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Policies aim to improve outcomes
Tas Govt media release, 31 Jan 2016
With 62,000 students about to commence the new school year in 196 government schools, education minister Jeremy Rockliff has drawn attention to several education initiatives that will operate this year

Principals facing strife
The Mercury, 31 Jan 2016
Tasmanian principals are concerned about the harassment, bullying and violence they will see in the coming school year

Anxious child (Image: healthywomen.org)THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR
Students and parents facing stress
The Examiner, 30 Jan 2016
Anxious parents and students are worried about the start of another school year...

Shorten promises full Gonski
The Conversation (opinion by Michelle Grattan), 28 Jan 2016
Bill ShortenOpposition leader Bill Shorten says a Labor government would implement the Gonski reforms for 2018 and 2019. And he has outlined education reform targets for 2020 and 2025

Bullet Labor's multi-billion dollar education reforms commitment, ABC News, 28 Jan 2016
Bullet Your Child. Our Future policy, Bill Shorten, Opposition leader, 28 Jan 2016
Bullet Labor schools policy short on detail, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, 28 Jan 2016
Bullet Why Gonski funding is needed, The Conversation (opinion by David Zyngier), 29 Jan 2016
Bullet Gonski promise is attempt to capitalise on Labor's education credentials, The Conversation (opinion by Glenn C. Savage), 1 Feb 2016
Bullet Education plan's funding unreliable due to reliance on long-term projections, ABC FactCheck, 1 Mar 2016

Disability misdiagnosis common
The Conversation (opinion by Linda J. Graham), 27 Jan 2016
DisabilitiesDeliberate stretching of disability diagnoses in response to current funding restrictions is causing inefficiencies in the education of students with a disability, an academic writes

Bullet How schools avoid enrolling students with a disability, The Conversation (opinion by Linda J. Graham and others), 28 Jan 2016
Bullet Parents' rights in countering disability discrimination, The Conversation (opinion by Karen O'Connell), 29 Jan 2016

ADF scholarship awarded
Tas Govt media release, 27 Jan 2016
Newstead College student Ethan McArthur is to be presented with the Corporal Cameron Baird VC Scholarship by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, Guy Barnett

No pyjamas, pleads principal
BBC News, 26 Jan 2016
UK flagA UK principal has asked parents to refrain from delivering students and attending parent-teacher meetings in their pyjamas

Bullet Anti-pyjamas principal speaks out, The Telegraph, 30 Jan 2016

Require anti-bullying policies
ABC News, 25 Jan 2016
BullyingTasmania's Law Reform Institute has suggested it should be compulsory for schools to implement anti-bullying policies

Parent-teacher relationsPARENT-SCHOOL RELATIONS
Avoiding disputes between parents and teachers
The Conversation (opinion by Rebecca English), 25 Jan 2016
Teachers and parents can take proactive action to avoid conflict between them, an education lecturer writes

Five tenders called
Tas Govt media release, 23 Jan 2016
TasmaniaTenders have been called for building works at five Tasmanian schools:
- Cooee Primary
- Cressy District High
- Margate Primary
- Rokeby High
- Springfield Gardens Primary

Tasmania total fire banTOTAL FIRE BAN
Four-day total fire ban issued
Tas Fire Service, 22 Jan 2016
A total fire ban for the whole of Tasmania has been declared for the next four days, Saturday 23 to Tuesday 26 January (Australia Day)

Minister meat in PETA sandwich
Tas Times, 21 Jan 2016
Meat (Image: clipartlord.com)Animal rights group PETA has criticised education minister Jeremy Rockliff for his comments about its efforts to urge Devonport schools to remove meat from canteen fare

Bullet PETA letter outrageous, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 21 Jan 2016

Hutchins belatedly writes about abuse
The Mercury, 21 Jan 2016
JusticeThe Hutchins Board has acknowledged the failure of past administrations in handling claims of sexual abuse of students

Why English is hard to learn
The Conversation (opinion by Sean Sutherland), 21 Jan 2016
LiteracyInconsistencies in the English language, such as widely varying pronunciation of vowels, make the language particularly hard to learn for certain ethnic groups, an English lecturer writes

Police visit student's home after spelling error
BBC News, 20 Jan 2016
A 10-year-old UK Muslim boy is now "scared of writing" after his school reported him to the police when he wrote that he lived in a "terrorist house" when he meant "terraced house"

More dual names
Aboriginal flagTas Govt media release, 20 Jan 2016
Aboriginal names for Great Lake, Rocky Cape and a number of other Tasmanian geographical features have been announced

Teacher shortage fear
ABC News, 18 Jan 2016
ClassroomRising student numbers in Australia combined with increasing numbers of teachers leaving the profession could lead to a national teacher shortage

Bullet Where new schools will be needed, The Conversation, 22 Jan 2016

Cyberbullying rise
Facebooknews.com.au, 18 Jan 2016
A report to be released today by the Children's eSafety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon, will show a rise in young people creating fake Facebook and Instagram accounts to impersonate others and use in cyberbullying...

Bullet Children's esafety Commissioner

Senate disability report supported
The Examiner, 17 Jan 2016
The Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby has supported the recommendations of a Senate committee report, saying that its recommendations align with those of a Tasmanian report on students with disability...

Bullet More disability training for teachers needed, ABC News, 15 Jan 2016

How to choose a program to fix reading problems
The Conversation (opinion by John Munro), 15 Jan 2016
LiteracyWhen selecting a reading intervention program, teachers should ask certain key questions about how well it is likely to work, writes an education associate professor

Burkina Faso terror attack
ABC News, 14 Jan 2016
Burkina Faso flag
At least 20 people are dead following a terrorist attack on a hotel in Burkina Faso, the former French colonial state in West Africa once known as Upper Volta...

Female teacher's admission
ABC News, 15 Jan 2016
A former Education Department teacher has pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with a boy under 17 years...

Teacher faces manslaughter probe
ABC News, 15 Jan 2016
France flagThe French teacher who led students into a closed skiing area is facing a manslaughter investigation after an avalanche killed two of his students

Explosions in Jakarta
ABC News, 14 Jan 2016
Indonesia flagSeven people have been killed near the United Nations offices in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, where eight explosions and gunfire have been heard

New building works at New Town High
Tas Govt media release, 13 Jan 2016
Improved disability access and a new administration centre feature in capital works being undertaken at New Town High School, infrastructure minister Rene Hidding said today

Overworked teacher (Image: theconversation.com)TEACHING PROFESSION
How to keep teachers in the profession
The Conversation (opinion by Merryn McKinnon), 11 Jan 2016
The economic loss to the education system caused by the relatively high teacher attrition rate can be countered by a cultural shift that provides teachers with mentoring and time to innovate and reflect, a university lecturer argues

Keep Tas principals safe
The Examiner, 8 Jan 2016
asmanian Principals Association president Malcolm Elliott and AEU state secretary Terry Polglase say better school design and greater legal authority for principals would help combat the increasing number of attacks on school principals...

Gonski demise could boost private school numbers
The Conversation (opinion by Richard Tease), 7 Jan 2016
The end of the Gonski reforms could widen the funding gap between government and private schools and cause recent gains in social cohesion to be lost, an adjunct professor argues

Tables tests for UK 11-year-olds
BBC News, 3 Jan 2016
UK flagEvery British student is to be tested on their times tables up to 12x12 before leaving primary school in a move the Education Secretary says will involve judging teachers by their students' results






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