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Tax argument could see govt schools lose federal funding
ABC News, 31 Mar 2016
Malcolm TurnbullPrime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has suggested the states alone could directly fund their government schools while the federal government retained funding of non-government schools..

Bullet Plan to stop federal funding of public schools, The Examiner, 31 Mar 2016
Bullet Plan would be disastrous for Tas, says McKim, The Examiner, 31 Mar 2016
Bullet Plan must be rejected by premier, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 31 Mar 2016
Bullet Two-class system would result, say parents, principals and teachers' union, The Examiner, 31 Mar 2016
Bullet Funding should be needs based and sector blind, Gonski architect says, ABC News, 1 Apr 2016
Bullet No access to quality education under plan, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 1 Apr 2016
Bullet Gonski funding critical, The Mercury (opinion by Brian Mitchell), 16 Apr 2016

Role for schools in fighting family violence
No violenceThe Age, 30 Mar 2016
Victorian premier Daniel Andrews says he will implement all of the recommendations of his state's Royal Commission into Family Violence which include:
- family violence training for government school staff, and
- expanding respectful relationships education in schools..

Bullet Respectful relationships training for Prep to Year 12, ABC News, 30 Mar 2016

Basslink fault found at last
Basslink cable fault (Image: Basslink)ABC News, 29 Mar 2016
The fault in the Basslink cable has finally been pinpointed, but the expected repair date has been pushed back a month till mid-June..

Bullet Diesel generation roundup, Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy, 29 Mar 2016

Test the teachers
SoftwareThe Conversation (opinion by Amber McLeod and Kerry Carabott), 29 Mar 2016
Compulsory testing of teachers' computer skills prior to receiving teacher registration has been suggested following claims that Australian students' declining computer literacy is related to their teachers' lack of digital competence.

Orientation days cut
The Examiner, 28 Mar 2016
Northern TasmaniaThere will be no full-day orientation day visits to Launceston and Newstead colleges by local Year 10 students this year, a principal says..

Bullet College orientation days to be scrapped, ABC News, 29 Mar 2016
Bullet Orientation approach unchanged in other colleges, Minister for Education and Skills, 29 Mar 2016

Pakistan flagTERRORISM
Bomber hits Lahore
ABC News, 28 Mar 2016
At least 71 people have been killed by a suicide bomber at a Lahore park, Pakistan...

Brain (Image: Microsoft)STUDENT SUPPORT
Too many unaware of NLD
The Conversation (opinion by Barbara Rissman), 24 Mar 2016
Teachers and parents need to know about non-verbal learning disability (NLD) in which children have a variety of cognitive and functional limitations yet can possess good speech and reading skills, an academic says..

Explosions rock Brussels Airport
ABC News, 22 Mar 2016
Belgium flag
Bombs have exploded at Brussels Airport and a  Belgium metro station, killing at least 34 people...

Bullet Six  people arrested, ABC News, 25 Mar 2016

Bright students disadvantaged
ABC News, 22 Mar 2016
Grattan InstituteThe performance of bright students at disadvantaged schools can be at least two years behind similar students in wealthier schools, a Grattan Institute report says

Ballot boxes (Image: ausclassroom.com)FEDERAL POLITICS
Election showdown
ABC News, 21 Mar 2016
A double dissolution election on Saturday 2 July could result from the current standoff between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Senate

Gonski battle ahead
The Mercury, 18 Mar 2016
With a federal election looming, state education minister Jeremy Rockliff has announced his intention to pursue the Coalition for years five and six Gonski funding

Bullet Gonski knocking, The Examiner, 20 Mar 2016

IInternet link (Image: Microsoft)NTERNET ACCESS
Internet capacity restored
Tas Govt media release, 18 Mar 2016
Internode and iiNet customers can rest easy now that full Internet capacity has been restored, information technology minister Michael Ferguson says

Safe Schools fixes released
Aust Govt media release, 18 Mar 2016
IssuesFederal education minister Simon Birmingham has outlined a number of changes to be made to the LGBTI Safe Schools educational material following a review by Professor Bill Louden

Bullet Professor Louden's review: more information
Bullet Review criticisms, The Conversation, 18 Mar 2016
Bullet Safe Schools must not be watered down, Andrea Dawkins, Greens Education Spokesperson, 19 Mar 2016
Bullet Tasmania sides with Commonwealth over Safe Schools, ABC News, 20 Mar 2016
Bullet Tas premier petitioned over Safe Schools, ABC News, 27 Mar 2016
Bullet Safe Schools differences aired in Launceston, The Examiner, 31 Mar 2016
Bullet Safe Schools working in Tas where implemented, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 19 Mar / 3 Apr 2016

Govt picks on bullies again
ABC News , 18 Mar 2016
A new whole-of-government antibullying approach includes changes to the Education Act requiring Tasmanian schools to have in place unacceptable behaviour strategies that cover bullying...

