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WIN TV News, 6.10pm 28 Dec 2017
Wild Oats XI stripped of line honours
Wild Oats XI has lost its line honours win in the Sydney-Hobart yacht race following Comanche's appeal being upheld tonight.
Bullet Surprisingly heavy penalty, ABC News, 29 Dec 2017

Twitter hits teens' intelligence
Daily Mail, 26 Dec 2017
BrainUK Twitter-using teenagers could be losing the ability to think, a New Zealand intelligence expert says..

Cabinet reshuffle
ABC News, 16 Dec 2017
Today's federal government Cabinet reshuffle does not put any Tasmanians into Cabinet..

Libs hold Bennelong seat
ABC News 24, 16 Dec 2017
Tonight's counting in the Bennelong by-election indicate that there has been a swing away from the Liberals and to Labor, but not strong enough to unseat sitting member John Alexander. ..

Church challenge
ABC News, 15 Dec 2017
The lawWith the child sexual abuse Royal Commission announcing its findings, the biggest issue for the Catholic Church appears to be the recommendation that information about instances of abuse gained during confessionals no longer be exempt from mandatory reporting laws..

Bullet Preventing child sexual abuse a national responsibility, The Conversation, 15 Dec 2017
Bullet Sweeping reforms for Catholic Church recommended, The Conversation, 15 Dec 2017

Civics understanding decreases
ABC News, 15 Dec 2017
Most Year 10 students lack the kind of civics and citizenship education that will enable them to participate meaningfully in a democratic society, a report shows..

Bullet Schools not adequately preparing students, The Conversation, 13 Dec 2017
Bullet Getting the fundamentals right, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, 13 Dec 2017

NAPLAN results flatline
The Conversation (opinion by Glenn C. Savage), 13 Dec 2017
NAPLANAchievement in literacy and numeracy by Australian students has largely plateaued, an analysis of NAPLAN results released today suggests. (Individual school results are not available until March 2018.)..

Bullet ACARA Update 2017
Bullet NAPLAN National Report 2017 [pdf]
Bullet Home LOTE speakers better spellers, TABC News, 13 Dec 2017
Bullet Year 3 Tassie's strongest, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 14 Dec 2017

Sam Dastyari (Image: ABCNews)FEDERAL POLITICS
Sam Dastyari resigns 
ABC News, 12 Dec 2017
Senator Sam Dastyari, under pressure over his association with a Chinese businessman, has announced he will not return to the Senate next year...

College system questioned
TCCI, 11 Dec 2017
Extending high schoolsEconomist Saul Eslake says in a report [pdf] prepared for the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industries that "Some if not all of the colleges could be converted to comprehensive high schools" (page 71)...

Bullet TCCI Tasmania Report 2017 [pdf]
Bullet Eslake's comments reinforce Labor's emphasis on a smooth 7-12 pathway instead of extensions, Michelle O'Byrne, Deputy Opposition Leader, 11 Dec 2017

AEU calls for more teachers
ABC News, 10 Dec 2017
AEUThe Australian Education Union has produced a research report showing the number of base-grade teachers has been cut by 68 during the term of the present state government but the Premier says 107 more teachers have been employed...

Bullet Teacher cuts, jump in stress claims highlighted in AEU (Federal) report, AEU (Tas), 10 Dec 2017
Bullet AEU and Labor claims are false, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 10 Dec 2017

Release TasTAFE audit report
TasLabor website, 10 Dec 2017
TasTAFEConfidence and morale at TasTAFE have been adversely affected by the state government's refusal to release a report into the conduct of certain senior staff and by the cancellation of this year's Awards for Excellence ceremony, Opposition education spokesperson Josh Willie says....

Year 4 literacy up
Tas Govt media release, 6 Dec 2017
LiteracyTasmania's 2016 Year 4 students have shown significant improvements in literacy skills, Progress in International Literacy Study testing shows...

Bullet Many Aussie kids struggling, need early phonics, The Conversation, 7 Dec 2017
Bullet Feds want states to adopt Year 1 phonics test, ABC News, 8 Dec 2017
Bullet Data shows schools under-resourced, AEU (Tas), 6 Dec 2017

WindHeavy rainfall for the East Coast and NE Tas
BoM, 6 Dec 2017, 9.44am
Flash flooding is possible.
Road closures (Tas Police)
Bullet Power outages (Tas Networks)

Are these the last in doubt?
ABC News, 6 Dec 2017
The release of citizenship documents shows that four Labor MPs (Member for Braddon Justine Keay, Josh Wilson, David Feeney and Susan Lamb) and Nick Xenophon Team member Rebekha Sharkie may join Labor senator Katy Gallagher as requiring clear confirmation over their right to remain in Parliament...

Endometriosis education call
ABC News, 5 Dec 2017
MedicalAll teenagers should be taught about menstrual health and in particular the painful and often long-undiagnosed endometriosis condition, women's health groups say...

Primary school STEM lessons hindered
The Conversation (opinion by Jane Louise Hunter), 4 Dec 2017
STEMThe laudable goal of promoting STEM education in primary schools is being frustrated by practical impediments such as lack of storage space, lack of teacher confidence and professional development, and time wasted in reusing materials...

Year 12 ubiquity promise
ABC News, 3 Dec 2017
Extending high schoolsAll Tasmanian high schools will be able to offer courses to Year 12 level by 2022, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said in an election pledge today...

Bullet Grades 11-12 rollout promise, The Examiner, 3 Dec 2017
Bullet Survival of the colleges would be threatened, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 3 Dec 2017
Bullet Labor would enrol students 7-12 and create learning networks, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 4 Dec 2017
Bullet Labor's Penguin policy questioned, Roger Jaensch, Liberal member for Braddon, 4 Dec 2017
Bullet A 'courageous' policy, Saul Eslake says, The Examiner, 4 Dec 2017

Barnaby rejoices
ABC News, 2 Dec 2017
Former dual citizen Barnaby Joyce will easily win today's by-election for his seat, election analyst Antony Green predicts...





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