age, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 17 Aug 2016
Bullet Reports refer to a high school and a college, The Examiner, 17 Aug 2016

New IT support course
Tas Govt media release, 17 Aug 2016
TasTAFEA new course - Certificate IV in IT Support - is under way as a result of a partnership between TasTAFE and IT services company CSC .

Pokémon Go sure is engaging
The Conversation (opinion by Amber McLeod and Kelly Carabott), 16 Aug 2016
Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go is a student-centred and healthy activity that links with the Australian Curriculum, two education lecturers write.

Getting more STEM into schools
Australian Govt media release, 15 Aug 2016
The federal government will spend an extra $10 million on the Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program, education minister Simon Birmingham has announced.

TUsain Bolt (Image: ABC)HE OLYMPICS
Bolt successful
ABC News, 15 Aug 2016
Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt has managed to win the 100 metres event for the third consecutive Olympics.

Education Act changes Bill looms
Tas Govt media release, 14 Aug 2016
With this week's resumption of state parliament, the government will reveal its "finalised changes" to the Education Act - which presumably will include changed school starting and finishing ages.

DoE RBF Award finalists named
Tas Govt media release, 13 Aug 2016
Are you listed? The names of individuals and teams to be considered for this year's Department of Education RBF Awards have been announced by education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

White pills distributed in Tasmanian schools
The Mercury (opinion by Ian Cole), 13 Aug 2016
Pills in lidBack in the 1950s it was normal in Tasmanian primary schools for goitre tablet monitors to be handing out tablets to fellow students, for a pair of students to have life and death control over others when they did school crossing duty, and for fear and punishment to be integral to school and classroom procedures, a former MHA and teacher writes .

STEM teacher awards
Tas Govt media release, 12 Aug 2016
Tasmanian primary and secondary STEM teachers may be eligible to be recognised by the Tasmanian STEM Awards, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today .

Cybersafety boost
Tas Govt media release, 12 Aug 2016
BullyingThe Alannah and Madeline Foundation will provide $630,000 over four years to support anti-cyberbullying efforts in Tasmanian schools, information technology minister Michael Ferguson announced today.

Earlier starting age opposed by teachers
The Examiner, 12 Aug 2016
Early learningIn an Australian Education Union  survey of government principals, teachers and support staff 77 per cent opposed lowering the school starting age.

Bullet Plan overlooks parents' role, says AEU, The Mercury, 12 Aug 2016
Bullet No point proceeding if teachers don't support plan, Michelle O'Byrne, Labor education spokesperson, 12 Aug 2016
Bullet Plan involves cost shifting but focus must be on measures of success, The Mercury (opinion by Michael Rowan and Eleanor Ramsay), 12 Aug 2016

Don't compare NAPLAN results over time
The Conversation (opinion by Kevin Watson, Boris Handal and Margie Maher), 12 Aug 2016
NAPLANRecent NAPLAN results were said to have 'plateaued', but research will soon show that NAPLAN results can not be compared across years, three academics say.

Learning styles (Image: Microsoft)TEACHING PRACTICES
Learning styles knocked
The Age, 5 Aug 2016
Distinguishing between students' learning styles is pseudo-scientific 'rubbish', Professor Stephen Dinham who advises governments on education policy says .

Census available again
ABC News, 11 Aug 2016
CensusThe census website is back online but the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, says  "heads will roll" over the earlier lack of measures to prevent denial of service attacks.
Bullet ABS census website (opens in new window)

Census Minister's website hacked
ABC News, 10 Aug 2016
Michael McCormackHackers have interfered with the website of Michael McCormack, the Minister for Small Business who earlier today had been assuring Australians that the ABS census data was completely safe.

Bullet The website -  michaelmccormack.com.au
- is now back to normal.

Census fail
ABC News, 10 Aug 2016
ABSMillions of Australians were unable to complete the census online when the Australian Bureau of Statistics had to turn off its computers to resist a cyberattack - despite an assurance that the computer system would be fine. Will their assurance about our data being safe from hackers be broken, too?.

Bullet ABS website crashes, ABC News, 9 Aug 2016
Bullet Could it be a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack?, The Vine, 9 Aug 2016

Link between games and maths performance
The Guardian, 9 Aug 2016
Computer useAn Australian survey shows a correlation between playing online video games and performance in maths and science. However, the data does not provide proof of a causal link - as students who are good at maths and science could simply be more predisposed to playing online games.

Smartphone, tablet (Image: Wired Wednesdays)COMPUTER SECURITY
Android alert
StaySmartOnline, 8 Aug 2016
Ten million Australian Android smartphones and tablets are at risk from the Quadrooter flaw.

Bullet Quadrooter affects over 900 million Android phones, ZDNet, 7 Aug 2016

Early learning at Lauderdale expanded
Tas Govt media release, 8 Aug 2016
New infrastructure worth $1.6 million has boosted Lauderdale Primary's early learning facilities.

