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George Christensen resigns as NP Chief Whip
ABC News, 28 Feb 2017
George Christensen (Image: SMH)The National Party's George Christensen has resigned as Chief Whip
in what is regarded as a further step to free himself from the need to adhere to party discipline...

Timing second language learning
The Conversation (opinion by Warren Midgley), 28 Feb 2017
Asian languagesEarly childhood is the best time to start learning a second language if the learner is being immersed in it, but late primary is just as good for traditional lessons and adulthood is the best time for self-directed learning, a linguistics academic writes

Preparing elite athletes in more ways than one
The Conversation (opinion by Andrew Martin), 27 Feb 2017
Soccer boy (Image: Shutterstock)T
o reduce the incidence of mental illness and erratic behaviour when elite athletes eventually leave professional sport, promising child super-athletes need to build their identity on multiple foundations, an educational psychologist writes...

Max Angus dies
ABC News, 25 Feb 2017
Tasmanian landscape and portrait artist Max Angus has died at the age of 102

Drone (Image from ABC News clip)Drone lessons
ABC News, 24 Feb 2017
Year 11 and 12 students at a Newcastle college are learning how to fly drones in an HSC Certificate III in Aviation course

Teens and teachers would benefit from later start times
The Conversation (opinion by James Williams), 24 Feb 2017
Teenagers are a different kind of human being when it comes to their sleep needs, a science education lecturer argues

Australia PostWAGES POLICY
$5.6 million dollar man resigns
ABC News, 23 Feb 2017
Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, who was recently in the spotlight over his $5.6 million dollar pay packet, has resigned

Sunday penalty rates cut
ABC News, 23 Feb 2017

MoneyThe Fair Work Commission has reduced Sunday penalty rates for much of the hospitality, retail and fast food industries...

Trump reverses school transgender toilet policy
ABC News, 23 Feb 2017
US flagPresident Trump's officials have advised schools that they will reverse President Obama's instruction that  transgender students should be allowed to use whichever toilet matches their gender identity

New planets (Image: The Conversation)ASTRONOMY
Is there life on these other planets?
The Conversation (report by Jonti Horner), 23 Feb 2017
Seven Earth-sized planets with possible water and therefore life have been discovered less than 40 light years away...

Bullet But there could be closer life on moons of Jupiter and Saturn, The Conversation (opinion by Andrew Martin and Andrew McMinn), 24 Feb 2017

Register now for anti-bullying day
Tas Govt media release, 22 Feb 2017
BullyingTasmanian schools can register now to participate in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence to be held on Friday 17 March 2017, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Bullet Bullying No Way! website

The risk of death in things you do
The Conversation (opinion by Hassan Vally) , 22 Feb 2017
Shark (Image: adelaidenow.com.au)We often do not realise how small or how large the risks are in the various activities we undertake, or avoid undertaking, an epidemiology lecturer writes...

Year 12 syllabus overhaul
ABC News, 21 Feb 2017
NSWAn overhaul of the NSW Year 12 syllabus features, in very general terms, a deeper understanding of a narrower range of topics...

Bullet NSW syllabus will focus on complex topics, ABC News, 21 Feb 2017
Bullet Year 12 spelling and grammar emphasis, news.com.au, 21 Feb 2017
Bullet Physics syllabus changes, The Conversation, 22 Feb 2017
Bullet No mandatory novels or poetry in English syllabus, The Conversation, 22 Feb 2017



My Year 12 Life - ABC

Mon 20 Feb 2017 7.30pm
ABC 3 (Ch. 23)

Sun 26 Feb 2017
ABC (Ch. 2)

Also available on iview

My Year 12 Life
A group of Australian students self-document their Year 12 journey


Campbell Town an extension showcase
Tas Govt media release, 20 Feb 2017
Extending high schoolsThe federal and Tasmanian education ministers reviewed progress in the extension to Years 11 and 12 at Campbell Town District High School today, prior to the National Education Council meeting in April where education funding will be discussed in detail...

