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Start preschool at 3

ABC News, 31 Oct 2016

There needs to be a universal preschool starting age of 3 years, a study by Stacey Fox from Victoria University shows.

South Hobart pushes no-tech month
The Mercury, 30 Oct 2016
South Hobart Primary School is encouraging its students and their families to reduce or eliminate non-essential digital device use for November.

Educators recognised
The Examiner, 29 Oct 2016
The 2016 Department of Education RBF Awards for Excellence were presented on Friday night.

Plan rather than cram
The Conversation (opinion by Amy Reichelt), 28 Oct 2016
It is better for a student to have a revision plan than to depend on cramming for exams, a lecturer writes

Shock TAFE drop
The Examiner, 28 Oct 2016
The number of TasTAFE students fell from 28,841 in 2014-15 to 24,770 in 2015-16

Tribute to teachers
Tas Govt media release, 28 Oct 2016
On World Teachers Day (Australia) education minister Jeremy Rockliff has acknowledged the work done by teachers and support staff.

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott (Image: The Mercury)HUMAN RELATIONS
Georgia finds her love
The Mercury, 28 Oct 2016
Bachelorette and former Tasmanian journalist Georgia Love has chosen 35-year-old mechanical plumber Lee Elliott.

School nurses brought forward
Tas Govt media release, 27 Oct 2016
Five additional school nurse positions originally planned to commence in July 2017 have been brought forward to commence in January.

Brain (Image: The Conversation)STUDENT HEALTH AND NUTRITION
Sugar is SO bad for teens' brains
The Conversation (opinion by Amy Reichelt), 26 Oct 2016
Adolescence is simply the worst time for people to engage in a diet of sugary and other junk food, because of the direct and indirect ways sugar itself and even obesity hinder brain function and maturation in teenagers.

Brain (Image: The Conversation, from Shutterstock)EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY
What causes mind blanks?
The Conversation (opinion by Jared Cooney Horvath and Jason M Lodge), 26 Oct 2016
There are explanations of how a student's mind can go blank during an exam, and ways to prevent this from happening.

Another aurora tonight
ABC Radio, 26 Oct 2016
Another opportunity to see a spectacular Aurora Australis over Tasmania is expected tonight (Wednesday), so long as the forecast clouds don't get in the way.

Bruce Goodluck (Image: The Mercury)TASMANIAN POLITICIANS
Bruce Goodluck dies
The Mercury, 25 Oct 2016
Bruce Goodluck, the former Franklin MP who as Clarence Warden had fought for the needs of Eastern Shore residents following the collapse of the Tasman Bridge, has died at the age of 83.

Solicitor-General resigns
ABC News, 24 Oct 2016
The Australian Solicitor-General, Justin Gleeson, has resigned as a result of the relationship fallout with Attorney-General George Brandis.

VET shock
The Mercury, 24 Oct 2016
VETMore than 80 per cent of Tasmanian students using government loans for vocational studies are enrolled in Mainland colleges, the VET FEE-HELP report to be released today shows.

Bullet New data highlights VET FEE-HELP rorting and flaws, Simon Birmingham, Minister for education and Training, 24 Oct 2016

Huonville students on world stage
ABC News, 23 Oct 2016
Huonville High School is the only Australian finalist for the $100,000 Global High Schools Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Back to Bracknell
Tas Govt media release, 22 Oct 2016
Bracknell Primary School's 150th anniversary celebrations were joined today by the premier, Will Hodgman.

Bullet Bracknell Primary celebrates 150 years, The Examiner, 23 Oct 2016

Starting age to be an election issue?
ABC News, 21 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActThe delay caused by the need for further consultation over the school starting age is likely to make it an issue at the next state election, political analyst Richard Herr says.

Bullet Starting age won't be an election issue, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 22 Oct 2016
Bullet Equitable access to early education supported, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 25 Oct 2016

Online school canteen
The Mercury, 21 Oct 2016
The canteen at Hobart's Princes Street Primary School is successfully operating an online ordering and payment system.

