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Why self-harm?
The Conversation (opinion by Joanne Dickson and Peter Taylor), 27 Feb 2018
Bandaids (Image: clipart-library.com)
People cause injury to themselves for a variety of psychological reasons, two academics write...

Maths teacher shortage
The Examiner, 27 Feb 2018
Action needs to be taken now to overcome Tasmania's shortage of specialised mathematics teachers, in view of the impending loss of the current aging ones and the recent loss of teachers recruited to the Mainland, Mathematical Association of Tasmania president Brett Stephenson says...

Bullet Lateral thinking needed, says retired maths leader, The Examiner, 27 Feb 2018

Student road safety promises
Tas Liberals media release, 26 Feb 2018
Rene Hidding
Infrastructure minister Rene Hidding says the Liberals' road safety and driver education election policy includes:
Bullet vvv small funding for Ride2School bike education programs
Bullet vvv small a program for Years 10-12 focusing on driver inattention
Bullet vvv small extending the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program

New Deputy PM
ABC News, 26 Feb 2018
Michael McCormack has been elected by the Nationals as their new leader, replacing Barnaby Joyce. He automatically becomes Deputy Prime Minister...

Add 'Business' to STEM
stuff.co.nz (opinion by Hannah McQueen), 24 Feb 2018
STEM-based projects cannot be turned into profitable enterprises without business skills, but where can we add the B? (Perhaps a silent B at the end?)...

Sports vouchers for students
Tas Liberals media release, 24 Feb 2018
The Liberals' Ticket to Play $100 sports voucher would encourage concession-qualified students to participate in sport, premier Will Hodgman says ...

Bullet Labor's $20m sports investments initiatives, Michelle O'Byrne, Deputy Labor Leader, 25 Feb 2018

TasTAFE boost
Tas Liberals media release, 23 Feb 2018
Jeremy Rockliff
Education minister Jeremy Rockliff says a returned Liberal government would improve training in Tasmania by spending $15.5 million on four centres:
Bullet vvv small a Trades and Water Centre of Excellence
Bullet vvv small an Agriculture Centre of Excellence (at Burnie's Freer Farm)
Bullet vvv small a Drysdale delivery point n Hobart's northern suburbs
Bullet vvv small a Drysdale training kitchen in Devonport.
As well:
Bullet vvv small small business grants and payroll tax rebates totalling $16.9 million would increase the number of apprentices and trainees, and
Bullet vvv small TasTAFE would receive a 70 per cent minimum funding guarantee

Barnaby Joyce resigns
ABC News, 23 Feb 2018
Barnaby Joyce has announced he will resign as Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader...

Online bullying remedies: different for girls and boys
The Conversation (opinion by Roberta Thompson), 23 Feb 2018
Combating the online bullying of girls needs to take account of the different way girls behave online, a researcher says...

Loyalty pledge proposed
SBS, 22 Feb 2018
Australian flag
Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton has proposed that schools introduce a US-style pledge of loyalty by students...

School psychologist (Image: okclipart.com)TASMANIAN ELECTION
Where will they come from?
The Examiner, 22 Feb 2018
More school psychologists have been promised by all three major parties, but school psychologists are difficult to attract in Tasmania, the president of the Tasmanian School Psychology Association, Lesley Fraser, says...

Learn how to grow and eat healthy food
Tas Greens website [pdf], 22 Feb 2018
Andrea Dawkins
The Greens would promote the healthy consumption of food by students through an expansion of the Local Food Unit, a review of school canteen practices and the establishment of minimum nutritional standards, Greens primary industries spokesperson Andrea Dawkins says ...

Bullet THE ARTS: Explore new arts projects in schools [pdf], Andrea Dawkins, Greens arts spokesperson, 22 Feb 2018
SPORT: Promoting women's sport by boosting regional school visits by the Hurricanes cricket team [pdf], Cassy O'Connor, Greens leader, 22 Feb 2018

Arming teachers is the solution, says Trump
ABC News, 22 Feb 2018
Donald Trump
Arming teachers and sports coaches will form part of the solution to America's school shootings spree, President Donald Trump told a group of students...

Bullet Arming teachers will make things worse, The Conversation (opinion by Rick Sarre), 23 Feb 2018

Principals' stress continues
The Conversation (opinion by Scott Imig), 21 Feb 2018
Australia's principals are increasingly suffering stress and being subjected to physical and verbal abuse, an annual report by the Australian Catholic University finds...

