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TasTAFE consultation invited
Tas Govt media release, 30 Sep 2021
TasTAFEComments by Monday 18 October 2021 are invited on the government's proposed legislation for a new TasTAFE business model.
Bullet TasTAFE draft legislation


Vic cases rocket
ABC News, 30 Sep 2021
VictoriaVictoria's daily tally of coronavirus cases has jumped to a record 1438 from the previous day's tally of 950. The 50 per cent rise follows many illegal gatherings having been held during the grand final long weekend.


Free speech really can go too far
The Conversation (opinion) 28 Sep 2021
IssuesFree speech has its limits, unless you are a bona fide dictator, two academics write.


Landslide win for Melbourne
ABC News, 25 Sep 2021
FootballA pandemic, street riots, an earthquake and now a landslide - the Melbourne Demons trounced the Western Bulldogs by 74 points in Saturday's AFL Grand Final held in Perth, WA.


Damaging winds and snow on Friday
BoM website, 23 Sep 2021
WindWinds gusting to around 100 km/h and snow falling to 100 metres are expected in many areas of Tasmania tomorrow (Friday).
Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES

Bullet The Mercury website


Damaging winds on Thursday
BoM website, UPDATED 23 Sep 2021
WindWinds gusting to in excess of 100 km/h are expected in southern, central and eastern Tasmania today (Thursday).


Dover gets 11 & 12 boost
Tas Govt media release, 22 Sep 2021
Southern TasmaniaA new Years 11 and 12 learning facility costing $1.1 million has been opened at Dover District School by education minister Sarah Courtney.



Victoria shaken by earthquake
ABC News, 22 Sep 2021
Earthquake (Image: ausclassroom.com)A magnitude 5.9 earthquake centred on the Mansfield area has been felt in Melbourne, other areas of Victoria and as far away as Launceston, Tas.


Clash fear in Melbourne
ABC News, 21 Sep 2021
Cosnstruction protestors (Image: ABC News)Hundreds of construction workers and other protestors took over Melbourne's CBD, moving around unpredictably, today.
By 12.40pm the protestors appeared to be heading home, but they then resumed their unpredictable mass movement..
Bullet Watch live (ABC 24)


Welcome drop below 1,000 in NSW
ABC News, 20 Sep 2021
NSWThe latest daily number of new coronavirus cases in  NSW is 935, a significant fall from the peak of over 1,500 cases three or so weeks ago.


Pfizer now for Tas 60 and overs
ABC News, 17 Sep 2021
TasmaniaAny Tasmanian aged 60 or over is now permitted to receive the Pfizer or the Moderna COVID vaccine rather than being restricted to AstraZeneca, premier Peter Gutwein announced today.


How do nuclear-powered submarines work?
The Conversation (opinion by AJ Mitchell), 16 Sep 2021
Submarine (IMage: US Navy, Wikimedia Commons)

With plans for Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines surfacing today, a nuclear scientist explains just how these boats work.


Masked events for Tassie
ABC News, 10 Sep 2021
Mask wearerTasmanians will be required to wear masks at the Salamanca Market and other events with 1,000 or more people from tomorrow week (Saturday, 18 Sep 2021).

Damaging winds to return
BoM website, 8 Sep 2021
WindWinds gusting to in excess of 100 km/h are expected in the south, east and north-east of Tasmania tomorrow (Thursday).
Bullet BoM warnings
Power outages
Bullet Road closures (Police)
Bullet SES

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Hot or cold pack?
The Conversation (opinion by Andrew Lavender), 7 Sep 2021
Cold pack (Image: Shutterstock, The Conversation)Consider the nature of the injury and how long ago it occurred when deciding whether to use a heat pack or a cold pack, a sports academic says.


Damaging winds on way
BoM website, 6 Sep 2021
WindWinds gusting to in excess of 100 km/h in parts of southern and inland Tasmania are expected tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.


Young Archies displayed virtually 
Sarah Courtney, Minister for the Arts, 4 Sep 2021

Young ArchiesSee virtual displays of the entries by Tasmanian students in the Young Archies portrait competition. But where is the list of winners?


Kids' voice needed 
The Conversation (opinion by Noam Peleg), 3 Sep 2021

Mask kids (Image: The Conversation, Shutterstock)
Decisions on returning students to school from a COVID lockdown are made without consultation with the very children who are expected to congregate unvaccinated and without masks, a human rights legal academic points out.


Hobart City High School? 
Tas Govt media release, 2 Sep 2021

Southern TasmaniaThe proposed name for the amalgamated Ogilvie and New Town high schools is Hobart City High School.


Greens table alternative budget 
Tasmanian Greens media release,, 2 Sep 2021

Cassy O'ConnorThe Greens' alternative budget focuses on a sustainable COVID recovery, meaningful climate action and inclusiveness, Greens leader Cassy O'Connor says.
Bullet Greens Alternative Budget 2021-22, Tas Greens website


Lockdown wellbeing tips 
The Conversation (opinion by Nicole Brunker), 1 Sep 2021

Wellbeing boy (Image: kellysikkema-unsplash, the conversation)An education lecturer provides five tips to help parents promote the social and emotional wellbeing of students learning at home.


Facing homework issues 
The Conversation (opinion by Joanne Orlando), 1 Sep 2021

Homework boy (Image: Shutterstock, The Conversation)
Giving students homework to do involves a number of issues, a researcher says.






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