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Lockdown in Queensland following student to teacher transmission 
ABC News, 31 Jul 2021

QueenslandEleven local government areas in Queensland are being placed into a three-day hard lockdown from today, with two schools being at the centre of the latest coronavirus outbreak after a student passed the Delta strain to a teacher.
Bullet Stay-at-home order for 11,000 Tasmanians: an update on Tasmanian school students who have been in Queensland will be announced tomorrow (Sunday) - The Mercury website, 31 Jul 2021. See also COVID update (DHHS).
Bullet Tas Govt Travel Alert page
Bullet UPDATE Mon 2 Aug 2021: Qld lockdown extended to 4.00pm Sun 8 Aug 2021. (ABC News.)


Survive Doomsday in Tasmania 
ABC News, 30 Jul 2021

Nuclear cloud (Image: ABC News, CTBTO Photostrean)
Tasmania is one of the top five best places in the world to live if society collapses, a British study claims.


Big jump in COVID cases 
ABC News, 29 Jul 2021

NSWThe daily number of coronavirus cases in NSW jumped from 177 to 239 today.
Bullet UPDATE 30 Jul 2021: Friday's number of cases dropped to 170.
Bullet UPDATE 31 Jul 2021: Saturday's number of locally-acquired cases rose to 210, two-thirds of whom are UNDER 40 years of age.


Ariarne wins her second gold 
ABC News, 28 Jul 2021

Ariarne TitmusAriarne Titmus has won gold in the 200 metres at Tokyo, with a new Olympic record and easily defeating Katie Ledecky who was well down in the placings.


Four-week lockdown 
ABC News, 28 Jul 2021

NSWThe Greater Sydney area's coronavirus lockdown is to be extended by four weeks.
Bullet However, YEAR 12 STUDENTS are to return to face-to-face teaching in two weeks, and they will be offered the Pfizer vaccine which is being redirected from rural NSW for them.


Cable car rejected 
ABC News, 27 Jul 2021

Mt Wellington (Image: taslearn.com)

The Hobart City Council has rejected the application to build a cable car on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.


Ariarne Titmus wins her 400m gold 
ABC News, 26 Jul 2021

Ariarne TitmusTasmania's Ariarne Titmus has defeated Katie Ledecky to win the 400 metres women's freestyle race at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Back to school for SA travellers 
DoE Alerts page, 25 Jul 2021

Staff and students who had returned from South Australia on or since 8 July are allowed to join returning visitors to Victoria and return to school tomorrow (Monday), if they are not required to quarantine and are not awaiting a COVID test or test result.
Bullet See the DoE Alerts page


Back to school for returning travellers 
DoE Alerts page, 23 Jul 2021
, updated 5.15pm
Staff and students staying at home because they had travelled to Victoria are now allowed to return to school on Monday, 26 July, no mask necessary.
Bullet See the DoE Alerts page for information for staff and students who have returned from South Australia (and check later for any updates).


Sanitary progress 
Tas Govt media release, 23 Jul 2021

Sarah Courtney
Following a letter from two students at Exeter High School, the state government will make pads and tampons available free in Tasmanian government schools, education minister Sarah Courtney announced today.


Pfizer approved for 12-15 year-olds 
Aust Govt media release, 23 Jul 2021

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year-old children in Australia. Please wait quietly at the back of the queue (although presumably these young people would rank ahead of older people for whom AstraZeneca is the recommended vaccine but who have a preference for Pfizer).


Submerged swimming best 
The Conversation (opinion by Anthony Blazevich), 23 Jul 2021

Swimmer (Image: The Conversation, Shutterstock)
The most successful swimmers in the Tokyo Olympic Games will be those who spend a greater proportion of the time swimming underwater during their race, a professor of biomechanics says



Sydney focus of national emergency 
ABC News, 23 Jul 2021

NSWSouth-west and western Sydney's coronavirus outbreak is now a national emergency requiring a massive step-up in vaccinations, NSW authorities say.


Making masks work in the classroom 
The Conversation (opinion by David Roy and Jill Duncan), 21 Jul 2021

Mask wearerTwo academics provide tips for teachers who as well as their students need to wear masks in the classroom.



Tas man dies after AZ vaccine 
The Examiner, 22 Jul 2021 and The Mercury, 21 Jul 2021

TasmaniaA Tasmanian man in his 40s has died with thrombosis after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. He is the sixth Australian to die after having the first dose of the vaccine.


Australia wins 2032 Olympic Games 
ABC News, 21 Jul 2021

Olympic ringsHost-city applicant Brisbane has succeeded in securing the 2032 Olympic Games for Australia.


New mayors 
The Mercury, 21 Jul 2021

Bec Thomas (Image: The Mercury)Bullet Current acting mayor Bec Thomas has beaten Sue Hickey to become Glenorchy's new mayor.
Bullet Paula Wriedt has beaten Clare Glade-Wright to become Kingborough's mayor.
Bullet Shane Pitt has defeated Phillip Evans to become the West Coast council's new mayor.


