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Voters change council leaders
ABC News, 31 Oct 2018
TasmaniaTasmania's local government elections appear to have delivered some major leadership changes, including:
- Anna Reynolds as lord mayor of Hobart
- Helen Burnet as deputy lord mayor of Hobart
- Debbie Wisby as mayor of Glamorgan-Spring Bay
- Dean Winter as mayor of Kingborough
- David Munday as mayor of King Island.
These likely results are subject to checking

Bullet Election results, Tas Electoral Commission


Indonesian plane crash
ABC News, 29 Oct 2018
Indonesia flag
A Lion Air plane with at least 189 people on board has crashed shortly after taking off in Indonesia..


Snug gym
Tas Govt media release, 27 Oct 2018
Southern Tasmania
A $2.5 million tender for the construction of a multi-function gym-performance hall at Snug Primary was advertised today..


Economic benefits
The Conversation (opinion by Richard Holden), 25 Oct 2018
Improving the education and lives of students in less well-off areas yields far greater benefits for the economy than most people realise, an economist writes..


Seven students stabbed with syringe
ABC News, 24 Oct 2018
Seven students at Plumpton High School in Sydney's west have been stabbed with a syringe in what appears to be a prank by another student..

Bullet (Update) 14-year-old charged after pricking eight students with syringe, ABC News, 26 Oct 2018


Get Involved in building projects
Tas Govt media release, 24 Oct 2018
The DoE's Get Involved campaign encourages community input into decisions about school building projects such as Penguin District School, the new Brighton High School and the JRLF school farm redevelopment, education minister Jeremy Rockliff says..


Strike rallies warn of more to come
ABC News, 24 Oct 2018
Industrial actionRallies of public servants around the State have reaffirmed their dissatisfaction with the government's 2 per cent pay offer..


No change to bus timetables
ABC News, 24 Oct 2018
Industrial actionMetro and private bus operators will not change their timetables to collect students leaving school earlier than usual today..

Bullet The SOUTH AEU members' meeting has been moved to the Parliament House lawns (AEU website)
Bullet Disrupting parents and schools, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 24 Oct 2018


Now 63 early closers
DoE website, 2.20pm 23 Oct 2018
Industrial actionThe number of schools planning to close early tomorrow (Wednesday) is now 63 (having earlier risen to 66 then 67). Schools no longer on the early closing list are:
- Dodges Ferry Primary
- Exeter District High
- Oatlands District High, and
- Punchbowl Primary

Bullet Union disrupting services, Peter Gutwein Treasurer, 23 Oct 2018
Bullet AEU justification for strike action wrong, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 23 Oct 2018


Tassie not so bad after all
ABC News, 23 Oct 2018
In comparison with other Australian students, Tasmanian students are performing "well above average" when socio-economic factors are taken into account in analysing NAPLAN data, according to the Grattan Institute..

Bullet Measuring student progress, Grattan Institute (provides link to report)
Bullet Report welcomed by government, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 23 Oct 2018
Bullet Queensland seems to be the model to copy - but what exactly are they doing right?, ABC News (opinion), 23 Oct 218,


Eleven children removed
ABC News, 22 Oct 2018
Nauru (Image: Wikipedia)
Eleven children were removed from Nauru for medical attention today, Australian Border Force officials have said..


Early closing for 66 schools
ABC News, 22 Oct 2018
Industrial actionSixty-six Tasmanian primary and high schools will have to close early on Wednesday when teachers attend AEU stop-work meetings. The closing times vary from 1.30pm to 2.45pm ..

Bullet List of 66 schools to close early, with closing times, DoE website. (Check this page for any updates.)
Bullet AEU flags potential school closures, AEU media release, 16 Oct 2018
Bullet Minister must decide if schools will close early, AEU media release, 19 Oct 2018
Bullet School closures on Wednesday, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 22 Oct 2018


Employer-friendly VCE promised
ABC News, 22 Oct 2018
VictoriaLabor has promised that if it is successful in Victoria's November state election it will ensure leaving certificates provide information about a student's standards in literacy and numeracy, information employers have long been asking for..


Phelps on track to win
ABC News, 22 Oct 2018 (updated)
House of Representatives (Image: SBS)
ABC election analyst Antony Green says independent candidate Kerryn Phelps is on track to win the Wentworth by-election, albeit with a narrower majority than first predicted.


Education Ambassadors named
Tas Govt media release, 18 Oct 2018
Dept of Education
Marking 150 years of public education in Tasmania, education minister Jeremy Rockliff has named 19 adult and student Education Ambassadors..

Bullet Details of Education Ambassadors (DoE)

Bullet DoE announcement


Told you so
ABC News, 18 Oct 2018
The AEU deputy president says the AEU's concerns about online and paper-and-pencil NAPLAN tests not being comparable have been vindicated in a report by the NSW Education Department..


Apprentices jump
Tas Govt media release, 18 Oct 2018
The newly released TasTAFE Annual Report shows that the number of apprentices rose from 3958 in 2015 to 4385 in 2017..