Bullet Bullies to face criminal consequences, The Examiner, 18 Mar 2016

Maths ignorance
ABC News , 17 Mar 2016
Students are unaware of and unprepared for the level of maths they will need in pursuing university courses, experts say

Construction workTASMANIAN SCHOOLS
Building works loom
Tas Govt media release, 17 Mar 2016
Construction projects at nine Tasmanian schools will be underway by the end of the month, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said today ...

Is it safe to have vegetarian kids?
fruitThe Conversation (opinion by  Louisa Matwiejczyk), 17 Mar 2016
Children can be vegetarian and healthy "with careful dietary planning", a practising dietician says ...

Safe Schools review criticised
IssuesABC News, 16 Mar 2016
A favourable review of the LGBTI Safe Schools program appears to have hardened the resolve of critics to oppose its use in schools

Bullet Safe Schools opposed by Tas Uni Liberal Club, The Mercury, 16 Mar 2016

How is literacy taught?
The Conversation (opinion by Stewart Riddle and Eileen Honan), 15 Mar 2016
LiteracyTwo university lecturers provide an overview of how literacy curriculum requirements are implemented in Australian schools

Ample capacity assurance
Tas Govt media release, 15 Mar 2016
Internet link (Image: Microsoft)The state government has been assured by Telstra that there is ample capacity for all internet users, information technology minister Michael Ferguson says

Bullet Approximately 60-70 per cent more capacity by this evening (Tuesday), Internode and iiNet statements, 15 Mar 2016
Bullet Is Basslink Fixed?

Draft Education Act revealed
Tas Govt media release, 14 Mar 2016
Jeremy RockliffEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff
has released the remaining proposed changes to the Education Act. In addition to the new starting and leaving ages already announced, proposed changes cover the employment exemption from school attendance, non-attendance, behaviour management, adult behaviour in schools, and more...

Bullet Reviewing Tasmania's Education Act, DoE website
Draft Education Bill 2016 (full version)
Bullet Tackling truancy, The Mercury, 14 Mar 2016
Bullet Conferencing for parents of truants, ABC News, 14 Mar 2016
Bullet Early start will bring early learning benefits, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 15 Mar 2016
Bullet Protection from violent parents, The Examiner, 16 Mar 2016
Bullet Earlier start critical (opinion by Jeremy Rockliff), The Mercury, 22 Mar 2016

Aussie teachers deprived of training days
The Conversation (opinion by Anna Dabrowski), 14 Mar 2016
Australian teachers are provided with little more than half the number of training days received by teachers in other countries, a researcher says

Here we go again
The Age, 13 Mar 2016
Streams (Image: pinterest)To stream or not to stream, in some subjects or for all? Just when you thought the issue had been settled for the umpteenth time after weighing up considerations of equity and excellence, it comes into focus again. Perhaps the question would remain more settled if we didn't have such a high turnover of teachers

Relief by Thursday
ABC News, 13 Mar 2016
Internet link (Image: Microsoft)
ISPs Internode and iiNet say they will have extra bandwidth by Thursday. [But they don't appear to have said whether it will be sufficient. UPDATE Mon: A Telstra spokesperson says only 60 per cent of the service will be provided.]...

Bullet Help on way, The Examiner, 13 Mar 2016
Bullet There is a noticeable improvement this morning, Tue 15 Mar 2016

Colleges have 20pc absenteeism rate
The Mercury, 13 Mar 2016
Attendance rates at Tasmania's eight colleges were overall just 79.6 per cent in 2014

Bullet This article's READERS' COMMENTS are well worth perusing.

Selfie pair (Image: Daily Mail)SOCIAL MEDIA AND PREGNANCY
Social media use linked with fall in teen pregnancies
Coffs Coast Advocate, 12 Mar 2016
A dramatic fall in the rate of teenage pregnancies has coincided with an increase in the amount of time teenagers spend on social media

Slow internet after cable cut
ABC News, 12 Mar 2016
Internet link (Image: Microsoft)Following yesterday's cutting of the Basslink cable, some internet users, such as those with ISPs Internode and iiNet, have been suffering slow internet access, apparently the result of drawn out negotiations between their ISPs and Telstra for use of another cable

Bullet Internet interruptions are a commercial matter, Michael Ferguson, Minister for Information Technology and Innovation, 12 Mar 2016

Make pleasurable food programs compulsory
ABC News, 10 Mar 2016
The Kitchen Garden Foundation's Stephanie Alexander says food education programs should be more or less mandated in schools

Smartphone malwareCOMPUTER SECURITY
Smartphone banking malware alert
ABC News, 10 Mar 2016
Users of Android mobile phones who may have downloaded apps from a source other than GooglePlay are at risk from malware that could overcome two-factor authentication protection when they do their banking online...