Bullet Doorstop interview, Campbell Town, Simon Birmingham, Federal Minister for Education and Training, 20 Feb 2017
Bullet Rockliff should have pressed Birmingham on Gonski money, Michelle O'Byrne, Labor education spokesperson, 22 Feb 2017

ADHD genuine after all
The Conversation (opinion by Alison Poulton), 20 Feb 2017
As brain scans show that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a real brain disorder, we need a more sophisticated definition, a paediatrics lecturer writes...

Whiteboard desk (Image: stuff.co.nz, Fairfax)STUDENT SUPPORT
Dyslexia school
stuff.co.nz, 19 Feb 2017
New Zealand's unique Summit Point School specialises in students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, and uses supporting tools such as whiteboard desks...

KPMG wins starting age impact tender
Tas Govt media release, 17 Feb 2017
Accounting firm KPMG has been awarded the state government tender to investigate the impact on the early childhood and childcare sector of changing the school starting age to a voluntary lower level...

Bullet KPMG to investigate lower starting age, The Examiner, 17 Feb 2017

Action needed for bullied principals
The Examiner, 17 Feb 2017
Tasmania's principals are being subjected to high bullying and burnout rates, the Tasmanian Principals Association says...

Dan Marsh sacked
cricket.com, 16 Feb 2017
Coach of the Tasmanian Tigers cricket team Dan Marsh has been sacked following disappointing performances by the team...

Hawks support Premier's Reading Challenge
Tas Govt media release, 16 Feb 2017
Hawthorn Football ClubThe Premier's Reading Challenge runs for ten weeks from Tuesday 13 June and this year will have the support of the Hawthorn Football Club...

Bullet Premier's Reading Challenge website

Teacher sitting (Image: Microsoft)Sitting not that harmful after all
The Conversation (opinion by Emmanuel Stamatakis), 16 Feb 2017
Sitting at work is itself not as harmful as previously believed, so long as a person undertakes adequate exercise, research shows...

Probe into CFCs
The Examiner, 15 Feb 2017
The Legislative Council will conduct an investigation into the funding and future of Tasmania's 12 Child and Family Centres...


Middle Years groupings for literacy and numeracy
Tas Govt media release, 15 Feb 2017
Literacy and numeracyFour groups of "associated" schools will each receive $157,000 from the state government's Middle Years Project to promote the teaching of literacy and numeracy. The groups centre on:
- Deloraine High
- Kings Meadows High
- Huonville High
- Smithton High...

Bullet Kings Meadows Middle Years Project launch, The Examiner, 15 Feb 2017

Bored student (Image: clipartfest.com)ALTERNATIVE FACTS
Disengaged students and alternative programs
The Conversation (opinion by Helen Stokes and Malcolm Turnbull), 14 Feb 2017
Although alternative education programs have many potential benefits they do have downsides and mainstream schools need to take more responsibility for the education of disengaged students, two academics write...

School weather closure policy roundup
ABC News, 11 Feb 2017
Flooded classroom (Image: Comedy Central)The heatwave hitting the Mainland has prompted the ABC to prepare a state-by-state summary of the various education department policies on when students should be sent home or schools closed during adverse weather conditions...

Bullet National heatwave policy for schools suggested, The Conversation (opinion by Brendon Hyndman), 23 Feb 2017

Health Initiative schools named
Tas Govt media release, 10 Feb 2017
FruitEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff has named the 47 schools that have successfully applied to participate in the state government's Student Health Initiative program. The next round of applications opens in mid-September...

Brazilian students fly to Launceston
The Examiner, 10 Feb 2017
Thirty Brazilian students are being hosted by Launceston College and Newstead College....

Five new nurses this year
Tas Govt media release, 10 Feb 2017
As announced in October 2016 five additional school nurses commence this year, bringing the total to 20 nurses serving 81 schools, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Extending high schoolsEXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Ulverstone Year 11-12 extension under way
Tas Govt media release, 9 Feb 2017
More than fifty Ulverstone High School students have the opportunity to continue to Years 11 and 12 at their existing school this year, education minister Jeremy Rockliff said ...

