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  Special searches:


Department of Education, Tasmania

(Tas DoE)
   Use the search box near the top of each page   

Tasmanian government
Use the search box and select "Government only"
Also try:
Tas. Govt Directory - for bodies, services, individual employees
Govt organisations - A-Z list
Govt organisations - Classified list


Search websites in
(Tasmania Online)
The Tasmania Online page provides search results for Tasmanian businesses, community groups and government websites

the Australian government's Department of Education

Use the search box.
Note the search tips page
Australian government
  Use the search box at the top.
See also the Directories page
which includes
- a list of departments and agencies
-  an
A-Z list of government websites
Australian state governments
  Scroll down for the directories covering the departments and agencies of the various Australian states.
These individual state directories provide both search boxes and lists
  Search sites on
  Also try:
Dmoz: Education (Open Directory Project)
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

the Web
(Google Australia)
Also try:
Google Advanced Search
Google News
Google Images (
Google Maps - map
Google Maps - satellite
YouTube videos
YouTube Education: K-12
Google Videos
Google Books

RSS feeds
Dmoz: Directory

a particular web page
    - Edit
, then
    - Find on this Page...
Alternatively, press Ctrl-F for a search box to appear:
- near the top in IE and Chrome
- at the bottom in Firefox





More search help

Basic search help (from Google)

12 Quick Tips to Search Google Like an Expert

Google Inside Search: Features






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