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Gold Coast Commonwealth GamesCOMMONWEALTH GAMES
Tassie's Games reps
Tas Govt media release, 31 Mar 2018
A list of Tasmanian athletes participating in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast has been released by the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Jacquie Petrusma...

Basslink cable damaged again
ABC News, 28 Mar 2018
Basslink cable (Image: ABC)
Damage to equipment at the Victorian end of the Basslink cable has put the electricity link, but not the digital data link, out of action until mid-April....

French starting age to be 3 years
ABC News, 28 Mar 2018
French flag
France's President Emmanuel Macron says the country's compulsory school starting age will change from six years to three years...

Kim and Xi meet
ABC News, 28 Mar 2018
Kim and Xi (Image: ABC)
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has traveled by train to Beijing to meet China's President Xi Jinping...

Cricket trio sent home
ABC News, 28 Mar 2018
Cricket Australia says the only people to know about the ball-tampering plan in South Africa were captain Steve Smith, vice captain David Warner and ball sandpaperer Cameron Bancroft.
Bullet vvv small Darren Lehmann remains head coach (contrary to some media reports).
Bullet vvv small Tasmania's Tim Paine is now officially the new captain ...

Attendance key
The Conversation (opinion by Nicholas Biddle), 26 Mar 2018
Smith Family
Improving students' Year 7 attendance levels makes them more likely to complete Year 12, research using Smith Family data shows...

No more damaging winds
BoWindM website, 26 Mar 2018
There is no longer a warning for damaging winds in Tasmania.
As well, flood warnings are coming to an end for the North Esk River, northern catchments and the Huon River.

Bullet BoM warnings
Bullet Power outages (TasNetworks)
Bullet Road closures (Tas Police)
Bullet SES alerts

Cricket mess: ball tampering stand-downs
ABC News, 25 Mar 2018
Australia's cricket team captain Steve Smith and vice-captain Dave Warner will stand down after confessing they planned the deliberate modification of the condition of the ball in South Africa...

Early childhoodEARLY CHILDHOOD
Early childhood Tuesday walkout explained
The Conversation (opinion), 23 Mar 2018
Whether or not they are university-qualified, early childhood educators suffer financially from the fact that their jobs have traditionally been regarded as "women's work", three academics write...

Bullard Secretary
Tas Govt media release, 23 Mar 2018
The Premier, Will Hodgman, has announced that Tim Bullard will be the Secretary of the Department of Education (after having been acting secretary), and Jenny Gale will become Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet (after having been P&C acting secretary, and DoE secretary before that)...

Chalet destroyed
The Examiner, 23 Mar 2018
The Bronte Park Chalet has been destroyed by fire...

Bullet Historic lodge destroyed by fire, ABC News, 23 Mar 2018

Shadow ministry announced
ABC News, 21 Mar 2018
Opposition leader Rebecca White has announced Labor's shadow ministry.
Michelle O'Byrne is Shadow Minister for Education and Early Years...

New Cabinet announced
ABC News, 20 Mar 2018
Will Hodgman
Premier Will Hodgman has announced his new Ministry.
Jeremy Rockliff remains Minister for Education and Training...

Bullet List of portfolios [pdf]
Bullet Portfolios revealed, The Examiner, 20 Mar 2018
Bullet AEU welcomes Rockliff remaining education minister, AEU media release, 20 Mar 2018

Damaging winds alert
BoWindM website, 18 Mar 2018
Damaging winds gusting to 100km/h (120km/h in exposed areas) are expected throughout mainland Tasmania on Sunday night and Monday morning.

Bullet BoM warnings
Bullet Power outages (TasNetworks)
Bullet Road closures (Tas Police)
Bullet SES alerts

Liberals win SA election
ABC News, 17 Mar 2018
South Australia
Sixteen years of Labor government have come to an end with the Liberal Party led by Steven Marshall winning today's state election in South Australia.
Nick Xenophon appears unlikely to win the seat he stood for...

Labor wins Batman federal by-election
ABC News, 17 Mar 2018
VictoriaLabor's Ged Kearney, former ACTU president, appears likely to finish ahead of the Greens in Victoria's federal by-election for Batman which had been brought on by the resignation of the sitting member over citizenship...

Fire at Penguin District School
The Examiner, 16 Mar 2018
NW Tasmania
Students were evacuated while the Tasmania Fire Service investigated the source of smoke in a classroom at Penguin District School this morning. The cause appears to be faulty wiring..

Greens win second seat
ABC News, 15 Mar 2018
Rosalie Woodruff (Image: ABC, Facebook)
The Greens have won two seats in the Tasmanian State election with Franklin MP
Rosalie Woodruff now being elected after distribution of preferences 226 votes ahead of the Liberals' Nic Street.
Bullet vvv small Bass Greens candidate Andrea Dawkins was defeated by Labor's Jennifer Houston who won the fifth seat in that electorate
Bullet vvv small In Denison, Ella Haddad has defeated sitting member and fellow Labor candidate Madeleine Ogilvie.
Bullet vvv small HISTORIC RESULT: The new Parliament will enter uncharted territory with a majority of the Members of the House of Assembly being women

Stephen Hawking (Image: ABC)BRILLIANT THINKERS
Stephen Hawking dies
ABC News, 14 Mar 2018
Astro-physicist Stephen Hawking, who was given two years to live when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1963, has died aged 76...