No severe weather now
BoM, 21 Oct 2016
The Severe Weather Warning was cancelled at 11.34am this morning (Friday).
Bullet BoM warnings
Bullet Current power outages
Bullet Damaging winds on the way, The Mercury, 20 Oct 2016

More consultation over starting age 
The Mercury, 20 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActThe Legislative Council has supported a lower school starting age "in principle" but will wait until there is further consultation before making its final decision.

Bullet Amendment to cater for childcare sector's needs, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 19 Oct 2016
Bullet Amendment provides consultation 'safety net', The Examiner, 19 Oct 2016
Bullet Starting age plan to be further probed, The Examiner, 19 Oct 2016
Bullet Implementation plan within 12 months, then lower starting age from 2020, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 20 Oct 2016

Waimea classrooms opened 
Tas Govt media release, 19 Oct 2016
New Waimea Heights Primary School learning spaces built at a cost of $760,000 were opened today by education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

Hillary ClintonDonald TrumpHUMAN BEHAVIOUR
Talking to children about Trump-Clinton 
cnbc.com, 17 Oct 2016
Experts advise that very young children should be prevented from watching the third presidential debate (Thu 20 Oct, 12noon our time) but that for older children any unacceptable behaviour may present "teachable moments".

Childcare sector warns of job losses 
ABC News, 18 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActEarly Childhood Australia spokesperson Ros Cornish warned Legislative Council members this morning that lowering the school starting age would lead to closure of some of Tasmania's 63 childcare services.

Bullet Legislative Council smooth approval far from certain, The Mercury, 18 Oct 2016
Bullet Aligning starting age with other states is approriate, The Mercury (editorial), 18 Oct 2016
Bullet Plans needed for childcare centre closures and for training school staff in play-based learning, Josh Willie MLC says, TasLabor media release, 17 Oct 2016
Bullet Act debated in Legislative Council, 18 Oct 2016

New school ag course launched 
Tas Govt media release, 18 Oct 2016
The new Tasmanian Agricultural Education Framework: Grow, Make, Protect was launched today at Sorell School by education minister Jeremy Rockliff.

male teacher (Image: lincolnshireecho.co.uk)GENDER EQUALITY?
More men needed as primary teachers 
The Conversation (opinion by Kevin F. McGrath), 17 Oct 2016
The proportion of primary school teachers who are male has declined significantly but the law prevents the balance being redressed by an incentives bias that would favour men.

Students revegetate 
The Examiner, 16 Oct 2016
Students from Hagley Farm School and Northern Support School have been working together to revegetate old tree plantations with a native species shelter belt.

International student boom 
The Mercury, 16 Oct 2016
The number of overseas students studying in Tasmanian schools, principally from China, is increasing at a far greater rate than in other states.

Rokeby finds success in partnerships 
The Mercury, 16 Oct 2016
Rokeby High School principal Gill Berriman attributes the school's success in trebling its TCE achievements in just four years to a focus on four Ps: potential, pedagogy, personalised pathways and community-focused partnerships.

Labor claims victory in ACT
ABC News, 16 Oct 2016
The Labor government appears to have been returned, most likely with with Greens support, in yesterday's ACT election.

David Gonski (Image: SMH)GONSKI FUNDING
Real Gonski money
SMH, 15 Oct 2016
Education reformer David Gonski has contributed $750,000 of his own money to Schools Plus, a program that donates funds to disadvantaged government schools.

Extending high schoolsEXTENSION TO YEAR 12
Extending to Year 12 is working, so far
The Mercury (TasWeekend Magazine), 15 Oct 2016
The state government's policy of extending high schools to Year 12 to raise retention rates is achieving positive results.

Bullet Opposition is threatening to unwind extensions to Year 12, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 15 Oct 2016

Clown (Image: Liverpool Echo)CLOWN ALARM
Clown mania reaches Tasmania
The Mercury, 15 Oct 2016
Police have been called to deal with clowns at Huonville and Rokeby.

Bullet Clown Watch Tasmania Facebook Page

Be careful how you praise them
The Conversation (opinion by Bill Lucas), 14 Oct 2016
Some kinds of praise can do more harm to children than good, an academic writes.

System blamed for early leavers
The Mercury (opinion by Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan), 14 Oct 2016
Analysis of census data suggests that the Tasmanian education system needs to be closely examined to find out why so many students leave education before the end of Year 12, two academics write.