Restrictions imposed on Vic, NSW and SA travellers now in Tasmania 
ABC News, 20 Jul 2021 and The Mercury, 21 Jul 2021

TasmaniaStudents and staff now in Tasmania who have been to South Australia or Victoria since Thursday 8 July have to remain away from school until at least this Friday, 23 July (ie, away all week), when a decision will be made on when they can return to school.
An earlier report included NSW among the states - so check government websites for whether or not NSW is still included.
Bullet Tasmanians returning from South Australia and Victoria (DoE, 20 Jul 2021)
Bullet South Australia declared high-risk, Tas Govt media release, 21 Jul 2021
Bullet Important Community Updates, Tas Govt


SA third lockdown state 
ABC News, 20 Jul 2021

South AustraliaSouth Australia has joined Victoria and NSW in going into COVID lockdown.


Mystery update coming for Vic travellers in Tasmania 
Tas Govt media release, 19 Jul 2021

Mask wearerMask-wearing Tasmanian students and teachers who are currently due to return to school on Thursday because they had been in Victoria recently will receive an "update" on the situation on Tuesday or Wednesday, education Sarah Courtney says.
Bullet UPDATE 20 Jul 2021: Stay-away extended: The Victorian travellers, as well as SA and NSW travellers now in Tasmania, have to stay away from school until AT LEAST Friday - see latest story 22 Jul 2021 .



Longer lockdown for Victoria 
ABC News, 19 Jul 2021

VictoriaVictoria will extend its lockdown beyond tomorrow (Tuesday), until a date that will likely be announced tomorrow.
Bullet UPDATE 20 Jul 2021: Lockdown extended for 7 days


Mask wearers' return delayed 
Tas Govt media release, 18 Jul 2021

Mask wearerStudents and teachers who had previously been told to wear masks because they had returned to Tasmania from a Victorian trip are now required to stay home from school and return on Thursday 22 July.


Greater performing arts focus needed 
ABC News, 17 Jul 2021

Australian CurriculumPrize-winning Tasmanian author Amanda Lohrey is pressing for increased focus on the performing arts as a means of improving students' literacy skills.


More support staff for CFCs 
Tas Govt media release, 15 Jul 2021

Sarah CourtneyRecruitment has begun for more Child and Family Centre school psychologists, social workers and speech and language pathologists, education minister Sarah Courtney says.
Bullet Additional staffing doesn't go far enough, Josh Willie, Opposition education spokesperson, 15 Jul 2021


New Labor shadow ministry announced 
TasLabor website, 13 Jul 2021

Rebecca WhiteNew Opposition leader Rebecca White has announced her shadow ministry.
Bullet Josh Willie is responsible for education and early years, TAFE, university, and skills and training.



Year 11 and 12 attendance too low 
TasLabor website, 12 Jul 2021

Josh WillieThe majority of Year 11 and 12 schools have an attendance rate for those years of only between 60 and 70 per cent, Opposition education spokesperson Josh Willie says.
Bullet An ad campaign not an appropriate response to low attendance rates, Josh WIlley, 16 Jul 2021


Violence rates and suspensions too high 
TasLabor website, 11 Jul 2021

The level of physical assaults against students and staff in Tasmanian schools is unacceptably high, Opposition education spokesperson Josh Willie says.


Precautionary check for Tasmanians 
ABC News, 10 Jul 2021

TasmaniaTasmanians have been asked to check whether they have been in certain locations at the same time as two people who tested positive for COVID-19 two days after leaving the state.
The locations  currently include:
Glaziers Bay
King Meadows
New Norfolk

Bullet See Public exposure sites (DHHS) for the latest details.



COVID crisis looms in NSW 
ABC News, 9 Jul 2021

NSWFriday's number of coronavirus cases in NSW has jumped to 44, of which a concerning 29 had been in the community while infectious.
The total number of close contacts has staggeringly doubled to 14,000.
Bullet UPDATE 11 Jul 2021: Sunday's figures have jumped to 77 new cases and one death.

Bullet UPDATE 10 Jul 2021: Saturday's number has jumped to 50 new cases.


Delta and kids 
The Conversation (opinion), 8 Jul 2021

CoronavirusThere is a range of ways schools can respond to the new COVID-19 Delta variant, four medical experts suggest. .


Unwelcome jump in COVID numbers 
ABC News, 8 Jul 2021

NSWThe number of new local coronavirus cases in NSW has jumped to a 14-month high of 38 from yesterday's 26.
Bullet UPDATE 9 Jul 2021: Friday's number has jumped to 44, of which a concerning 29 had been in the community while infectious.


Financial literacy's incredible decline 
The Conversation (opinion by Emily Ross and Margaret Marshman), 7 Jul 2021

Coins (Image: Microsoft)Financial literacy content was already weak in the Australian Curriculum but it has been watered down further in the draft of the revised Australian Curriculum, two academics say .


Rebecca's back 
ABC News, 7 Jul 2021

Rebecca WhiteRebecca White will return to her previous position as Tasmanian Labor leader and Leader of the Opposition when she returns from maternity leave on 16 August.


PB goals boost learning 
The Conversation (opinion), 5 Jul 2021

StduentEncouraging students to exceed their own personal best results, as distinct from aiming to beat other students, is effective in improving the performance of disadvantaged students in particular, research shows.








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