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Problem logging on
to a DoE school network?

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Logging-on Help

  Problems with your username and password
  To access some areas of the Department of Education's website, including email, and your school's intranet you may be asked to log on with a username and password. However, sometimes you may encounter a difficulty:
  1. If you are asked for a username and password from within your school, use your email username, such as fred.einstein, and password.

  2. Make sure the Caps Lock key is off. Also, use the main keyboard rather than the numeric keypad to type the digits in your password, because the number keys on the keypad don't type digits if the Num Lock key has been accidentally turned off.

  3. From outside the school you normally (but not always) need to add education\ (or eos\ or schools\ if appropriate) to the front of your username: for example, education\fred.einstein. (Use a backslash, not a forward slash. Use no spaces.) However, if that doesn't work, and especially if the logon screen already displays education as the domain, try typing only your username. But always type the password without anything before it.

  4. Sometimes email access, or the whole internet (or even the internet apart from email and other DoE access) may not be working at your school. Ask around to see if it is a school-wide problem. A computer technician will probably know the explanation. If you encounter such a school-wide problem first thing in the morning, there is a good chance a technician can fix it by restarting a server.

  5. If you still can't log on, make sure your password has not expired. A sign that your password might have expired is that you won't be able to check your email. So make an attempt to check the web version of your email (from someone else's computer) to find out if this might be the case. If your password has expired only recently you might still be able to log on directly to Vkey to change your password. (Note that logging on to vkey requires your basic username only, without anything added before it, even from outside the school.) In vkey, click on "Change Password", then scroll down to see the date of your latest password change: if your password is three or more months old then it will have expired and you need to change it.

  6. Still unable to log on? If your school has recently changed from the "schools domain" to the "education domain", then you will first need to log on to Vkey and give yourself a new password.

  7. If you still have a problem with your password contact a person on your school's staff who has been designated as a vkey officer or contact the ITS Help Centre (6232 7799).

  8. If none of the above works, then without disclosing your password ask one of your students what they think the explanation for the problem might be.

Being asked for a domain

Sometimes you will be asked to provide a domain in addition to a username and password. If that happens, try typing education as the domain. (If that doesn't work, try schools or eos.)

"The domain EDUCATION is not available"

From within a school, if you give your username and password but receive an error message like "The domain EDUCATION is not available" then it is likely that your (usually blue) network cable is either disconnected or faulty:

  1. Make sure both ends of the cable are plugged in properly. If they already appear to be plugged in, pull them out then plug them back in to make sure.

  2. If you still get that message when you attempt to log on, try a different cable - one that is known to work.

  3. If you still have problems, try a different cable wall socket (that is known to work). The one you are using could be damaged. Even if it is not damaged, it could have been accidentally disconnected from the network in your school's rack cabinet elsewhere in the school.

Changing your password

You may be presented with a screen message asking you to change your password. Even though your domain may be EDUCATION, this screen message might show another domain such as SCHOOLS pre-selected. In such a case make sure you change the selection to EDUCATION.

If you attempt a password change and then receive the error message "The specified username contains invalid characters", then it is likely that the account box had pre-entered both your domain with a backslash and your username instead of just your username. Try changing your password again, only this time remove "education\" from the account box, leaving only your username there. (Of course, change the domain selection from SCHOOLS to EDUCATION again if necessary.)

Password length is restricted to 8-20 characters, with no spaces allowed. When renewing your password, you cannot re-use any of your five most recent passwords.

If you still have trouble responding to a screen message to change your password, try changing it directly using vkey.


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Problem logging on to a DoE school network?
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