Education Bill passes Lower House
The Examiner, 14 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActThe Bill to amend the Education Act now faces debate in the Legislative Council, having been passed in the House of Assembly last night.

Bullet Lower starting age law passes Lower House, ABC News, 14 Oct 2016
Bullet Historic education reform progresses, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 14 Oct 2016
Bullet New Act will improve opportunity, The Mercury (opinion by Nic Street MHA), 15 Oct 2016
Bullet The challenge will be in the implementation, The Mercury (opinion by Lesley Mackay), 15 Oct 2016

King of Thailand (Image: Image: ABC News)INTERNATIONAL NEWS
Thai king dies
ABC News, 13 Oct 2016
Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej has died at the age of 88, his reign having lasted for 70 years

Polley supports lower starting age
The Mercury, 13 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education Act
Retired Labor MP and chairman of the Catholic Education Commission Michael Polley supports a lower school starting age..

Bullet Strong support for lower starting age, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 13 Oct 2016

2pc or jobs go
ABC News, 13 Oct 2016
MoneyPublic sector workers need to accept the government's 2 per cent pay rise offer, otherwise jobs would be lost in paying for anything higher, Treasurer Peter Gutwein says

Bullet Fair and affordable offer, Peter Gutwein, Treasurer, 12 Oct 2016

Clown (Image: Liverpool Echo)CLOWN ALARM
Vic school in clown lockdown
The Age, 13 Oct 2016
A Victorian school went into lockdown after phone calls warned that clowns would be invading the school grounds.

80 schools LIFTed
Early learningTas Govt  release, 12 Oct 2016
K-2 students in 80 Tasmanian schools are now taking part in the Learning in Families Together (LIFT) program, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said at Bowen Road Primary School today.

Education Bill debate commences
The Examiner, 11 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActDebate on the Bill to amend the Education Act to lower the school starting age and make other changes began in the House of Assembly on Tuesday (11 Oct 2016) .

Bullet Bill improves life chances of disadvantaged, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 11 Oct 2016
BulletTime to seize opportunity to make generational changes, The Mercury (opinion by Jeremy Rockliff), 12 Oct 2016
Bullet Starting age changes set to pass Lower House, ABC News, 12 Oct 2016
Bullet Resources for teacher assistants and early learning programs are needed right now, The Mercury (opinion by Helen Richardson), 12 Oct 2016

Incorporation removal criticised
TasLabor media release, 10 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActRemoval of incorporation for school associations and school farms under proposed changes to the Education Act will reduce their ability to raise funds, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne says.

Bullet No removal of incorporation, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 10 Oct 2016

Lower starting age criticised
TasLabor media release, 10 Oct 2016
Changes to the Education ActAn overseas expert describes as "disastrous" any attempt to commence formal education at a lower age, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne says.

Bullet Sorell Child and Family Centre assurance needed, Rebecca White MP, TasLabor media release, 10 Oct 2016
Bullet Education Act debate this week, The Examiner, 9 Oct 2016

Health and wellbeing funds reminder
Tas Govt media release, 10 Oct 2016
fruitPrimary schools are reminded they have two weeks to apply for funding under the Student Health Initiative, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said at Moonah Primary today.

Bullet Two weeks deadline for healthy eating initiative, The Mercury, 10 Oct 2016

Southern TasmaniaWEATHER DAMAGE
Rose Bay High closed Monday
DoE Facebook page, 9 Oct 2016
Rose Bay High School will be closed on Monday (10 Oct 2016) as a result of roof damage caused by strong winds.

Bullet UPDATE 10 Oct 2016: Students return on Tuesday

Damaging winds today
BoM, 9 Oct 2016
A Severe Weather Warning advises that strong winds with gusts in excess of 90-100 km/h are expected in much of Tasmania today.
Bullet BoM warnings
Bullet Current power outages

Focus on what they learn
The Mercury (opinion by Lisa Denny), 8 Oct 2016
Although a lower starting age is helpful in achieving higher educational achievement, far more attention should be paid to what children actually learn in the early years, especially when there are so many disadvantaged children in Tasmania, a demographer writes.

