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Office work (Image: freeimages.com)SCHOOL AND WORK
Promoting exposure to the workplace
The Conversation (opinion by Kate Tori), 31 Jul 2018
Schools and the government need to do more to link school students with the world of work, a policy analyst writes....


What Matters winners
news.com.au, 30 Jul 2018
Tas GovernmentThe names of the wining students in the state government's What Matters? competition for students in Years 5 to 12 have been announced by education minister Jeremy Rockliff....


Students not prepared for work
news.com.au, 30 Jul 2018
Schools are not adequately preparing students for life after school but instead are focusing on measurable outcomes such as NAPLAN and ATARs, a Mitchell Institute study says....


Selfie deaths continue
ABC News, 30 Jul 2018
Selfie pair (Image: Daily Mail)
Drowning and falling continue to be the main causes of death while taking selfies. Should schools be warning students of the dangers?....

Bullet Safer selfie campaign, ABC News, 8 Jul 2015



Super Saturday

ABC News, 28 Jul 2018
ABC election analyst Antony Green predicts:
Dot Justine Keay (ALP)
will win Braddon

Dot Susan Lamb (ALP) will win Longman
Dot Rebekha Sharkie (Centre Alliance) will win Mayo
Dot the two WA seats will be won by the ALP
Bullet ABC live results
(ABC News)
Bullet Braddon results (AEC)
Bullet All five electorates: results (AEC)


Meningococcal awareness campaign begins
Tas Govt media release, 28 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
The Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, has outlined how the government will be spreading the word about meningococcal disease over the next few weeks and encouraging young  people to take up the free vaccine offer....

Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas


Lunar eclipse photos
ABC News, 28 Jul 2018
See lunar eclipse images from around the world...

Raising the quality of existing teachers  
The Conversation (opinion), 27 Jul 2018
"Quality Teaching Rounds" enables teachers to cooperate in small groups to improve each other's teaching practices...

High prospects
The Examiner, 27 Jul 2018
Northern Tasmania
Prospect High School is set for an enhanced future following today's opening of $8.5 million worth of redeveloped facilities by education minister Jeremy Rockliff...

Howzat! Imran Khan claims victory
ABC News, 26 Jul 2018
Pakistan flag
Former cricketer Imran Khan has claimed victory in Pakistan's general election, although it is unclear at this stage whether he will gain an absolute majority or have to form a coalition government...

Expanded meningococcal vaccine program announced
ABC News, 26 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
Tasmanians aged over 6 weeks and under 21 years are to be offered free ACWY meningococcal vaccine.
Initial focus will be on Hobart's northern suburbs where three W strains of the recent five meningococcal cases occurred...

Bullet Extending free vaccination program, Tas Govt media release, 26 Jul 2018
Meningococcal vaccine expansion, The Examiner, 26 Jul 2018
Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas

Media merger
ABC News, 26 Jul 2018
Fairfax and Nine are planning a merger to create a giant multi-media company called Nine.
In Tasmania Fairfax publishes The Examiner and The Advocate...

It's now FIVE cases of meningococcal
ABC News, 25 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
The RHH has revealed two more cases of meningococcal disease: a man aged 36 and a man in his 70s.
Preliminary tests suggest the two men and a baby still being treated all have the W strain of the disease...

Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas

Longest eclipse this century
news.com.au, 24 Jul 2018
A total lunar eclipse will occur in the early hours  of this Saturday morning:
3.14am: Penumbral eclipse
4.24am: Partial eclipse
5.30am: Total eclipse
6.21am Maximum eclipse
(See story for more)...

Girls to get pants option
ABC News, 24 Jul 2018
Girls in NSW primary and secondary schools are to be allowed to wear shorts or trousers under a new policy to be announced today...

Severe weather warning - now CANCELLED
BoM, 24 Jul 2018
Flood warnings continue however.
Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES

Two victims had B and W strains
ABC News, 23 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
The 16-year-old who died recently from meningococcal disease had the W strain of the disease and the 20-year-old who was released from hospital had the B strain, health authorities have revealed...
Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas
Bullet Meningococcal FAQ, ABC News, 24 Jul 2018
Bullet Tas vaccination program to be expanded, ABC News, 24 Jul 2018

Physical activity boosts brain power
The Conversation (opinion by Brendon Hyndman), 23Jul 2018
Studies show that physical activity at school leads to better academic results, writes an academic who provides tips for teachers on providing high quality physical activities for students...

Risk encouraged
ABC News, 21Jul 2018
Risky play (Image: ABC)
A Western Australian school is building resilience in children and promoting physical activity and positive relationships by encouraging risky play such as climbing trees, roller-blading and using crates as carts...

Yet another meningococcal case
ABC News, 20 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
A three-month-old baby boy is the Royal Hobart Hospital's third case of meningococcal disease this month...
Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas

Necktie warning
The Conversation (opinion by Steve Kassem), 20 Jul 2018
Necktie (Image: The Conversation, Shutterstock)
Neckties can reduce blood flow to the brain, research based on a small sample size over a short period shows...