Mini motos built at school
stuff.co.nz, 18 Oct 2018
Mini motos (Image: stuff.co.nz)
Some New Zealand students are building and racing their own electric mini motos..


Classroom robots loom
The Conversation (opinion by Kristyn Sommer and Marie Boden), 17 Oct 2018
Robots facilitate learning when students learn from them or learn with them, and even when students have to prepare themselves for teaching the robot, two researchers say..


Stop work meetings loom
AEU Tas website, 16 Oct 2018
Some schools may have to close early on Wednesday next week, 24 October, when the AEU will hold stop work meetings around Tasmania, to make the point that 'enough is enough' over a range of issues..


Lack of support for LGBTIQ discrimination
The Conversation (opinion), 16 Oct 2018
Discrimination by religious schools against LGBTIQ students and teachers is not supported by the wider community, four sociology academics write..

Bullet Legislation needed, The Conversation (opinion), 17 Oct 2018 


Relationship sparks stand-down
ABC News, 16 Oct 2018
The Minister for Primary Industries, Sarah Courtenay, will step down to allow an investigation of her personal relationship with the DPIPWE head, Dr John Whittington, to take place..


Food as a reward
The Conversation (opinion), 16 Oct 2018
Five experts all say that food should not be used as a reward for good behaviour by children..


Giving help to spelling strugglers
The Conversation (opinion by Misty Adoniou), 16 Oct 2018
A literacy academic provides tips for parents who wish to help children who need spelling assistance..


Youngest misdiagnosed with ADHD
kidspot.com.au, 15 Oct 2018
The youngest and less mature children in a class are more likely to be wrongly diagnosed with ADHD and consequently receive inappropriate medication, another study shows..


Open the classroom windows
stuff.co.nz, 15 Oct 2018
New Zealand flag
A study of indoor and outside air quality at a New Zealand school shows that for the sake of students' health the classroom windows should be opened more often..


Tas schoolkids (Image: ABC)YOUTH POLICY
Out of the mouths of schoolkids
ABC News, 11 Oct 2018
Tasmanian school students gathered at Campbell Town to provide their views on how a better future can be created for youth..


Narrow the gay student ban
ABC News, 10 Oct 2018
A report from a panel chaired by former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock recommends that the ability of religious schools to turn away gay students should be formalised. This would effectively 'contract' the power, not expand it as earlier news reports had claimed, Ruddock says..

Bullet EARLIER REPORT: Religious schools would gain right to expel gay students, The Guardian, 10 Oct 2018
Bullet Ruddock report constrains, not expands, federal religious exemptions, The Conversation (opinion), 11 Oct 2018
Bullet PM vows to ban expulsion of gay students, ABC News, 13 Oct 2018


Getting boys to read more
The Conversation (opinion by Margaret Kristin Merger), 10 Oct 2018
An education lecturer suggests six strategies to "connect boys with books".


Child going to schoolEQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY
Birthday lottery
The Conversation (opinion), 9 Oct 2018
Where a child's birthday falls in relation to his or her state's school starting cut-off age has an impact on their self-confidence and success in life, research shows..


Jail for trolls and cyberbullies
ABC News, 8 Oct 2018
BullyingCyberbullying and online trolling could lead to jail under laws to be introduced in NSW. Even juveniles will be subject to the laws, but "in the most extreme circumstances"..
Bullet The spelling has finally changed form "gaol" to "jail": Jail or gaol, ABC, 22 Jun 2016


$1.75 billion for three-year-olds promised
The Conversation (opinion by Allison Elliott), 5 Oct 2018
Bill Shorten
Research shows there certainly are benefits from boosting early childhood education, as federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten has promised to do..
Bullet Labor pledges $1.75b for three-year-old preschoolers, ABC News, 5 Oct 2018

'Sector-blind' funding a myth
ABC News (opinion by Glenn C. Savage), 4 Oct 2018
Gonski 2.0Gonski's needs-based funding aims and equality in education are not achieved under a so-called 'sector-blind' approach to funding for Catholic and independent schools, an education academic writes
Bullet Should the government pick up the tab for private school funding?, ABC News, 5 Oct 2018


Retention rate: stagnant or rising?
ABC News, 3 Oct 2018
Rising graph
ACARA data shows Tasmania's Year 12 retention rate has risen by only one percentage point to 71.5 per cent over the 10 years to 2017, but education minister Jeremy Rockliff says over the last four years it has risen from 70 to 74 per cent
Bullet Retention reforms working, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 3 Oct 2018
Bullet Tackle disengagement much earlier, Michelle O'Byrne, Opposition education spokesperson, 3 Oct 2018


CommBank paid Qld schools $400,000
ABC News, 2 Oct 2018
The Commonwealth Bank has paid Queensland government schools almost $400,000 to sign up students to their school banking program.
Bullet Time to get Dollarmites out of schools, ABC News (opinion), 3 Oct 2018
No data on CommBank's Dollarmites in SA, ABC News, 3 Oct 2018







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