Clown (Image: Liverpool Echo)CLOWN ALARM
Clowns spark school lockdown
The Sun (UK), 7 Oct 2016
An English secondary school with 1600 pupils went into lockdown after two clowns approached two of its students.

Bullet 'Clowns' name schools to be targeted, Liverpool Echo (UK), 7 Oct 2016
Bullet Texas schools on clown lockdown, Time.com, 5 Oct 2016
Bullet New York schools in lockdown, NY Post, 30 Sep 2016
Bullet Clown hysteria in USA, Los Angeles Times, 5 Oct 2016
Teacher workload

Data gathering burden
The Mercury, 7 Oct 2016
Teachers are demoralised by the increasing amount of their non-classroom time they must spend gathering student performance data, Guilford College principal Bobby Court says.

Earlier learning start benefits children
The Mercury (opinion by Eleanor Ramsay and Michael Rowan), 6 Oct 2016
The earlier children commence publicly-funded learning the better, and be aware that although Finnish children commence "school" relatively late they actually commence learning at a much younger age, two academics write.

New VET loans program
The Examiner, 5 Oct 2016
VETThe federal government will introduce a new VET student loans program in 2017 to replace the VET FEE-HELP scheme which had been abused by private operators

Bullet New student loans program is a positive move, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 5 Oct 2016
Bullet New scheme to exclude shonky providers, The Conversation (opinion by Michelle Grattan), 5 Oct 2016
Bullet Dodgy providers will continue because teaching quality is not monitored, The Conversation (opinion by Mary Leahy and Shelley Gillis), 7 Oct 2016

Third time lucky?
Tas Govt media release, 5 Oct 2016
Southern TasmaniaWater damage and mouldy buildings having been remediated, the rebuilt Dunalley Primary School is set to re-open its doors to students on Monday.

Bullet Mould cleared in time for return to school, The Mercury, 6 Oct 2016

Damaging winds today
BoM, 5 Oct 2016
A Severe Weather Warning advises that gusts above 100km/h will extend across Tasmania by around midday today (Wed.)...
Bullet BoM warnings

Overfunded private schools
The Conversation (opinion by Laura Perry and Emma Rowe), 3 Oct 2016
MoneyMost high-fee private schools are overfunded by government and many low-fee private schools are underfunded, when the needs of the community and students are considered, two academics believe.

Mindfulness app
The Examiner, 3 Oct 2016
MindfulnessSmiling Minds is a mindfulness app coming soon to Tasmanian schools that CEO Addie Wooten says helps students control their emotions and reduce stress. She hopes it will become part of the national curriculum by 2020.

Scotch-Oakburn among the best
The Examiner, 3 Oct 2016
Launceston's Scotch-Oakburn College has been included in Business Insider's list of the top 30 Australian private schools.

Cronulla SharksSPORT
Sharks win
news.com.au, 2 Oct 2016 9.24pm
The Cronulla Sharks have defeated Melbourne Storm 14-12 in the NRL Grand Final.

Transgender students prompt training call
ABC News, 2 Oct 2016
IssuesFollowing a significant increase in the number of Tasmanian transgender students seeking assistance, support organisation Working It Out's spokeswoman Susan Ditter has called for increased teacher training on LGBTI issues.

Bullet Tas primary school student's transition story (video), ABC News, 2 Oct 2016
Bullet How to avoid offending transgender people, ABC News, 2 Oct 2016

Western Bulldogs win Grand Final
news.com.au, 1 Oct 2016
Western BulldogsThe Western Bulldogs have finally achieved their dream, defeating the Sydney Swans to win the 2016 AFL Grand Final, 13.11.89 to 10.7.67.

Junk food supremos
The Examiner, 1 Oct 2016
fruitWith Tasmanians being named by the CSIRO's 2016 Healthy Diet Score as the highest consumers of junk foods in Australia, UTAS researcher Benjamin Schüz says better healthy choice education at school and at home is needed.

Flood warnings continue
ABC News, 1 Oct 2016
TasmaniaThe worst of the rain is over but flood warnings remain.

Bullet BoM warnings - including FLOOD warnings
Bullet Road closures (Tas Police)


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