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Supporting new teachers
The Conversation (opinion), 3 Jan 2019

TeachersThree academics outline six ways new teachers can be encouraged to stay in the profession...



TasTAFE fees hike criticised
TasLabor website, 31 Dec 2018

TasTAFETasTAFE are raising fees by up to 3 pe cent at the same time that course offerings are being cut, Opposition skills and training spokesperson Anita Dow says...

Bullet TasTAFE fees have not increased for three years, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 31 Dec 2018


Bullet All Sydney-Hobart yachts have arrived
(Official website, 31 Dec 2018)


Bullet Tasmanian yacht Alive wins overall Sydney-Hobart on handicap
(ABC News, 30 Dec 2018)


Bullet Protest against Wild Oats XI deemed invalid
(ABC News, 29 Dec 2018)


Bullet Sydney-Hobart News
Bullet Sydney-Hobart Yacht Tracker



Smart uniform monitors students
ABC News, 28 Dec 2018

Chinese smart uniform (Image: Guanyun Technology)
Students in eleven Chinese schools have begun wearing a chip-embedded school uniform that monitors their movements, identifying when they arrive and leave school, skip classes without permission and even where they go out of school hours...



Education roundup
The Conversation (opinion by Bronwyn Hinz), 21 Dec 2018

StudentsA researcher presents a state-by-state summary of this year's major changes in education, along with known features of national government and Opposition education policies ...



ATAR results reissued
Tas Govt media release, 19 Dec 2018

TASCHuman error was responsible for incorrect ATAR scores being issued yesterday ...
Bullet Error causes drop in exam scores, ABC News, 19 Dec 2018



Incredible refusal
ABC News, 18 Dec 2018

Ocean Monarch (Image: ABC News)
The owners of the Ocean Monarch oil rig which is currently parked in the Derwent estuary have refused to let the government's Environmental Protection Authority undertake a biosecurity inspection...



Top students named
Tas Govt media release, 18 Dec 2018

A list of Tasmania's top students based on their tertiary entrance scores has been released by education minister Jeremy Rockliff who says that a higher percentage of students overall received their TCE compared with last year...


Ariarne TitmusSPORT 

World record for Tassie's Titmus
ABC News, 15 Dec 2018

Eighteen-year-old Tasmanian swimmer Ariarne Titmus has broken the 400 metres women's freestyle world record in a competition in China...



Students taught the wrong material
ABC News, 14 Dec 2018

VictoriaYear 12 Visual Communications and Design students at a Melbourne school were not taught the complete curriculum this year...



Theresa May survives
BBC News, 13 Dec 2018, 8.00am AEST
Theresa May

Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May, has retained leadership of the Conservative Party after successfully surviving a parliamentary party no-confidence vote, 200 votes to 117...
Bullet Brexit deal still in deep trouble, The Conversation (opinion), 13 Dec 2018


Mobile phone ban looms
ABC News, 13 Dec 2018
Mobile phones will be banned in NSW primary schools from next year in an attempt to reduce cyberbullying and classroom distraction...


Removing web bullying content
Tas Govt media release, 12 Dec 2018
The planned national 'Right to be forgotten" laws will help to protect children from cyberbullying by making it easier to remove content from social media and websites, premier Will Hodgman said today...


Worse at long jumps than their parents
ABC News, 12 Dec 2018
Tree climber (Image: Daily Mail, Shutterstock)
Today's children have poorer muscular fitness as a result of doing fewer outside activities such as climbing trees and playing hopscotch, research by Active Healthy Kids Australia shows...

Bullet More physical activity to reduce depression, The Conversation (opinion), 11 Dec 2018
Bullet How much physical activity do teenagers need?, The Conversation (opinion), 11 Dec 2018


Hair-cutting teacher faces jail
ABC News, 11 Dec 2018
US flag
An American chemistry teacher faces jail after cutting a student's hair while singing the national anthem.
Includes  VIDEO ...


Simplify the cluttered curriculum
ABC News, 10 Dec 2018
We need a simplified curriculum that focuses on basics such as reading, writing and mathematics, with less emphasis on soft skills such as teamwork and critical thinking, federal education minister Dan Tehan says...


GBE workers get more than 2pc
TasLabor website, 10 Dec 2018
Workers in GBEs (Government Business Enterprises) are receiving wage rises of well over 2 per cent, such as 2.45 and 2.9 per cent, Opposition Treasury spokesperson Scott Bacon says...

Bullying incident dealth with
Tas Govt media release, 10 Dec 2018
A bullying incident in a southern Tasmanian school that has been shown on social media and has been highlighted by the Opposition was dealt with by the school last month, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...


Michael Kent (Image: ABC News)TASMANIAN PEOPLE
Michael Kent dies
ABC News, 6 Dec 2018
Former Woolworths Tasmanian CEO, business identity and Glamorgan Spring Bay mayor Michael Kent has died at the age of 76...


Long-term certainty for students in need
Tas Govt media release, 6 Dec 2018
CashThe 10-year National School Reform Agreement will ensure schools receive funding to assist students with disability, and students with behavioural challenges and re-engagement needs, education minister Jeremy Rockliff announced today...


Alcohol and drugs (Image: Unity Sexual Health)STUDENT SUPPORT
Helping self-medicators
The Conversation (opinion by Katherine Mills and Natalie Peach), 5 Dec 2018
Two academics suggest how teachers and parents can identify and help adolescents who are attempting to handle trauma by using alcohol or drugs...


Catholic ChurchEXTENSION TO YEARS 11 AND 12
Catholics copy
ABC News, 4 Dec 2018
Three Catholic schools in southern Tasmania will extend their schools to Years 11 and 12, just like the state government system has done...


Winds have passed
BoM website, 3 Dec 2018
WindThe warning of damaging winds issued earlier today no longer applies...
Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES


Selling SEL
TasLabor media release, 2 Dec 2018
Classroom fightLabor's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) policy for schools will reduce trauma and bullying, spokespersons Michelle O'Byrne and Sarah Lovell say...

Bullet Government is already supporting safe school communities, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 2 Dec 2018


Church names doomed properties
ABC News, 2 Dec 2018
St Barnabas Church, South Arm

The Anglican Church has released a final list of 73 churches, graveyards and other properties it now confirms are to be sold and 34 properties it has removed from the original sale list

Bullet 73 properties to be sold [pdf]
Bullet 34 properties removed from the sale list [pdf]
Bullet Church sale news page, Anglican Church website


George Bush Sr (Image: ABC, Reuters)US POLITICS
George Bush Sr dies
ABC News, 1 Dec 2018
George Bush Sr, US president from 1989 to 1993, has died at the age of 94. His wife Barbara died last year..








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