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Sam Dastyari (Image: ABCNews)FEDERAL POLITICS
Sam Dastyari resigns 
ABC News, 12 Dec 2017
Senator Sam Dastyari, under pressure over his association with a Chinese businessman, has announced he will not return to the Senate next year...

College system questioned
TCCI, 11 Dec 2017
Extending high schoolsEconomist Saul Eslake says in a report [pdf] prepared for the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industries that "Some if not all of the colleges could be converted to comprehensive high schools" (page 71)...

Bullet TCCI Tasmania Report 2017 [pdf]
Bullet Eslake's comments reinforce Labor's emphasis on a smooth 7-12 pathway instead of extensions, Michelle O'Byrne, Deputy Opposition Leader, 11 Dec 2017

AEU calls for more teachers
ABC News, 10 Dec 2017
AEUThe Australian Education Union has produced a research report showing the number of base-grade teachers has been cut by 68 during the term of the present state government but the Premier says 107 more teachers have been employed...

Bullet Teacher cuts, jump in stress claims highlighted in AEU (Federal) report, AEU (Tas), 10 Dec 2017
Bullet AEU and Labor claims are false, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 10 Dec 2017

Giacomo is overall winner
ABC News, 29 Dec 2016
New Zealand yacht Giacomo which was second to cross the line has been declared the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race handicap winner...

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie FisherDebbie Reynolds dies one day after daughter's death
ABC News, 29 Dec 2016
Actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of Star Wars star Carrie Fisher who died yesterday, suffered a stroke and died today aged 84

Reflections on college transition
The Examiner, 29 Dec 2016
A former student looks back at the transition from Launceston State High School to Launceston Matriculation College more than fifty years ago

Looking back: the year in education
The Conversation (opinion by Claire Shaw), 28 Dec 2016
The ConversationThe Conversation's education editor reviews the educational issues and developments of 2016

Perpetual LOYAL smashes record
ABC News, 28 Dec 2016
Supermaxi Perpetual LOYAL took out line honours in the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race at 2.31 this morning, breaking the previous record by almost five hours...

Carrie Fisher as Princess LeiaTHE ARTS
Carrie Fisher dies
ABC News, 28 Dec 2016
Actress Carrie Fisher, best known for playing the part of Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie, has died at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack on board an aeroplane

Bullet Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, taken to hospital with possible stroke, ABC News, 29 Dec 2016

Flushing with pride
Daily Telegraph, 27 Dec 2016
NSWThe principal of Sydney's Cheltenham Girls' High School has spent $19,000 of school funds to install her own toilet, appearing to be too proud to use the staff toilets located only two metres from her office door
. The same principal held this year's school presentation assembly at the Sydney Opera House, charging parents $30 to attend...

Yacht shock
ABC Radio, 9.40am 27 Dec 2016
Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race favourite Wild Oats XI has retired due to equipment damage...

TGeorge Michael (Image: BBC)HE ARTS
George Michael dies
BBC News, 26 Dec 2016
Now 53-year-old pop singer George Michael has died, the latest in a string of entertainment industry deaths in 2016

Land deal likely
The Examiner, 24 Dec 2016
Northern Tasmania
Following an overwhelming vote by the East Launceston Primary School Parents and Friends Association a deal involving a swap of their oval land appears likely to be reached with the state government early next year...

Christian Schools TasmaniaTEACHING PROFESSION
Staff will fear loss of faith
The Mercury (subscription access), 23 Dec 2016
Teachers and other employees at the four Christian schools in southern Tasmania will face losing their jobs if they lose their faith

Eight more schools extending
Tas Govt media release, 18 Dec 2016
Extending high schoolsWith a further eight schools extending their classes beyond Year 10 next year, the total number of schools committed to extending to Year 12 in 2018 will be 38. The latest schools to extend are:
- Flinders Island District School
- Deloraine High School
- Wynyard High School
- Launceston Big Picture School
- Northern Support School
- Southern Support School
- School of Special Education North-West
- Tasmanian eSchool

BulletSpecial schools to offer Year 11 and 12 classes, ABC News, 19 Dec 2016
Bullet Disability lobby group welcomes extensions, The Examiner, 19 Dec 2016
Bullet Principals' group welcomes extensions, The Examiner, 19 Dec 2016

Tas Aboriginal curriculum videos released
Tas Govt media release, 15 Dec 2016
Aboriginal flagFive new videos with learning tasks on Tasmanian Aboriginal  culture are now available, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today

Bullet Aboriginal Education Services (DoE): scroll down for the five videos

Call for increased digital literacy
The Examiner, 15 Dec 2016
TasICT chief executive William Kestin has called for increased levels of digital literacy in schools following the recent disappointing PISA results, and has suggested coding should be compulsory in primary school

Yahoo! hack!
techcrunch.com, 14 Dec 2016
Yahoo!Yahoo! has belatedly revealed that data from one billion of its email accounts, including passwords and security questions, was stolen in 2013 in an incident separate to a 2014 major hack previously notified.