Bernard 'Midget' Farrelly (Image: ABC)AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS
'Midget' Farrelly dies
ABC News, 8 Aug 2016
Australian surfing legend Bernard 'Midget' Farrelly has died at the age of 71.

Greens prefer CFCs over lower age
Tas Greens media release, 6 Aug 2016
Early learningAn additional 11 Child and Family Centres would be a more effective and cheaper alternative to lowering the school starting age, Greens education spokesperson Andrea Dawkins says.

Bullet Supporting Children and Families: An Alternative to a Lower School Starting Age [pdf], Greens policy document, August 2016
Bullet CFCs a better way to target at-risk families, The Examiner, 6 Aug 2016
Bullet Principals say schools better for early learning, ABC News, 7 Aug 2016

School sizes out of whack
The Mercury, 6 Aug 2016
Tasmanian school data shows that 17 primary schools contain more students than the recommended capacity while 90 schools could take a further 100 students.

Learning for Life and Hubs expanded
Tas Govt media release, 5 Aug 2016
The Smith FamilyThe government is expanding its Learning for Life program operated in conjunction with The Smith Family and supporting the School Community Hubs program centred on Burnie, Wynyard and Launceston.

Starting age survey launched
The Examiner, 4 Aug 2016
Early learningDemographer Amina Keygan has set up an online survey on the school starting age proposals to enable DoE employees to give their views anonymously.

Bullet Survey web page: aminakeygan.com

Final Senate results
news.com.au, 4 Aug 2016
Ballot boxesThe final Senate results confirm that the government will need nine of the eleven crossbench Senators to be able to pass legislation not supported by Labor and the Greens.
Lib/NP: 30
ALP: 25
Greens: 9
One Nation: 4
Xenophon Team: 3
Lib Dem Party: 1
Hinch Justice Party: 1
Family First: 1
Lambie Network: 1

B4 Early Years Coalition launched
Tas Govt media release, 4 Aug 2016
The B4 (birth to 4  years of age) Early Years Coalition is being launched today, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says.

Robot (Image: Microsoft)COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY
Robotics program heads north
The Examiner, 3 Aug 2016
George Town, Beaconsfield and Devonport students are the first in the North to participate in the Better Things robotics program which originated in the Huon Valley.

Call for more disability support
The Mercury, 3 Aug 2016
DisabilitiesOver 40 per cent of parents of students with a disability have been called to pick up their students from school, a survey by the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby shows.

Bullet Govt is supporting students with a disability, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 4 Aug 2916
Bullet Support not adequate, survey finds, ABC News, 4 Aug 2016
Bullet Immediate funds injection needed, Michelle O'Byrne, Labor education spokesperson, 4 Aug 2016

Handwriting (Image: Microsoft)HANDWRITING
Handwriting deficit exposed by NAPLAN testing
ABC News, 3 Aug 2016
The need to hold a pencil to complete the recent NAPLAN tests has focused attention on the lack of correct handwriting techniques possessed by today's keyboard age students.

NAPLAN: Literacy, numeracy plateau
ABC News, 3 Aug 2016
NAPLANThe latest NAPLAN results show that, overall, the literacy and numeracy results of Australian students have plateaued.

Bullet ACARA media release, 3 Aug 2016
Bullet NAPLAN 2016 results, ACARA (links at left)
Bullet Tasmania's NAPLAN results improving, says Minister, Tas Govt media release, 3 Aug 2016
Bullet Funding must focus on what works, says Federal Minister, Aust Govt media release, 3 Aug 2016
Bullet How NAPLAN results can be improved, The Conversation (opinion by Bronwyn Hinz and Megan O'Connell), 3 Aug 2016
Bullet Tas students closing the NAPLAN gap, The Mercury, 3 Aug 2016

Interest rate cut to 1.5%
ABC News, 2 Aug 2016
The Reserve Bank has cut the official interest rate by 0.25 per cent to 1.5 per cent, in an attempt to spark immediate growth and inflation in the absence of sufficient non-monetary measures but which is likely to reduce its ability to handle a major economic decline in the near future.

Forbes Carlile (ABC photo)AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS
Forbes Carlile dies
ABC News, 2 Aug 2016
Legendary swimming coach and Australia's oldest Olympian Forbes Carlile has died at the age of 95.

Mystical Fire eaten by students
ABC News, 1 Aug 2016
Mystical Fire
Twenty-five Queensland Year 4 students became ill after consuming flame colorant Mystical Fire crystals which have some resemblance to popping candy.

Royal Commissioner resigns
ABC News, 1 Aug 2016
JusticeThe NT juvenile detention Royal Commissioner, Brian Martin, has resigned over perceptions of a conflict of interest and following comments about his daughter having worked for a previous NT Attorney-General.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda and former Justice Margaret White will now head the Royal Commission...


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