Teachers trial bodycams
The Guardian (UK), 8 Feb 2017
Teachers in two British schools will trial the use of bodycams to record specific instances of misbehaviour by students...

Southern TasmaniaBEHAVIOUR
Another Council suspended
ABC News, 8 Feb 2017
Local government minister Peter Gutwein has suspended the Glenorchy City Council for six months, appointing retired Legislative Council president Sue Smith as commissioner...

Students return to school
Tas Govt media release, 8 Feb 2017
Approximately 61,925 students returned to 196 government schools today, education minister Jeremy Rockliff pointing out that 30 of the 54 high and district high schools have already been extended to Year 12...

Update the Asian curriculum
The Conversation (opinion by Fazal Rizvi), 8 Feb 2017
With 17 per cent of Australians having an Asian background, and with economic and social ties with Asian countries going from strength to strength, the Asian curriculum taught in schools now needs to be far more sophisticated, an academic writes...

Muslim mum's Tassie start
ABC News, 7 Feb 2017
A Muslim mother from Pakistan says that although her son's Tasmanian primary school worked to accommodate her culture and faith it was a challenge when alternatives had to be found for activities related to Christmas...

Cory Bernardi (Image: ABC)FEDERAL POLITICS
Bernardi split confirmed
ABC News, 7 Feb 2017 (UPDATED)
Senator Cory Bernardi confirmed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this morning that he will quit the Liberal Party...

Who won early childhood audit tender?
TasLabor website, 5 Feb 2017
Early learningThe state government has missed its 1 February deadline to announce the successful tender to conduct an audit of the impact on the early childhood and child care sector of lowering the school starting age, Opposition education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne says...

Bullet Emphasis should be on more rural and regional Child and Family Centres, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 5 Feb 2017

Extension joy
Tas Govt media release, 5 Feb 2017
Extending high schoolsEducation minister Jeremy Rockliff is celebrating that an additional 18 schools will be offering Years 11 and 12 this year and that Year 11-12 retention rates rose from 70.1 to 73.8 per cent between 2014 and 2015...

Bullet Lists of schools extending, DoE Blogspot
Bullet Retention rise but State government spending fall, says Productivity Commission, The Examiner, 3 Feb 2017

Trump trumped over entry ban
ABC News, 4 Feb 2017
A US federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order that blocks President Donald Trump's ban on people entering the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
Bullet UPDATE 5 Feb 2017: Trump's Justice Department has lodged an appeal against the restraining order...

Tweeting teacher's torment
Wordpress blog, 3 Feb 2017
UK teacher Jackie Teale was astonished at the verbal attacks she received after tweeting that she had attended an anti-Trump protest with a banner made by her students...

Senator's election was invalid
ABC News, 3 Feb 2017
JusticeThe High Court of Australia has ruled that the election of former One Nation senator Rod Culleton was invalid even though his conviction at election time had been later annulled...

Why our schools aren't improving
The  Conversation (opinion by Tom Bentley and Glenn C. Savage), 2 Feb 2017
AustraliaAlthough there have been many education reforms in Australia over the last decade, there has been little improvement in educational performance, two academics write...

Telstra outage
ABC News, 2 Feb 2017 Updated 6.19pm
TelstraMany phones and internet connections in Tasmania (and other states) were unavailable this afternoon due to a fire in Telstra's Chatswood facilities.

Recess guidelines
npr.org, 1 Feb 2017
USA flagNineteen evidence-based strategies to help educators give students the best recess break possible have been provided by the US's Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE)...

Refugee deal uncertainty denied
ABC News, 1 Feb 2017
Donald TrumpAlthough a deal for the US to take Manus Island refugees had earlier been confirmed in a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Turnbull and President Trump, the White House today appeared to make it clear the deal is not yet finalised.
However, Mr Turnbull has said he received a personal assurance from Donald Trump that the deal would go ahead..

Bullet Trump labelled deal "the worst deal ever" and shortened the phone call, ABC News, 2 Feb 2017
Bullet "Dumb" refugee deal, says Trump, ABC News, 2 Feb 2017

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