Gift cards a trap for kids?
The Conversation (opinion by Louise Grimmer and Martin Grimmer), 19 Jul 2018
Gift cards (Image: Wikimedia)
The elements of gift card use are not fully understood by young children, many of whom may eventually believe that credit cards are just another type of gift card, two academics write...

Severe weather over
BoM, 19 Jul 2018
No more damaging  winds are expected in Tasmania today. However, there are still warnings of possible minor floods..

Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES

Bullet Huonville road closure due to flooding: Channel Hwy between Main Rd and Flood Rd (Police Facebook page)

Another meningococcal case
ABC News, 15 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
A 20-year-old man is being treated for meningococcal disease at the Royal Hobart Hospital, in a case believed to be unrelated to the case of the 16-year-old girl who died from suspected meningococcal disease recently...
Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas

Meningococcal alert
ABC News, 12 Jul 2018
Meningococcal disease
A Hobart girl who recently turned 16 has died from suspected meningococcal disease...
Bullet Meningococcal disease fact sheet, DHHS Tas
Bullet Call for calm over meningococcal death, ABC News, 13 Jul 2018
Bullet What you need to know, ABC News, 13 Jul 2018

Cave rescue doctor grieving father's death
ABC News, 11 Jul 2018
Dr Richard Harris, the Australian doctor who managed the health of the 12 Thai soccer boys and their coach, is grieving the death of his father who died overnight...

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Everybody now out of cave
ABC News, 10 Jul 2018
Thai ambulance (Image: ABC)All 12 members of the soccer team, their coach and the rescuers including an Australian doctor have now emerged from the cave in northern Thailand...

Northern farm funding drop
The Examiner, 10 Jul 2018
Three of the four northern farm schools have lost funding in their initial allocation under the Funding Model. However, a DoE spokesperson says other funding allocations need to be taken into account...

Boris exits over Brexit
BBC News, 10 Jul 2018
UK flag
Britain's Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has resigned, adding to the pressure on Theresa May's government caused by another Cabinet Minister's resignation less than 24 hours earlier...

Uni science and maths backgrounds essential
ABC News, 10 Jul 2018
Every high school would be required to have science and maths teachers with a successful university background in those subjects, education minister Simon Birmingham says ...

Bullet Secondary and primary school maths and science emphasis, Simon Birmingham, Aust Govt speech transcript, 9 Jul 2018

Eighth boy emerges
ABC News, 9 Jul 2018
Thai ambulance (Image: ABC)Four more soccer boys were brought out from the Thai cave today, bringing the total rescued so far to eight...
Bullet Remaining trapped wait for rescue, BBC News, 9 Jul 2018

Four boys out of cave
ABC News, 9 Jul 2018, 12.10am
Thai cave ambulance (Image: ABC)

Four boys (not six as earlier reported)
have been successfully rescued from the cave in northern Thailand and have been taken to hospital..
Bullet The rescue of the rest will occur around 10am-8pm (AEST) Monday...

Bullet Feared heavy rain commences, BBC News, 8 Jul 2018
Bullet First four boys rescued, ABC News, 9 Jul 2018
Bullet Fourth "boy" out of cave was actually the coach, Bangkok Post, 8 Jul 2018 (claim not confirmed by authorities)

Devonport facelift
Tas Govt media release, 7 Jul 2018
Consultation over Devonport High School's $10.5 million redevelopment has begun, with construction expected to commence in 2021...

Thai cave death
ABC News, 6 Jul 2018
Thai cave rescuers (Image: ABC)A volunteer rescuer who was a former Navy SEAL has died from lack of oxygen while working in the Thai cave system where 12 boys and their soccer coach are trapped...

Bullet Elon Musk offers drilling support, ABC News, 6 Jul 2018

Safe sexting?
The Examiner, 4 Jul 2018
VictoriaA Victorian teacher has developed a program to teach students how women can sext using harm minimisation principles...

Bullet Negative reaction to safe sexting video, 9News, 30 Jun 2018

AEU logs of claims logged
AEU (Tas) website, 3 Jul 2018
AEUThe AEU Tasmanian Branch has logged logs of claims with the DoE and TasTAFE which feature:
Bullet a 3 per cent wage rise followed by a wage nexus with other Australian government teachers
Bullet  reduced administrative burdens
Bullet  action to reduce stress on principals

Bullet Principals' wellbeing affected by stress, The Examiner, 4 Jul 2018

Thai cave boys found alive
ABC News, 3 Jul 2018
Thai cave soccer team
The 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped inside a flooded cave system have been found safe and sound

Bullet UPDATE: Rescue plans commence, ABC News, 4 Jul 2018

Principal fights back over parental aggression
ABC News, 2 Jul 2018
NSWThe principal of a Sydney non-government school has criticised the minority of parents who behave aggressively towards teachers, attributing the behaviour to a "general decline in civility in society"...

Extension of high schoolsEXTENSION TO YEAR 12
Extension numbers revealed
The Examiner, 1 Jul 2018
The numbers of Year 12 students at nine extended Northern high schools, led by Scottsdale High with 17, has been released by education minister Jeremy Rockliff...





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