Fruit fly control area 20 February 2018BIOSECURITY
Fruit fly zone widens
The Examiner, 20 Feb 2018
The fruit fly control area has been expanded beyond the Devonport/Spreyton area to include the northern Tamar region...

Bullet Biosecurity Tasmania fruit fly page, DPIPWE
Bullet Fruit fly information for schools, students and parents [pdf], DPIPWE, 21 Feb 2018
Bullet STATEWIDE FRUIT RECALL: Fruit fly larvae found in Devonport store's nectarine that had been through Victorian treatment plant, The Examiner, 21 Feb 2018

Devonport High promise
Tas Liberals media release, 19 Feb 2018
A Liberal government would provide a $10.5 million redevelopment of Devonport High School, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

Reassess high school extensions policy
AEU media release, 19 Feb 2018
The Liberals should halt their program to extend all high schools to Years 11 and 12 while they reassess its costs and benefits along the lines of the audits that Labor and the Greens have promised, the AEU's Secondary Colleges Committee of Management's president Peta-Maree Revell-Cook says...

Free school, free buses
ABC News, 18 Feb 2018
Rebecca White
A Labor government would abolish school fees in government schools at a cost of $24 million, enable students to have free bus travel to their nearest school and make school sport more affordable, Opposition leader Rebecca White says...

Bullet Labor would remove school fees, TasLabor media release, 18 Feb 2018
Bullet But richer schools have higher fees, so their parents would gain more, Jeremy Rockliff, Tas Liberals media release, 19 Feb 2018
Bullet Income cut-off for STAS too low, says TASSO, The Examiner, 19 Feb 2018
Bullet Schools will receive the same amount per student, Labor Campaign Spokesperson Sarah Lovell, 19 Feb 2018

Mainland expert appointed
The Examiner, 18 Feb 2018
Dr Phil Lambert from the University of Sydney has been appointed to follow up recommendations related to Tasmania from ACER's Years 9-10 Review Report...

Libraries would be called libraries
Tas Liberals media release, 17 Feb 2018
A re-elected Liberal government would shelve the term 'LINC', claiming a return is long overdue to the better-understood term 'libraries' in the rebranded name Libraries Tasmania, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says. (LINC stands for Learning and Information Network Centre.)...

Ten more TasTAFE staff from Greens
Greens website [pdf], Feb 2018
Andrea Dawkins
Greens education spokesperson Andrea Dawkins says her party's TasTAFE election pledges include:
Bullet vvv small 10 more TasTAFE staff
Bullet vvv small TasTAFE restored as a Centre of Excellence
Bullet vvv small TasTAFE receiving more government training contracts
Bullet vvv small release of the TasTAFE audit
Bullet vvv small $20 million in capital works funding

TasTAFE plans needed
The Examiner, 17 Feb 2018
The major political parties have not yet provided comprehensive election policies for TasTAFE, UTAS Professor Ian Hay says...

Bullet AEU calls for parties' TasTAFE policies, AEU media release, 16 Feb 2018

Can school shootings be prevented?
npr.org, 15 Feb 2018
USA flag
America's National School Safety Center has provided a list of red flag behaviours that were evident in students and former students responsible for violent deaths in schools...

NAPLAN faces scrutiny
ABC News, 15 Feb 2018
Australia's education ministers say NAPLAN has strayed from its original purpose and has taken on an unwanted dominating role in schools...

Literacy and numeracy coaches promised
Tas Liberals website, 15 Feb 2018
Thirty-five additional literacy and numeracy coaches costing $25 million over six years would be provided under a Liberal government, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...

New high school at Brighton
Tas Liberals website, 15 Feb 2018
A new 7-12 high school would be built in Brighton near the existing primary school if the government is re-elected, Member for Lyons Guy Barnett says...

School farm revitalisation promised
Tas Liberals website, 15 Feb 2018
Ten new school farm teachers and upgraded infrastructure at the Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm and Sheffield School Farm have been promised by the Premier, Will Hodgman...