Bullet Android malware targets banks, StaySmartOnline, 11 Mar 2016

New starting and leaving ages announced
The Examiner, 9 Mar 2016
School ages 4.5 to 18 yearsPremier Will Hodgman has announced proposals to lower the school starting age to 4 years 6 months and to raise the leaving age to 18 unless the student has completed Year 12 or has obtained a Certificate 3, to effectively begin in 2020

Bullet Earlier starting, later finishing ages, The Mercury, 9 Mar 2016
Bullet State of the State 2016, Will Hodgman, Premier, 9 Mar 2016
Bullet Ages shake-up, ABC News, 9 Feb 2016
Bullet Education shake-up, The Examiner, 9 Mar 2016
Bullet Resources needed to avoid education system overload, unions say, ABC News, 10 Mar 2016
Bullet Will this structural change actually benefit students?, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 9 Mar 2016
Bullet Earlier start not supported by Early Childhood Association, The Examiner, 10 Mar 2016
Bullet Significant jobs and business impact on early childhood sector, The Mercury, 10 Mar 2016
Bullet Age changes improve access and equity, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 10 Mar 2016
Bullet Education rollercoaster, The Mercury (editorial), 10 Mar 2016

213 more teachers
The Examiner, 9 Mar 2016
Education minister Jeremy Rockliff
has announced that the government will be able to employ 213 more teachers this year...

Bullet More teachers, structural change, supporting students in need, Jeremy Rockliff media release, 9 Mar 2016

My School updated
ACARA media release, 9 Mar 2016 [pdf]
NAPLANThe My School website has been updated with NAPLAN data from 2015

Bullet My School website
Bullet NAPLAN improvement across the country, ABC News, 9 Mar 2016
Bullet List of Tasmanian schools demonstrating substantial NAPLAN improvement, The Examiner, 9 Mar 2016

Kindy vulnerability concern
ABC News, 7 Mar 2016
Early learningOne in five children starting school are developmentally vulnerable, an Australian Early Development Census shows

Bullet What parents do is relevant, The Conversation (opinion by Edward Melhuish), 8 Mar 2016
Bullet Four out of five developmentally ready, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, media release, 7 Mar 2016

School changers suffer
SMH, 6 Mar 2016
NAPLANStudents who change schools frequently are more likely to perform poorly in NAPLAN tests, a report from the NSW Department of Education shows

Program supported
The Mercury, 6 Mar 2016
IssuesSupport for the controversial LGBTI Safe Schools program has come from Tasmanian
parents with children at risk of relevant bullying, but the Australian Christian Lobby has asked for the program to be withdrawn from Tasmanian schools...

Bullet Teachers often don't act on gender-based bullying, The Conversation, 3 Mar 2016

Care urged with transport subsidy
The Examiner, 5 Mar 2016
Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne says generally students should not be able to bypass their local school and still receive a transport subsidy, the average annual payment being $3260 per student

Schools blamed for rise of Trump
Aust Financial Review, 5-6 Mar 2016 [pdf]
US presidential hopeful Donald Trump's supporters include "white men who have graduated from high schools that have taught them little", a former US State Department director of policy says

High school and college partnerships taking off
Tas Govt media release, 5 Mar 2016
Extending high schoolsPartnerships of schools with Rosny College and with Don College have been announced by education minister Jeremy Rockliff, as the government seeks to pursue a variety of innovative models in the quest to help students continue their education to Year 12

Bullet Alliance formed, ABC News, 4 Mar 2016

Eighteen more schools extending
Tas Govt media release, 4 Mar 2016
Extending high schoolsThe number of urban and regional high schools extending their classes to Years 11 and 12 will increase from 12 to 30 in 2017, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says

Bullet No threat to colleges, claims Minister, The Mercury, 4 Mar 2016
Bullet Years 11 and 12 at more schools, The Examiner, 4 Mar 2016
Bullet No danger to Don College, Minister says, The Advocate, 5 Mar 2016
Bullet College teachers might have to move between schools, The Examiner, 5 Mar 2016

Student healthSTUDENT HEALTH
Five more nurses
Tas Govt media release, 2 Mar 2016
Five more school nurses are being recruited to take the total this year to 15, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says

Tasmanian Electoral Commission media release, 1 Mar 2016
Nic Street has been elected as the Franklin MHA to replace Paul Harriss.

Anxiety alarm
ABC News, 1 Mar 2016
NAPLANPaediatrician Dr Elizabeth Green says there is an anxiety epidemic among primary school children as a result of the continual testing brought on by the NAPLAN program

A child's brain needs good food
The Conversation (opinion by Natalie Parletta and Leonie Segal), 1 Mar 2016
Poor nutrition and going hungry can adversely affect a child's mental health, cognition and behaviour, two health academics say





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