More books at East Devonport Primary
Tas Govt media release, 14 Dec 2016
LiteracyEast Devonport Primary School is the first school to receive assistance to restock its library under the Dymocks Children's Charities Library Regeneration program, with $5,000 in support from Petuna Seafoods, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today

Bullet Welcome boost for East Devonport Primary, couriermail.com.au, 14 Dec 2016

Time to hand trust back to teachers
ABC News (opinion by Gabrielle Stroud), 14 Dec 2016
NAPLANWith politically-inspired educational change in Australia has come a stifling of teachers' autonomy and a suppression of their judgment - and the absence of expected progress as illustrated by the recently released NAPLAN results, a freelance writer says

Bullet Focus on relevant teacher professional improvement rather than solely on NAPLAN-style numbers, The Conversation (opinion by Ian Hardy), 14 Dec 2016

Damaging winds warning cancelled
BoM, 14 Dec 2016 3.35pm
The severe weather warning for winds gusting in excess of 100km/h today (Wednesday) has been cancelled, but the winds are persisting in being strong nonetheless

High tide alert
High tide (Image: Luis Prado)BoM, 13 Dec 2016
Unusually high tides are expected on the southeast Tasmanian coast tomorrow, peaking at around 8.30am when the sea level is expected to exceed the already high tide by about 35 centimetres...

Do schools need more money or better spending?
ABC News, 13 Dec 2016
Australia's social segregation and uneven spending appear to be at the heart of our relatively poor educational performance when compared with other countries...

Massive ship arrives in Hobart
ABC Radio, 13 Dec 2016
Ovation of the Seas
The fourth-largest cruise ship in the world, the Ovation of the Seas, docked in Hobart this morning but will leave later today and return on Sunday...

Aussie NAPLAN results plateau
ACARA website, 13 Dec 2016
The NAPLAN results of Australian students have largely plateaued, a statement issued by ACARA confirms...

Bullet NAPLAN website
Bullet NAPLAN National Report for 2016 [pdf]
Bullet Little change in NAPLAN results, The Conversation (opinion by Suzanne Rice), 13 Dec 2016
Bullet Need to boost student outcomes confirmed, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, 13 Dec 2016
Bullet Inequality must be addressed, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 13 Dec 2016

Hilliard closure?
ABC News, 13 Dec 2016
Southern Tasmania
The Seventh Day Adventist Hilliard Christian School in West Moonah is under threat of closure pending an appeal over a Schools Registration Board determination on the extent of the school's Australian Curriculum content and assessment..

Bullet Minister cannot intervene, Tas Govt media release, 13 Dec 2016

Fire weather warning for SE, East Coast
BoM, 12 Dec 2016 1.17pm
Fire Danger - Very high
A very high fire danger warning has been issued for the South East and the East Coast on Tuesday.

Before you add mental health to the curriculum...
The Conversation (opinion by John Moriarty), 12 Dec 2016
Before educators introduce mental health programmes into schools, they should think about six things, an academic writes...

Learning PotentialPARENTS AND SCHOOL
Free app for parents improved
Aust Govt media release, 12 Dec 2016
Something to let parents know about in the end-of-term newsletter: the federal government has "refreshed" its free downloadable app, Learning Potential, which provides parents with information, advice and activity suggestions

Bullet Learning Potential website and download page

Teen anorexia rise looming?
ABC News, 10 Dec 2016
An unwanted side effect of the coming boom in televised women's sport and the associated images of apparent perfection could well be a jump in the number of teenage girls battling anorexia nervosa and the critical need for such cases to be identified early...

Direct instruction beats inquiry-based teaching
Aust Financial Review, 10 Dec 2016 [pdf archive]
PISAStudents achieved better PISA science test results if they had been taught mainly using the more formal direct instruction method rather than relying on the problem-based inquiry method

Tenders called for earlier starting age report
Tas Govt media release, 10 Dec 2016
Tenders have been invited for a consultant to prepare a report on the implementation of the earlier school starting age changes, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today...

Bullet Tas government seeks report into Education Act changes, The Examiner, 10 Dec 2016

Active travel at Youngtown
The Examine, 9 Dec 2016
Youngtown Primary School, Bicycle Network Tasmania and the local council are working to promote safe walking and cycling to and from school through the Active Paths program

Behind Singapore's PISA rankings success
The Conversation (opinion by Amanda Wise), 8 Dec 2016
PISASingapore's achievement in topping the OECD rankings in science, maths and reading probably has something to do with private tuition being provided to 60 per cent of its high school students, 80 per cent of primary school students and 40 per cent of pre-schoolers, an academic writes

Bill English (Image: ABC)NEW ZEALAND
Bill English to be next NZ PM?
ABC News, 8 Dec 2016
New Zealand's finance minister Bill English looks set to become the country's new prime minister following the surprise resignation by John Keys.