No confidence in principal and school council
New Daily, 12 Mar 2018
Former school captains of Melbourne's Trinity Grammar say the deputy principal who had been sacked over haircutting was trying to preserve the school's traditional values over the principal's push to increase "ATAR excellence, growth and profit"...

Northern TasmaniaNAPLAN
Pleased as Punch over NAPLAN
The Examiner, 12 Mar 2018
The principal of Punchbowl Primary School, Elizabeth O'Donahue, says "a lot of hard work" enabled the school to achieve substantially improved NAPLAN results...

Tony Benneworth (Image: The Examiner)TASMANIAN PEOPLE
Tony Benneworth dies
The Examiner, 11 Mar 2018
Former Tasmanian cricketer and Member of the House of Assembly Tony Benneworth was one of the two men who lost their lives in a boating incident at Ansons Bay yesterday. Mr Benneworth was 67...

PR disaster over sacked deputy
ABC News, 9 Mar 2018
The sacking of the popular deputy principal of Melbourne's Trinity Grammar School because he trimmed a student's hair on school photo day has created anger among parents, students and former students, attracting unwanted national attention...

Bullet Review announced, ABC News, 12 Mar 2018

Bike skills shock
stuff.co.nz, 7 Mar 2018
A New Zealand primary school is teaching safe cycling skills after many of its students embarrassingly admitted they could not ride a bike...

Kim and Trump to meet
ABC News, 9 Mar 2018
Kim and Trump
President Donald Trump has agreed to meet North Korea's President Kim Jong-un by May, in a stunning development that apparently also includes Kim's willingness to tone down his nuclear ambitions...

Boys need to enjoy reading
The Conversation (opinion by Laura Scholes), 8 Mar 2018
Reducing boys' underperformance in LiteracyNAPLAN reading tests requires schools to ensure they enjoy reading, a researcher says, warning that specifically preparing boys for the tests can actually reduce their motivation...

Armed teachers now
The Guardian, 8 Mar 2018
School shooting (Image: wvnews.com)
Florida has passed a Bill that allows teachers to be armed and will provide more funding for mental health, in the wake of the recent school shooting in that State...

How to prevent school shootings
npr.org, 7 Mar 2018
School shooting (Image: wvnews.com)
Experts say proactive policies in schools can prevent mass shootings, particularly:
Bullet vvv small policies that address bullying, emotional health, suicide and the reduction of suspensions and expulsions
Bullet vvv small a school climate that encourages witnesses to report weapons being shown at school, and
Bullet vvv small the use of threat assessments

List of policies released
Tas Liberals website [pdf], 7 Mar 2018
Premier Will Hodgman has released an extended list of policies that includes previously unpublicised policy topics raised by various special interest groups....

Croc lesson
ABC News, 7 Mar 2018
Crocodile and student (Image: ABC News)
A live but restrained 3.9 metre crocodile has been taken to a Northern Territory school in an effort to persuade the students to keep away from it in its natural habitat....

NAPLAN and other data now on My School site
ACARA media release, 7 Mar 2018
My School
The My School website has NAPLANbeen updated with the latest NAPLAN data and other data about individual schools....

Bullet My School website
Bullet Call for NAPLAN review, The Examiner, 7 Mar 2018

No improvement in maths and reading
ABC News, 7 Mar 2018
There has been no sign of improvement in student maths and reading results in ten years of NAPLAN results, a review using ACER data has shown. As well, the results of disadvantaged students have fallen sharply...

Financial literacy starts in school
ABC News, 6 Mar 2018
A foundation set up by a debt collection agency tells Queensland school students how to manage their finances...

Will wins
ABC News, 4 Mar 2018
Will HodgmanPremier Will Hodgman has achieved historic consecutive Liberal state election victories. Labor has won a seat from the Liberals in Braddon. Uncertainty remains over the fifth seats in Bass and Franklin...

Bullet Why this result occurred, The Conversation (opinion by Adrian Beaumont), 4 Mar 2018
Tasmanians like majority government, The Conversation (opinion by Richard Eccleston), 4 Mar 2018

Libs scrape back
ABC News, 3 Mar 2018
TasmaniaElection analyst Antony Green says the Liberals will gain a (reduced) majority of at least 13 seats, winning the 2018 Tasmanian state election...Vanessa Goodwin

Vanessa Goodwin dies
ABC News, 3 Mar 2018
Former attorney-general Vanessa Goodwin has died aged 48 following a battle with brain cancer...


Sat 3 Mar 2018

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Bullying letter
ABC News, 1 Mar 2018
The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has written to Australia's principals to ask them for assistance in stamping out school and online bullying and violence...

Clarendon Vale Primary closed
ABC News, 6.30am, 1 Mar 2018
Southern Tasmania
Clarendon Vale Primary School is closed today (Thursday) due to water damage.
The school is expected to reopen tomorrow. FacebookCheck for confirmation on the school's Facebook page.





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