$324m over 6 years in Liberals' education policy
Tas Liberals website, 14 Feb 2018
Will Hodgman
The Liberals have promised 250 new teachers over the next six years in an education policy released by Liberal leader Will Hodgman and education minister Jeremy Rockliff today.
Details include:
Bullet 358 new staff altogether:
Bullet vvv small 277 new staff within 4 years
Bullet vvv small 80 teacher assistants over six years (with a focus on support in Prep)
Bullet vvv small 10 of the teachers to revitalise school farms
Bullet vvv small 12 new early years staff to cover 6 new Early Learning Hubs (4 operational by 2024)
Bullet vvv small new teachers to allow principals to be freed from having teaching roles
Bullet vvv small new teachers to enable every high school to be extended to Year 12 by 2022
Bullet vvv small ensuring teachers are teaching inside areas of subject expertise
Bullet Special funding for:
Bullet vvv small free pre-school for disadvantaged or vulnerable 3-year-olds
Bullet vvv small $6 million for students with a disability, and $250,000 to test a needs-based model
Bullet vvv small delaying transition of the Early Childhood Intervention Service to the NDIS
Bullet vvv small extending Autism Specific Support Classes
Bullet vvv small $1 million to Relationships Australia and SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTy
Bullet vvv small $1 million to the Beacon Foundation
Bullet $179m for education infrastructure, including:
Bullet vvv small new school at Legana, $20m
Bullet vvv small Penguin District High K-12, $20m
Bullet vvv small Sorell School K-12, $20m
Bullet vvv small Cosgrove High to Year 12, $12m
Bullet See Taking Education to the Next Level [pdf] for full details, including a list identifying which of the above items have already been covered by the State Budget.

Bullet More teachers, school at Legana, The Examiner, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet Liberal Party announces $324m six-year policy, ABC News, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet Early learning, staffing focus, The Advocate, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet Education plan welcome, AEU media release, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet New $20m school for Legana, Tas Liberal media release, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet Liberals' policy includes post-2022 spending, TasLabor media release, 14 Feb 2018
Bullet Specialist teacher shortage data not collected by DoE, The Examiner, 16 Feb 2018

Damaging winds alert
BoWindM website, 14 Feb 2018
Many power lines are down as thunderstorms and damaging winds gusting to 110km/h move across Tasmania..
Bullet DESTRUCTIVE WIND GUSTS IN EXCESS OF 130 KM/H are expected in parts of the north coast

Bullet BoM warnings
Bullet Power outages (TasNetworks)

The US has a phonics issue, too
npr.org, 12 Feb 2018
Teachers are insufficiently aware of the importance of phonics and the science behind learning to read, cognitive scientist Mark Seidenberg says in his book Language at the Speed of Sight.

Welding skills boost for NW
TasLabor website, 8 Feb 2018
Rebecca White
Labor's $150 million North West Development Package, announced by Labor leader Rebecca White today, includes:
Bullet vvv small $250,000 towards a welding simulator to benefit apprentices and those requiring certification for Defence Force supply contracting
Bullet vvv small Industry Advisory Councils to advise TAFE and the training sector
Bullet vvv small $3.5 million for a Child and Family Centre in Smithton
Bullet vvv small $20 million for a K-12 school at Penguin

Fresh fruit fruit fly fear
The Examiner, 7 Feb 2018
Teachers, parents and students in and around the fruit fly control zones at Flinders Island and Spreyton have been asked by DPIPWE to ensure only fruit for school lunch boxes that has been cut up, and therefore properly examined, leaves the zones and that any fruit taken into a zone remains there...

Lamington found in lunch box
7News, 7 Feb 2018
A Melbourne mum says she is angry that a 40-calories lamington she packed in her kindergarten daughter's lunch box was returned uneaten along with a note saying the lamington "doesn't comply with the school's nutrition policy" and instructing her not to include one again...

Steve Martin (Image: The Examiner)FEDERAL POLITICS
Steve Martin kicked out of JLN
The Examiner, 7 Feb 2018
Devonport mayor and newly confirmed Jacqui Lambie Network senator Steve Martin has been told by Jacqui Lambie he will be removed from the party as he intends not to resign to give her his Senate place...

Disability education boost
TasLabor website, 7 Feb 2018
Michelle O'ByrneA majority Labor government would provide $8.8 million to support the Early Childhood Intervention Service, Opposition leader Rebecca White said today. Education spokesperson Michelle O'Byrne said disability finding would be needs-based rather than IQ-based and a children's disability advocate would be appointed...

Water and sewerage skills boost
Tas Liberals media release, 7 Feb 2018
A majority Liberal government would spend $7 million to establish a Trades and Water Centre of Excellence in Clarence, education spokesperson Jeremy Rockliff said today...

Classrooms redesigned without the evidence
The Conversation (opinion by Terry Byers and Peter C. Lippman), 7 Feb 2018
School library (Image: The Conversation)
Too many new classroom designs follow architectural fads rather than evidence of learning impact, two researchers say...

