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Voting looms on agreement
AEU (Tas) media release, 27 Sep 2019
Helen Richardson (Image: The Mercury)Teachers will vote in early Term 4 over a new agreement that will provide them with a pay rise of more than 6 per cent over three years, give primary school teachers the lowest contact hours in Australia and improve conditions for teacher assistants and new teachers, AEU state president Helen Richardson says...

Bullet Teachers achieve major breakthrough, The Examiner, 28 Sep 2019




More TFA teachers
Tas Govt media release, 27 Sep 2019
Training - boy with dart (Image: rf123.com, charlesmartin
Up to nineteen mature age people are to train to become teachers through the continuing Teach for Australia (TFA) program, education minister Jeremy Rockliff has announced ...




eSchool positions safe
Tas Govt media release, 26 Sep 2019
Southern TasmaniaFunding and teacher allocation at the eSchool will not be cut next year, education minister Jeremy Rockliff stressed today...

Bullet eSchool funding continuation is a backflip, and there is a looming four-year $120 million education cut, Josh Willie, Opposition education spokesperson, 26 Sep 2019




More early learning places
Tas Govt media release, 25 Sep 2019
The success of the Working Together- Supporting Early Learning free early education pilot has resulted in 240 new places being added by 2021 ...



Suspension was unlawful
ABC News, 24 Sep 2019
Boris JohnsonBritish PM Boris Johnson's advice to the Queen to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled, prompting calls for the prime minister to resign...



Escapee caught
ABC News, 12.02pm 24 Sep 2019
The prisoner who escaped from the Risdon Prison yesterday has been recaptured by police...




Zone change awareness needed
TasLabor media release, 23 Sep 2019
Josh WillieThe community needs to be made more aware of the government's planned changes to school intake zones, Opposition education spokesperson Josh Willie says...

Bullet Consultation extensive and ongoing, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 22 Sep 2019




Inspirers named
Tas Govt media release, 20 Sep 2019
DoEThe names of educators who have received Together We Inspire awards have been released by the Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff...




Fear over climate change anxiety
The Conversation (opinion by Rachael Sharman and Patrick D. Nunn), 20 Sep 2019
Climate change student protestors (Image: The Connversation, AAP)
The fears for the planet's future exhibited by the students participating in today's global climate change protest could turn into anxiety unless the students are shown how we will be able to adapt to the expected harmful changes, two academics write...

Bullet Australia's school curriculum does not adequately address climate change, The Conversation (opinion), 19 Sep 2019




Sorell concept plan unveiled
Tas Govt media release, 19 Sep 2019
Southern TasmaniaFeedback on the concept drawings for a redeveloped Sorell School is being sought by Friday 1 November 2019...




eSchool teacher cuts fears
ABC News, 16 Sep 2019
Southern TasmaniaFour full-time distance education teaching positions are apparently to be axed from the Tasmanian eSchool from the beginning of 2020...

Bullet eSchool to shed four full-time positions, Josh Willie, Opposition education spokesperson, 17 Sep 2019
Bullet eSchool staffing remains above 2016 recommendations
, Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training, 17 Sep 2019

Adult-ready HPE skills needed
The Conversation (opinion), 16 Sep 2019
Walking students (Image: The Conversation, Shutterstock)
To enable students to turn into adults who are more physically active, and therefore healthier, schools need to teach them skills in the the kind of sport and recreation activities that adults prefer, three health and physical education academics write...




White names shadow ministry
TasLabor media release, 12 Sep 2019
Rebecca WhiteOpposition leader Rebecca White has announced the new allocation of Labor Party shadow portfolios.
They include:
Dot Treasury: David O'Byrne (also Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly)
Dot Education and Early Years, Child Safety, Youth Affairs: Josh Willie
Dot TAFE, University and Skills: Michelle O'Byrne (also Deputy Leader)...
Bullet Labor's Shadow Ministry [pdf]




Wild winds close Goulburn St PS
DoE website, ABC Radio, 12 Sep 2019
Southern TasmaniaGoulburn Street Primary School will be closed today (Thursday) after losing a roof during overnight winds which gusted to 113km/h in Hobart.
The "current plan" is to remain closed on Friday and to re-open on Monday..

Bullet Strong winds cut power, ABC News, 12 Sep 2019
Bullet School alerts - DoE
Bullet School closures - TasLearn
Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES



Ogilvie wins countback
ABC News, 10 Sep 2019
Madeleine Ogilvie (Image: ABC News)Madeleine Ogilvie is the winner of the seat to replace recently retired Scott Bacon in the electorate of Clark.
The question still remains whether she will rejoin the Labor Party or sit as an Independent...

Bullet UPDATE: The Mercury claims Madeleine Ogilvy will announce tomorrow (Thursday) that she will sit in the House of Assembly as an Independent (ABC Radio, 11 Sep 2019 11.52pm)




Retaining early career teachers
The Conversation (opinion), 9 Sep 2019
Teachers (Image: llifelonglearning)The waste to the profession and the economy caused by teachers leaving the profession early in their career can be countered by, for example, increasing the number of permanent positions and specially tailoring their working conditions, three academics write...




Young Archies display on now
Tas Govt media release, 8 Sep 2019
Portraits (Image: clipartquery-com)
The entries in the Young Archies portrait competition for K-12 students in Tasmanian government schools are on display at the UTAS School of Creative Arts in Hobart until Sunday 15 September 2019...




NAPLAN not tough enough
The Conversation (opinion by Paul Brown and Kok-sing Tang), 6 Sep 2019
NAPLANThe validity (but not the reliability) of NAPLAN Year 5 and 9 numeracy tests is in doubt as the tests do not adequately reflect the maths curriculum for those years, two academics say...




Oppressive former teacher dies
ABC News, 6 Sep 2019
Robert Mugabe (Image: Wikipedia)Robert Mugabe, the former teacher who took Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) to independence but spoilt his copybook by becoming more and more dictatorial, has died at the age 95...



Heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow
BoM website, 5 Sep 2019
WindHeavy rain and possible flash flooding are expected in Tasmania's north and east tomorrow (Fri) and Saturday, along with  damaging winds in the east...
Bullet UPDATE 6 Sep 2019: The south-east is included in the warnings.
Bullet UPDATE 7 Sep 2019: The major warning is cancelled.

Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES






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