Film award winners announced
The Mercury, 7 Dec 2016
MyStateThe MyState Student Film Festival award winners come from the following schools:
- Goulburn Street Primary
- Rosetta Primary
- Table Cape Primary
- Tarremah Steiner School
- Launceston Christian School
- Taroona High
- Riverside High
- Hobart College
- Rosny College
- Newstead College
- St Patrick's College.

Bullet View the winning films (MyState website)
Bullet Riverside High students win award, The Examiner, 8 Dec 2016

How to improve those declining maths and science results
The Conversation (opinion by Alan Finkel), 7 Dec 2016
Australia's school maths and science performance can be raised by restoring maths pre-requisites for university courses, respecting teaching and recognising the influence of school leaders, the Chief Scientist for Australia argues.

Taroona High halt
Tas Govt media release, 7 Dec 2016
Education minister Jeremy Rockliff has withdrawn the application to subdivide land at Taroona High School in order for the proposal to be reviewed.

Icy McIceface?
The Mercury, 7 Dec 2016
Aurora AustralisA competition for Australia's school students will determine the name of the new icebreaker to replace the Aurora Australis.

Bullet Next generation to name new ship, Australian Antarctic Division, 7 Dec 2016

No online NAPLAN trial in Tas next year
ITNews, 6 Dec 2016
NAPLANTasmania, NSW and the Northern Territory will not use the online version of NAPLAN tests being trialled in 2017

Tas below NT in Aussie PISA decline
ABC News, 6 Dec 2016
PISAThe 2015 PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) report for 2015 shows that Australia has declined absolutely as well as in country ranking in averaged mathematics, reading and science results for 15-year-old students. Tasmania fared worse than the Northern Territory, both performing below the OECD average.

Bullet ACER: PISA Australia website
Bullet PISA 2015: A first look at Australia's results [pdf]
Bullet OECD PISA website
Bullet Inequities in Australia's education system will cause a PISA decline, The Conversation (opinion by Radhika Gorur), 5 Dec 2016
Bullet Australia's educational inequality must be addressed, The Conversation (opinion by Stewart Riddle and Bob Lingard), 6 Dec 2016
Bullet Tassie 15-year-olds worst in country, The Examiner, 7 Dec 2016
Bullet Gonski funding needed, says AEU, The Examiner, 8 Dec 2016

A thousand days of achievement
Tas Govt media release, 6 Dec 2016
Education minister Jeremy Rockliff has identified over 100 ways he says the government has improved education in Tasmania during its first 1,000 days in office.

Countering low Year 12 attainment
Tas Govt media release, 6 Dec 2016
Beacon FoundationThrough the $15 million Collective Ed initiative, the Tasmanian government, the Beacon Foundation and the Paul Ramsay Foundation will help students at Rokeby High, the Jordan River Learning Federation and Ulverstone High transition through Year 12 to their chosen careers. Other schools will eventually be invited to lodge expressions of interest to be among a further three schools to take part.

School rates parents A-D
The Telegraph, 3 Dec 2016
UK flag
Staff at the UK's Greasely Beauvale Primary School have given parents a score from A to D based on school involvement, followed by an individual explanation of how they could improve their score thereby raising their children's performance...

More than 3,000 Tas teachers vulnerable
The Mercury (subscription access), 4 Dec 2016
Tas GovtOnly about 8,000 of Tasmania's 11,529 teachers have so far obtained working with vulnerable people registration which is required by 1 January. About 250 other school staff whose deadline was 1 September are now being sent home
Bullet More resources should have been allocated to the registration process, Michelle O'Byrne says, The Examiner, 4 Dec 2016
Bullet School support staff sent home, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 5 Dec 2016

Google Android alert
ABC News, 2 Dec 2016
Many Android 4 and 5 devices are vulnerable to the Gooligan malware attack which affects users' Google accounts after the downloading of infected apps
. You can use the Check Point website to find whether your Google account is secure...

Phonics screening test advocated
The Conversation (opinion by Pamela Snow and others), 2 Dec 2016
LiteracyA version of the
UK Phonics Screening Check needs to be trialled in Australia because it holds the prospect of improving the reading skills of children, particularly those with a history of underachievement, four academics write...

Candy canes banned at Tas school
ABC News, 2 Dec 2016
Candy canes and birthday cakes have been banned at Bellerive Primary School  to support the school's new healthy eating policy...

School embraces bottle-flipping
ABC News, 1 Dec 2016
An annoying craze in the eyes of some people, the flipping of partially-filled plastic bottles with the aim of making them land standing upright has been embraced as a means of teaching mathematical concepts at a Sydney school

Backpacker tax finally passes
ABC News, 1 Dec 2016
The backpacker tax has passed the Senate, with the Greens supporting the government's rate of 15 per cent albeit with concessions

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