More teachers and new city school from Labor
ABC News, 6 Feb 2018
Rebecca White
In announcing the ALP's state election education policy, Opposition leader Rebecca White says a Labor government would provide significantly more teachers but no immediate unpicking of the high schools extension program, although an audit might lead to later changes. Details include:
Bullet vvv small 89 new teachers
Bullet vvv small the return of 50 teachers from non-teaching roles
Bullet vvv small 40 early years teachers and maintenance of 22 Early Childhood Intervention Service teachers
Bullet vvv small 30 teacher assistants and administrative staff
Bullet vvv small 30 professional support staff such as speech pathologists, school psychologists and social workers
Bullet vvv small 17 Pathway Planning staff
Bullet vvv small 30 Child and Family Centre staff
Bullet vvv small a new co-educational high school in Hobart
Bullet vvv small new K-12 schools in Penguin and Sorell

Bullet Labor's education plan released, TasLabor website, 6 Feb 2018
Bullet Does Labor support next year's five new extension schools?, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 6 Feb 2018
Bullet Audit is a smokescreen, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 6 Feb 2018
Bullet Labor's teacher and support staff boost welcomed, AEU media release, 6 Feb 2018
Bullet Returning 50 teachers to schools will cut critical services, Andrea Dawkins, Greens education spokesperson, 6 Feb 2018
Bullet Special focus on students with a disability, TasLabor website, 7 Feb 2018

Beware Bitcoin?
ABC News, 6 Feb 2018
Bitcoin (Image: ABC News)
After a Brisbane high school found that its students were teaching each other how to make money from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it has decided to run an information session for students, parents and staff...

Make maths compulsory
ABC News (opinion), 5 Feb 2018
STEM supporter David van Gogh urges all states and territories except Tasmania to make mathematics compulsory across all years of high school. (It is already compulsory in all years in Tasmania.)...

Higher pay for teachers, says JLN
The Examiner, 4 Feb 2018
Jacqui Lambie
Tasmania's teachers should be the highest paid and the most qualified, JLN (Jacqui Lambie Network) leader Jacqui Lambie says in introducing a state election education policy that includes:
Bullet vvv small 250 additional teaching jobs
Bullet vvv small RAISING university entry requirements for new teachers
Bullet vvv small REQUIRING five-year degree equivalents for new teachers
Bullet vvv small SECOND-YEAR student teachers completing up to 20 hours per week in a Teacher Assistant role
Bullet vvv small INCREASED professional and other support staff
Bullet vvv small REGULAR classes running social and emotional learning programs
Bullet vvv small A COMMITMENT to funding 75 per cent of the Schools Resource Standard
Bullet vvv small A COMPREHENSIVE review of TasTAFE's operations

Bullet Tasmania's Education System (election policy), JLN website
Bullet JLN education policies welcomed, AEU media release, 4 Feb 2018

Ban smartphones in classrooms
SBS, 4 Feb 2018
Federal education minister Simon Birmingham has called for mobile phones to be kept in school lockers in order to prevent cyberbullying from the classroom...

Bullet Banning phones 'bizarre', ABC News, 5 Feb 2018

Short skirts furore
ABC News, 4 Feb 2018
A Sydney school principal who attempted to prevent female students drawing attention to themselves by wearing short skirts and coloured bras has succeeded in drawing national attention to herself because she referred to sexual harassment in the same talk...

More teachers in Greens' education policy
Tas Greens website [pdf], 2 Feb 2018
Andrea DawkinsGreens education spokesperson Andrea Dawkins says the Greens' education policy for the 2018 state election includes:
Bullet vvv small INCREASING government teacher numbers by 250
Bullet vv small INCREASING teacher assistants by 200
Bullet vv small INCREASING school psychologists, social workers and speech therapists by 133
Bullet vv small EXTENDING trauma-related care
Bullet vv small ACCELERATING needs-based funding for students with a disability
Bullet vv small REVIEWING the Years 11-12 high schools program

Bullet Greens announce $145m education package, The Examiner, 2 Feb 2018
Bullet Greens' staff commitment welcome, AEU media release, 3 Feb 2018

ACARA learning progressions released
ACARA website, 2 Feb 2018
Australian Curriculum
ACARA has released the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions which help teachers identify the stage of development of individual students...

Bullet National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions, ACARA website

Extending high schoolsYEARS 11 AND 12
Year 12 completion up
Tas Liberals website, 1 Feb 2018
The rise in the Year 12 attainment rate by 9 percentage points from 2015 to 2016 is evidence the high school extension program is working, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says...




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